Couples Therapy – S02E09 – Final Confrontations – Watch Full Episode Here


Doug Hutchison - Couples Therapy

Doug Hutchison – Couples Therapy S02E09
Should we have a Caption Competition?
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In case you missed the penultimate episode of Couples Therapy, which aired in the US on VH1, on Thanksgiving Eve, you can stream it at your leisure below. As this episode opens you hear Dr Jenn state that some couples have done great work and that others are still struggling, and as such this episode concentrates mainly on Nik & Shyane as well as JoJo & Tiny.

There is a brief respite from the drama, allowing producers to include a scene where Doug Hutchison gets to proudly talk about men masturbating to his wife, as well as how Courtney is such a brilliant actress, musician, artist, comedian, writer AND that she’s also a renaissance woman. I think he forgot to include that she’s also the 21st Century Erin Brockovich and saving lives!! Anyway given the photo I’ve included above, how about we have a little caption competition? So please suggest what Doug might be saying in the comments. The winner will get their comment given a shout out on Twitter (so please include your Twitter handle).

You can read Alex’s thoughts on this episode on VH1′s website and mine here. Next week, the tenth and the last of this season’s episodes will air. I can say that, two certain cast members aside, filming this show was a great experience for me and very useful for Alex & me together.

You can find other episodes from Season 2 available to be streamed on your computer, here, as well.

4 Responsesto “Couples Therapy – S02E09 – Final Confrontations – Watch Full Episode Here”

  1. Brittany Marks says:

    I have to say that I recorded every episode and after episode 2, I fast forwarded through anything Doug and Courtney.
    I have never seen this show before and it actually helped my husband and I. Some of the things you, as couples, talked about in group sessions we talked about ourselves. It actually helped our marriage.
    I did want to tell you and Alex that I used to watch the RHONY and I saw the episodes with your children. I had no idea (besides the snarky comments of cast members on the show) that anyone thought your boys had bad behavior. They were young (very handsome) boys that were happy and playful. It brought me to tears when you told the story of your plane ride to Australia.

  2. Ton Burghandy says:

    Simon, your writing style is fantastic! I must commend you on your common sense and refusal to sugar coat your perception of Doug and that crazy train of his. It is much needed reality in ‘Dourtney’s’ delusional world.

    We at News Channel Four salute you, sir, in your fight for truth and honesty in journalism.

  3. Sissy Williams says:

    ooooops, twitter @write_n_time

  4. Sissy Williams says:

    In the above pic I believe Doug is saying “Darn it, I should have let Courtney do my plastic surgery…she is an MD you know. Lol

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