Who Knew That You Can’t Take Photos in an NYC Polling Place?

Who Knew That You Can’t Take Photos in an NYC Polling Place?

Despite Johan’s expression in this photo, both boys enjoy joining Alex & me when we go to vote. We all regard voting as a privilege, something that should be taken seriously and an important action in our civic life. As I was lining up to collect my ballot, Alex was right behind me and positioned Francois & Johan in front of this table to take this photo. She was immediately admonished by the poll worker who stated “Ma’am, you are NOT allowed to take photos in here!”.

Both Alex & the boys looked confused and I then said to the poll worker “I’m sorry that is not true, as why have I already seen photos of the Mayoral candidate Bill De Blasio voting today in New York City? Surely there are no separate & special rules for candidates than there are for we mere voters?” She then looked confused and called over her supervisor, who again said we couldn’t take a photo. When I again recounted my example asking why could a newspaper take a photo of a candidate who’s voting but we can’t take one of our children, she then demurred, called over the NYPD officers on duty, who said that as long as we didn’t take a photo of anyone else’s ballot nor of the scanning machines, we could, of course take photos.
Johan Francois NYC Board of Elections Polling Place

While we got our photo, I am a tad disappointed that the poll workers had attempted to mislead us and our children, as that took a shine of the boys’ voting experience. Surely the poll workers should know the laws concerning where they are working, but I’m guessing in this instance they were counting on our ignorance, and hoped we would just accept their initial instruction not tot take this photo.

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5 Responsesto “Who Knew That You Can’t Take Photos in an NYC Polling Place?”

  1. Chee Chalker says:

    Are you sure the poll workers were attempting to mislead you? Sounds to me like they were not clear on the rules themselves, not that they were deliberately attempting to mislead you

  2. Hell I video taped my voting! I made a video and it’s on YouTube right now! I was discrete about it. They should be happy you guys make a family event about it.

  3. Kris Marie says:

    I enjoyed this entry! Good for you Simon! Now, if only we can get the poll workers to make sure everyone presents identification to prove who they are when they vote, that would be great! LOL

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