Couples Therapy – S02E09 – Final Confrontations – Preview

Couples Therapy VH1 S02E09 Preview Nik Richie

Nik Richie Smiles for Once!
Couples Therapy VH1 S02E09
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Whoo Boy! Whereas watching last week’s episode made me MAD I think tonight’s episode is going to be quite sad. In the preview below, we see Dr Jenn sit down with Nik & Shayne to discuss the fallout from the date that Nik had planned for them both last week. Eventually we hear Shayne mention she’s aware of her own over-the-top histrionics yet, until she manages to rein them in at the time, I for one won’t be convinced she can adapt.

Elsewhere in this episode we’ll meet the remarkable husband & wife couple, Eddie and Norma Kennedy, who dealt with every parent’s nightmare – the death of their child. You can read a little about their story and how they appeared on the show in their local newspaper – the Richmond Register.

Lastly after a quiet couple of episodes for Tiny & JoJo Hailey, and based on what I recall from filming Couples Therapy over the summer, I am guessing that we’ll see them returning front & center to the drama tonight.

Who’s going to watch with me? See you on VH1 at 10/9c!

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  1. Nik Richie says:

    That is a half smile Simon… doesn’t count.- nik

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