Couples Therapy – S02E08 – Putting Love To The Test – Preview

Couples Therapy S02E08 Monica Payne & Todd Shaw (AKA Too Short) Listen, take in and..... Photo courtesy of VH1 ©

Monica Payne & Todd Shaw (AKA Too Short)
Listen, take it in and…..
Photo courtesy of VH1 ©

The day that Doug & Courtney were out of the house, Dr Jenn brow beat us all about how we were responsible for “Doug & Courtney not getting the THERAPY THEY NEEDED!” I largely called bullshit then and watching this preview of tonight’s episode I call bullshit now!

Upon returning Courtney Stodden slips straight back into Pageant Speak, telling us that she has a ‘kind heart’. Those that have them show it by their actions and not their words. Kind hearts don’t sit their ass cheeks on the kitchen counter, kind hearts respect others and will dress appropriately for the dinner table, the therapy room and so on. Those with kind hearts respect others and Courtney’s not done that once. She is an entitled and enabled little princess who doesn’t care to think about others, ever!

Watch this preview of tonight’s eighth episode and let me know if you think I’m off base and if so why.

Couples Therapy airs tonight, Wednesday November 14th, on VH1 at 10/9c and most of the prior episodes can be streamed via this link

20 Responsesto “Couples Therapy – S02E08 – Putting Love To The Test – Preview”

  1. Estrella says:

    Simon, you have made clear many times that you don’t feel Dr. Jen is holding D&C accountable for their behavior. Maybe she is, and maybe she isn’t, I only see the parts that air. However, when she is talking to you, she is talking about YOUR behavior. It would not be appropriate to address D&C’s behavior with you – that is something she has to address with them. Regardless of how D&C behave, you do need to take responsibility for your actions. I think a little bit of “Yes, I own it, I felt goaded, and I responded in that way, and there could have a more constructive way to respond.” would do you and some of the other cast members a lot of good. FWIW, I agree that D&C’s behavior affect other cast members. That doesn’t absolve anyone of their responsibility to own and address their reactions. That’s sort of a basic of therapy.

  2. Paula says:

    I don’t get why there wasn’t a dress code set up to begin with. All couples should be in a safe space for this therapy. Any group of couples is going to have some trust, jealousy, or infidelity issues somewhere, so how was allowing this behavior and clothing issue helping create that safe space for therapy. I saw several people try to politely bring up Courtney’s lack of clothing, but Courtney just blew them off. The correct response from Doug should have been, “Would you tell me why you aren’t comfortable with this?”, and then have an open dialogue. The best show so far has been the one where they were not there.

  3. Kristine Quintero-ODonell says:

    I don’t get how a parent could allow a child pursue a older man. That screams something happened to this over sexed girl. That mother should have charges against her. And lets chat about the husband. Way to go mom. Your child is still getting abused. Watch in 5 to 10 yrs. That girl will leave him and be in porn. Find young hot men. And that child molester will be old and on the prowel again. I hate they take up all the camera time. Sad they returned to the house. Btw I loved seeing Alex’s mom. She is lovely. I cried with Alex.

  4. Tess says:

    Courtney needs to be in adolescent therapy, married or not! She’s 17 and not at all prepared to interact with adults. So it’s kind of strange to see the adults act so appalled when Courtney acts like a precocious child. What is disgusting is that her parents allowed this child to marry a 50 year old man. I agree with Simon. Courtney sitting on Doug’s lap is disturbing. It reminds me of a child dangling on her creepy Uncle’s leg.

    Courtney’s mother was a clueless piece of work! Like mother daughter!

    • Sheryl Moss says:

      I feel the same way. People don’t sit on people’s laps or legs in public. These two cling to one another. It must be some form of separation anxiety or something. Doug, being a man (supposedly), should know better. Courtney is not getting the correct guidance on how to act appropriately in public. Perhaps they do this to attract atention or something. They must know it peeves people. then they say they don’t care. Is that any way to make friends. Doug and her mother are incouraging her to act like a cheap slut. I heard she will be doing a playboy spread when she is old enough. She is already directed toward porn. Where was her dad?? Probably so ashamed he left and doesn’t want anything to do with it. Could this be his wifes revenge at his leaving? Embarass him on national TV with Courtney? Make you wonder. Shear looneytoons. Just thinking…

  5. PamDryburgh says:

    Wow! They should take some blame also. Will be another good episode for sure tonight. If she would dress like she does in this preview all the time, we might believe that she is learning some repsect herself. Guessing she doesn’t keep her clothes on long. We shall see!!!!

  6. J says:

    Simon, I was appalled at the way that Dr. Jenn twisted the blame for Dourtney’s appalling behavior as though the rest of you were somehow responsible. I also was embarrassed for her when you two were arguing back and forth and she kept interrupting you and then told you that this was how you made your wife feel. I think that was a really unnecessary and incredibly unprofessional way for her to insert yourself into YOUR marital problems. I mentally fist-bumped Alex when she just stopped interacting and Dr Jenn was like “it’s okay for you to be mad at me” and Alex was like “yeah, I KNOW.” Hopefully you two get real counseling from someone who isn’t a fame-seeking hack.

