Couples Therapy Episode 5 – The Voice – Loudest Isn’t the Best

Couples Therapy VH1 S02E05 Season 2 Episode 5

Alex & me in the Group Session
Discussing who has the Power
in our Relationship. And I wore pink! :D
Photo Courtesy VH1

After each episode of Couples Therapy Alex & I are taking it in turns to blog on VH1’s website and my fourth episode blog that was posted there was a straw for Alex; not a straw man but rather one that broke a back. My blog, the bonus clip for Episode 4, as well as the Group Therapy power discussion in last night’s episode combined with my actions & words this week, have all ticked her off. She says on her blog for this week’s episode “I’ve (she’s) been angry this week, but not at the producers or the network. They didn’t twist it; everything we saw this week was accurate.”

It’s a very weird dynamic deciding to air parts of ones’ lives on television. As I think I mentioned in episode 2 or 3, I don’t honestly know that if we had our time over again whether reality TV is something I would have signed up for if I knew then what I now know. That being said the genie is out of the bottle and however hard we’ve tried it won’t go back in.

This morning as I write I’m getting tweets from the UK from viewers who are watching the reality show that Alex & I were on for four years. A fairly major channel in the UK seems to be airing all four seasons practically in non-stop rotation during their daytime schedule and it’s become the show that just won’t go away.

Alex & I approached our time on CT with some trepidation; we have a very strong love for each other but we’d been hitting some rough times too. Going in, my overarching concern was not making matters worse and frankly after three weeks at the CT house, we came out in a much better place than we were in when we entered. Yes, back in the real world, the messes and stresses of life can intervene and if I’m honest it’s dealing with those that can sometime derail my behavior and make me seem curt and non-caring.

In the opening scene last night you heard me say that Alex DOES have a voice and she most definitely does. Honestly, I’m not sure what came first her reticence to use it or her feeling of being silenced but as in the chicken & the egg scenario, that’s largely irrelevant and is something we need to work on….. now!

When Courtney spoke you heard Dr Jenn gently prod her away from her learned Beauty-Pageant-Speak after Courtney had asserted that her style of dress had ‘saved lives’. Many times I’m willing to give Courtney the benefit of the doubt as she is (or was at the time) only seventeen years old. However, she had willingly chosen to enter into therapy with (other) adults, it would have been better if she’d spoken like an adult too.

We got to see Todd open up a little about his Too Short/Todd Shaw split persona and some of the asides her threw at Monica seemed to infer that Short would win out. As Dr Jenn mentions in her blog on VH1 this week “There’s a part of Todd that really wants the white picket fence and the kids and that life, but he lives a life that is not conducive to that at all” and it’s that struggle we see play out over the remainder of the season.

The struggles of Shayne continued to play out this week and she does seem to show many of the signs of behavior that she hated in her own parents when she was growing up. I do hope for her sake, for Nik’s sake and for their daughter Press, that they can all find peace. It’s such a learning curve to see just how much as parents we can affect our own children’s psyche and this is one of the instances where nurture can often overrule nature.

Finally we get to see Dr Jenn lay down some dress rules, which frankly she should have done on day one. Courtney again reverts to pageant speak waffling about how her dress empowers others and that she doesn’t accept Dr Jenn’s opinion. It’ll all come to a head in next Wednesday’s Episode 6, as we saw in the the preview you see Alex storm in and waste four good dollar bills. Oh and apparently that was assault and caused bruising. Roll the tape again and watch it in slo-mo. Methinks any bruising may have been to Courtney’s ego as Alex’s dollar placement didn’t seem to be done with any force at all.

JoJo & Tiny were pretty silent this week but in the preview we see Tiny going over a very painful childhood memory. It’s awfully sad to say that what Tiny experienced happens all too often but her strength in dealing with that these past 30 years is a testament to her incredible fortitude. Let’s just hope that she can be as strong as she helps JoJo confront his own addiction.

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  1. Leslie says:

    Simon – Great blog. I have yet to watch last nights episode. It is lovely to see you and Alex on television again. Although, when I found out that you two would be on CT I became concerned that perhaps another Housewives divorce was coming. You two are perfect together. Marriage is hard work and you both are intelligent people who I have respected throughout your reality tenure. Best wishes to you both and the chums.

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