How a Bike Ride Led Me To Find ‘The Atom’ & Join Siva Cycle’s Board

Last summer was the first that Francois & I started going on long bike rides. It was late August 2013 and he had just come home from three weeks of sleep away fun at Camp Echo where he had finally thrown off his training wheels and wanted to ride, and so we did.

That Sunday morning, August 25th bike ride set in motion a chain of events that leads to today’s airing of Click, the BBC’s technology show. Isn’t it funny how things happen, a la Sliding Doors? Francois & I had set out from our home in Cobble Hill with a goal of riding over the Brooklyn Bridge, across Manhattan and up the West Side Highway Hudson River bike path. I had hoped we would get as far north as 23rd street (a 10 mile round trip), which I thought would be more than enough for a then-nine-year-old’s first long ride. When we got there Francois wanted to continue north, and so we did. At 42nd Street he said let’s continue, and 72nd Street the same. I kept on warning him that wherever we stopped to turn around would still only be the half-way point and we had to ride ALL the way home again, but his infectious eagerness was inspiring and so we headed still further north.

At W 132nd Street, I said “Stop!” At that stage we’d ridden 11 miles and been gone from home for over two hours; it was a hot day and we’d stopped a couple of times for drinks and ice cream. I looked at my phone and realized the battery was dying, and thought, surely there must be a USB bicycle charger similar to the old dynamo hub I had on my bike as a kid which powered the lights. And I would search for one online when I got home.

Francois knew we had another 11 miles to get back home, and anyone who’s ridden over the Brooklyn Bridge’s wooden bike path knows that 1) it has a steep incline that’s even steeper for tired legs and 2) on a weekend tourists who throng over the bridge are oblivious to the painted white line that’s meant to separate ambling gawkers from budding cyclists for safety reasons.

After Francois & I got home that night with weary limbs after our 22-mile jaunt, I Googled iPhone charges for bicycles and ended up on and here we are today, with the launch of the Siva Cycle Atom being tested & aired on the BBC.

The Siva Cycle Atom involves new technology that morphs your peddling power into a measured and steady form of energy. My old Dynamo which powered the front light on my bike all those years ago, created extra wattage the harder I rode making the light brighter and when I slowed down, it dimmed. That irregular power is no good for today’s smart phones which require a measured and steady energy stream to charge, and it is this that the founders of Siva Cycle; Aaron Latzke and David Delcourt have invented. My conversation with David last August culminated in me joining the Siva Cycle board and I am thrilled to partner with them in this venture.

I haven’t seen the BBC’s Click footage yet; it’s airing today both in the UK and the USA on the BBC News Channel , as I am back at Camp Echo again. This Summer Francois went for the full 7 weeks, and today, Saturday July 26th is Visiting Day, but as soon as I get home tonight, I will be checking it out via my DVR.

The airtimes for Click on the BBC News Channel: in the UK – Saturday July 26th at 12:30pm & 3.30pm BST and in the US – Saturday July 26th at 3.30pm EDT and at 9.30am EDT on Sunday July 27th
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