Couples Therapy – S02E10 – Simon’s Final CT Blog Post

Alex and me in Our Final Group Session on VH1's Couples Therapy Photo courtesy of VH1 ©

Alex and me in Our Final
Group Session on VH1′s
Couples Therapy
Photo courtesy of VH1 ©

So I’m guessing that most of you had worked out before the episode aired, after it being trailed all season, that it was Shayne & Nik having their marriage vow renewal ceremony in last night’s finale. I saw several comments made on various Couples Therapy articles that thought it might be TooShort & Monica but I’m pretty sure the lack of any build up to their relationship in the last few episodes would have meant it couldn’t have been them.

And there you have it. Fifteen days of 24/7 filming compressed into ten episodes, each containing about 42 minutes of footage, means that you only got to witness about 2% of what went on in the Couples Therapy house, and I must say that unlike some other networks I know, that the 2% we saw was very representative of our collective time there.

Sure, you missed out on seeing my being the Straight Guy with the Queer Eye, when Nik & I went tuxedo shopping (which can be seen below intermingled with a clip of Shayne’s dress shopping)……

….and as Alex mentions in her final blog on VH1, you didn’t get to see our two dates; one when we went out to dinner, the other flying the trapeze (although bits of both were trailed throughout the season).

But what we did all see in those 420 minutes, were three couples working through their issues, one couple working out whether a long term relationship would be right for them and then that other couple? Yes, they were just there to be a distraction as I am not sure they were either willing to get anything out of it or willing to put in the effort required to do so.

In a way it seems that this season of Couple Therapy concentrated mostly on Nik & Shayne, Doug & Courtney and Alex & me with Todd & Monica and even JoJo & Tiny having lesser roles, yet it is the struggle faced by JoJo that really is the most dramatic.

Sometimes viewers of Reality TV don’t believe something if they haven’t actually seen it on their TV screens, but let me just say that JoJo did go to that AA meeting that day but, of course, none of it could be filmed; not the car park, not him entering the building and of course, not the actual meeting. As I wrote last week, the angry JoJo fighting with Tiny over his addiction was a JoJo we never saw around the house, and his life or death struggle is far more serious that the potential breakup of any of the other couples.

I hope that Nik & Shayne can find a way to stay together, I certainly believe that Alex & I will continue to do so as we are blessed that our bond of love has so far proven to conquer any issues we’ve had. Whether Todd & Monica decide to cohabitate and whatever becomes of Doug & Courtney, those 8 people lives will continue. However, JoJo really does face a different path as his life, with or without Tiny by his side, will only last a few years more if he doesn’t once and for all, renounce his alcohol consumption.

Throughout my time on RHoNY many viewers insisted as fact, that I was an alcoholic & I’m pleased to say I’m not and never have been. Lest there ever was a chance that I may become one, what I’ve seen in other peoples’ lives and up close with JoJo in the Couples Therapy house, shows me that that’s a struggle I never want to face. I just hope that JoJo finds the courage to do so for him.

So our fifth (and final?) year on reality television has concluded airing and I must say that our ‘Couples Therapy‘ experience was the best Reality TV we’ve had. Certainly Alex & I gained more from it than we expected and that is indeed a great bonus.

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As we get towards the holiday season I hope in whichever way you celebrate that you have a great time and an even better 2013!

5 Responsesto “Couples Therapy – S02E10 – Simon’s Final CT Blog Post”

  1. Kwithers says:

    Pleas go away…

  2. minna says:

    I found you for the last 3 episodes on vh1 so very glad I did. I will no longer watch new york housewives, you are so much better off not being on the show. Too bad the other woman did not realize what gems they had in both of you. I am very happy that you are in a better place now after the therapy show, please love and respect each other always. This comes from a woman who just celebrated her 51s wedding annivercary,I am a young 71 year old and wish you both only the best, by the way we got married after knowing each other for just 3 month.

  3. Karen says:

    I hope you guys get another of your own. You were always the most fascinating & real couple on that New York show and I think between the 2 of you & your precious kids that you guys are so fun & funny to watch! Good Luck!!!

  4. Great post! I really enjoyed the show an hope that JoJo gets the help he needs to save his life. My question is how did your children react to seeing your relationship struggles on TV?

    • Neither of our boys have any idea what sort of show we filmed, but then they don;t really know much about Real Housewives either., other than we were all on it for four seasons. They know we went away for three weeks during the summer to film a TV show, but as they have grown up with Mommy & Daddy filming TV shows there was nothing particularly strange about that. As they are in bed long before 10pm they have never watched any of the episodes of Couples Therapy, and so fortunately your question doesn’t apply. As they get older (they’re now 9 & 7) obviously that will become harder, but who knows whether we’ll still be filming reality TV shows then?

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