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Couples Therapy Season 2
Episode 9 Airs Tonight 11/21
at 10pm on VH1

In the preview for tonight’s episode we saw most of the sit down scene with Dr Jenn and Shayne & Nik. As Alex writes in her blog for this episode on VH1′s website, Shayne may have grown up having to exceed her own family’s histrionics to be heard and she’s continued that behavior into her marriage. That’s a smart diagnosis on Alex’s part and if true, Shayne for her sake, Press’s sake AND Nik’s sake has to learn to rein that in.

Wow, that scene with JoJo and Tiny was a JoJo that I never saw in the Couples Therapy house. Throughout my time with him I slowly saw just how serious his issues with alcohol were. For days he seemed to imply to me and to Nik, in our discussions that he could manage to drink in moderation, but as I spoke more with Tiny and then heard more of his medical issues caused by alcohol, including his hospitalization that occurred immediately prior to us all filming, I realized that his issues were greater than he was letting on.

They say the demon is in the bottle but in that scene the demon was certainly manifesting itself in JoJo and this was after he’d been alcohol free for over two weeks. I so hope he can finally manage to beat it. For his sake, if not for his & Tiny’s together.

Meeting the remarkable husband & wife couple, Eddie and Norma Kennedy, who dealt with every parent’s nightmare – the death of their child, was bittersweet as I wish they’d not been put in that position and thus never appeared on this show. They’ve dealt remarkably with their loss and genuinely have found a way to channel their love and support their daughter’s memory through their Sara Care Fund. You can also read a little about their story and how they appeared on the show via their local newspaper, the Richmond Register.

The scene with Doug getting Courtney etched back into the back of his head was just weird, as we learn that Courtney’s a brilliant actress, musician, artist, comedian, writer AND that she’s a renaissance woman but I think he forgot she’s also a 21st Century Erin Brockovich and saving lives!

Anyway whereas last week I was mad after watching that eighth episode, this one left me sad. Sad for Nik & Shayne, dreadfully sad for the struggles that Eddie & Norma had to deal with when they lost their only child, and sad for the struggles that JoJo’s facing and seemingly not prepared to deal with finding a successful resolution.

Just one episode left to air next week, and so with that I wish you all a very happy & healthy Thanksgiving.

For more information on the Kennedy’s foundation, visit And if you’d like to know what else we’re up to in real time please follow us on Twitter @SimonvanKempen @McCordAlex as well as on Facebook. For more on us and our family see our website. Until next week…have a great holiday!!

5 Responsesto “Couples Therapy – Simon’s Blog on Episode 9 – Final Confrontations”

  1. Counselling says:

    Time pass by so fast.I wish you all the best and I’ll surely watch your last episode.

  2. RHONJ lover says:

    Your attempts at staying relevant are so pathetic. Just please do us all a favour and stay off television. For good!

  3. cherrylipgloss says:

    Maybe it’s just me,Alex, but I feel that none of the couples issues were addressed or remedied the way I would have expected in such a concentrated three or four week intensive therapy session. Unless there has been an extreme amount of editing, I really don’t see any of the couples getting to the heart of their issues. While it may have been beneficial, it just didn’t seem to be as therapeutic as Iwould have imagined. I hope the viewers, perhaps weren’t privy to a lot and that you and Simon left with a renewed sense of purpose in your own marriage. I, for one, wouldn’t leave my home for something that was seemingly lacking in results.

  4. cynthia beaumont says:

    Worst episode ever! You and Alex were hardly in it! Can’t believe it’s over next week! Going to miss seeing you both.

  5. Jim says:

    Great observations. I’m sure there is so much more than what they can squeeze into one hour per week. Good thoughts for you and Alex.

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