    • Sheryl Moss says:

      It seems like Dr. Jenn won’t take any critiscim from men yet she take a blasting from Alex. By the way I like the way Alex spoke up and said it wasn’t right to take everyone else to task for normal behaviour when someone (Courtney-Doug) is acting inappropriate. They should be told that their behaviour is the thing that brings on bullying. If they don’t hear the truth, how can they learn to sove their problms? If I were their I”d urn the air conditioning way up and see if sh puts on some clothes. She keeps saying, “She’s hot”.

  7. Melissa says:

    I really thought Alex was being real when she said she lashed out at Courtney because she was worried about the “freak show” aspect of the show. Not that I think she should have done that -and Alex knows that BUT That told me you guys really do want help via a show with some integrity . I think Courtney is being used by her “husband” and mother and has no idea what being a grown up is about. She needs help. How sad that she sees herself only as a sexual toy like figure. I cannot imagine the self loathing she must go through. Alex-I wish you could teach her how to love herself and promote herself in an honest and mature way.
    Miss you guys on RHNY!!!!

  8. ELAINE LEIRER says:

    I cannot understand why commenters are taking tis program seriously. The producers have intejected Dourtney to add drama. We are fools for watching this. Tiny is being hurt by this and she will damage her relationship perhaps beyond repair. The other couples have forced difficulties and need screen time for whatever their motives are. This is just BS

  9. Ashley says:

    Lets be honest… These two didn’t come on the show for therapy! They came to show the world the ‘Dourtney Show’! She is a little girl who will look back years from now at her behavior with complete dismay. To me it’s sad. She needs attention so desperately that she married a man old enough to be her grandpa and wears undergarments as clothing so get attention, good or bad. She is a child. Children act a certain way to get attention. ‘I love puppies and unicorns and fight for the right for us all to be who we are!’ Give me a break! Oh, ‘and I’m a strong practicing Christian woman!’ Rightttt, doesn’t the bible talk about dressing modestly? I’m not saying wear a turtleneck, but a stripper outfit is sending a message that you are a hooker… Don’t be upset when people treat you that way. What you project is how you will be received!! It’s pretty simple folks!

  10. Dawn says:

    That is just a sad situation for everybody: for the couples looking for meaningful therapy, for Doug, who I don’t want to label but I think is a little slow,and even for Courtney who got absolutely nothing out of the entire process. I hope those couples that wished to better their relationships later sought out help from a real doctor.

  11. twcw says:

    Did Doug really just say he wanted to protect innocence? Why wasn’t he called on that? This little whorelet is not innocent in any way. She was taken out of school to be home schooled because she dressed this way in public school and the other CHILDREN weren’t comfortable with her overt sexuality.She is young,but she is very manipulative and nasty.One of her facebook pages was taken down due to her disgusting referrences to Jesus and God, full of her usual sexual babble about Jesus coming inside her and so on… I read you and Alex asked about the other couples and were assured “NO FAME WHORING” real thereapy. All of the other couples were cheated, while Jenn pandered to her favorite two fame whores, going as far as appearing with them in interviews defending their legal marriage.Perhaps a therapist who isnt a sports therapist might be a good idea. This Jenn woman failed miserably.

  12. twcw says:

    Dr. Jenn has turned this into the Doug and Courtney show.She asks all of you to be the better person and rise above, meanwhile Courntney’s aggressive disrespect is tolerated.She should have never been allowed into this situation wearing a bra and panties.This so called Dr. has not been professional and has not been ethical. Her attack on you during the session was low and a cheap shot.Courtney and Doug are not called out on any of the rampant dysfunction in their so called marriage.

  13. ttowngal says:

    You guys have to realize you are dealing with a child not adult emotions. I believe she probably was bullied and uses her “beauty” makeup, clothes, and pageantry as defense mechanisms’. She thinks if she is all glammed up then nothing anyone says can hurt her. Doug uses her like a trophy, yet I also feel he has a mental disorder of some sort. I don’t think he has any self confidence and uses Courtney as his cheerleader and being with this beautiful young lady gives him that boost of confidence. They both need individual counseling and if he was any type of MAN he would step back and give this young ladies emotions time to form as a woman. Just because she looks like a woman doesn’t mean she is one.

    • Seppie says:

      Courtney was not bullied. She has been acting and dressing this way since she was 12 yrs old, when her mother pulled her out of school and began “home” schooling her. Her prior “bullying” was her hometown reacting with disgust, just as the rest of the public is now. This “woman” has been fed delusional lies and fantasties by her mother for a long time. A mother, who is living vicariously through her daughter. Her mother claims that Courtney expressed a desire to go to Hollywood @ 10.. so, instead of preparing her for an acting career by enrolling her in dance, drama, voice, singing, etc.. she said, “Sure honey, what we need to do is have you impersonate Anna Nicole Smith- that will do it!”

  14. Karen Livingston says:

    That couple NEEDS to be back in therapy. They are so blind to their own reality. She is a character, not a person. The doc needs to have “her” come to a session, fresh out of a shower, no make-up and hair, in a plain white bathrobe. Maybe then she’ll be real since she won’t be hiding behind her facade.

  15. Lisa says:

    OY! Good luck with those two! Kudos to you both for going to counseling. It’s important to take action when you feel that something in the relationship isn’t right. I wish you all the best.

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