Pedal Your Bike – Power Your Phone

Who, like me, loves to go for long bike rides only to discover that by the end of it your phone is dead? When I get in the car the second thing I do is plug my phone in to maintain its charge. Until now there wasn’t something comparable for my bike, but now there is. A little over a year ago I met Aaron Latzke and David Delcourt who started Siva Cycle and invented the Atom and earlier this year I joined their advisory board.

The Siva Cycle Atom prototype was tested out by a British Bicycle Polo team on a recent edition of the BBC’s technology show ‘Click” and of the half dozen new bicycle tech products they tested was the only one to get the thumbs up. (Click’s producer’s kept the best to last and so if you want to skip seeing the products that weren’t an immediate hit then skip to 3:21 which is when The Siva Cycle Atom review starts)

This month just in time for Alex’s birthday I got my hands on one and here it is installed on ‘Gloria’, Alex’s hot pink racing bike. The second production run has just commenced and will be shipped out in December 2014 just in time for the holiday season and Alex & I are able to offer you an exclusive 20% discount if you place your order within the next two weeks (By Sunday October 26th).

Alex, Gloria and their Atom

To Buy: 1) Go to Siva Cycle and click on the BUY NOW button in the top right hand corner. 2) Click on ADD TO ORDER 3) Chose your quantity and click on SHIPPING INFO and then on the following page add your email address, name & address. 4) Click on REVIEW YOUR ORDER and you will see just below the price the words Promotional Code. Click on that hyperlink and enter SivaSilex20 and your final price will automatically be reduced by our exclusive 20% discount to you. 5) On the final page you add your debit or credit card details and complete the purchase.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email me at Simon [AT] and I’ll get back to you quickly with an answer. Both Alex & I have tested the Atom a lot recently and we’re consistently seeing our iPhones gain 1% battery charge for every minute we ride, but obviously that’s reduced if we’re running GPS heavy apps which, as we all know, are a drain on any smart phone’s battery.

And of course the Atom isn’t just for an iPhone but for any USB connected personal device.

This is a GREAT device and I bet you will be as thrilled with it as we have been. I mean, who wants a dead phone?

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