My Neighbours’ Magnolia Trees

My Neighbours’ Magnolia Trees

Over the last week, we’ve begun to have some Spring weather, finally! That’s brought out the Magnolia buds and then the blooms and here’s a couple of my favorite shots I posted on Instagram.

1st April, 2013

This is our neighbors gorgeous Magnolia Tree getting ready. It's FINALLY blooming spring!

9th April, 2013

The Magnolia Trees are blooming & should be in their prime tomorrow. Spring  has sprung!

10th April, 2013

Our neighbors' two Magnolia Trees (1 in each yard) are in full bloom but flowers are already falling off. :(

11th April, 2013

I'm getting a little obsessed with these Magnolia blooms. Here's a close up!

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  1. Tracie K says:


  2. Cathie Eggett says:

    Oh my goodness the tree is beautiful. You and Alex are so lucky to have this near you. Spring is just starting here in North West Britain. Life and colour is beginning to show. Take care

  3. Alex McCord says:

    Is this the comments section? I love this tree…in fact I’m staring at it right now!!

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