13 years ago today…… May 23rd, 1999

In late 2009 I was on the train going from New York City to Washington DC and writing my part of the introduction to our book ‘Little Kids, Big City’ and wrote this:

“In February 1999, I moved to Sydney after spending 13 years living in London, to act as a luxury hotel consultant and expand the company’s Asia-Pacific business. In May I was sent to see a potential client in New York, and very early one morning, severely jet-lagged, I logged on to a dating website that I’d joined in Australia. I temporarily changed my location to NYC, as I was only planning on being in town for three weeks and wasn’t seeking the woman of my dreams: merely a drink, a dinner and a local’s perspective on the Big Apple. I remember seeing that a new profile “Yetisrule” had just appeared and seemed to be in the process of joining the site. That early in the morning I really didn’t expect to find anyone else logged on, but then again I was in the city that never sleeps. Little did I know then that if I met this Yeti Who Rules, I would embark on a journey that 10 and a half years later has brought me to be sitting here writing on the Acela train as I dash between NYC and Washington, D.C. But what’s more surprising is that that early Sunday morning jet lag set off a chain of events that had me moving back to the northern hemisphere, disappointing my mum in the process and marrying a woman who I never really believed existed for me.

The date of my “very early morning jet-lag” was May 23rd 1999, and these are our initial notes to each other.

Seek:  199,577,431
From:  SIMON634 (AAF)
To:     YETISRULE406 (BAD)
Sent:  Sun May 23 07:04.
Read:  Sun May 23 08:03 – Replied: Yes, Deleted: No
Re:     Who Rules??

Yetis, abominable snowmen etc Where oh where do they rule. Tibet? Nepal? Anyway what the hell is an actor doing up this early??? I thought all actors were slow & slovenly in the mornings and definitely not up to filling out bloody stupid questionnaires!!! Me – well I am up because I am still bloody jet lagged – I flew in from Sydney on Thursday morning and just can’t quite get my body clock to adjust. Damn!!! I am only visiting NYC for three weeks or so and while i am not looking for a relationship I am interested in meeting/drinking with great (read crazy) people while I am here. I am sort of Australian but only moved there from London three months ago. Check out my profile and write back if you’re game!


And within the hour (59 minutes to be precise) Alex replied.

Seek:   199,623,081
From:   YETISRULE406 (BAD)
To:      SIMON634 (AAF)
Sent:   Sun May 23 08:03.
Re:     Reply to your letter, sent: Sun May 23 07:04. Who Rules??

I have to admit that the only yeti I’ve ever seen was onstage, and was in fact a friend of mine.

Well, Simon, I’m up this early because occasionally I do freelance graphic design for an investment bank (supporting the acting, you know.) I had to come in overnight, and am now leaving. Soooo, this is a short message, but do write again and I’ll write you back!


And there you have it – 2 fairly boring innocuous private messages within a matchmaking site that changed both my life & hers in ways we could never have imagined when we first began correspondence. What were the chances that I’d be on that site at 7:04 on a Sunday morning? What was the chance that Alex would have just been joining and filling out her questionnaire at 7:04 on a Sunday morning? The way the site worked was that each profile consisted of two parts; a multiple choice questionnaire followed by an essay section. A new profile went live after the multiple choice questions were completed and therefore I knew that Alex had just joined and wouldn’t have been inundated by emails. I was the first to send her an email and boy, am I glad I did. She is, and forever will be, the absolute love of my life.

4 days later we met and had dinner and 366 days after that dinner we married. I’ll do another post on Memorial Day Monday; our 12th wedding anniversary.

10 Responsesto “13 years ago today…… May 23rd, 1999”

  1. jgz says:

    just found this….this is sooo sweet and how amazing life is. i miss seeing you and your family but look forward to following your musings and her commentaries. miss ya’ll and dare i say, love ya’ll

  2. anna says:

    You two are the very best example of what’s disgusting about this country. You are grotesque. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  3. Leahg cartoonist says:

    Hi Simon, I am a Uk viewer and so am probably behind with my episodes. It is always an inspiration and some what heart warming to witness a couple who have been together for years still in love, still friends and still passionate about each other and to each other. Long may it continue. Fate works in mysterious ways..all good things come to those who wait. As for the naysayers and the haters…well…who are they? Leahg

  4. maria says:

    i just think you are both amazing and you can do great things together – dont worry about what anyone else thinks about your partnership, they are all just jealous i promise you they just want what you have.

    I met my fella on a dating site and he works from home and i just started my own business but we are together almost 24/7 and we are best friends. Although it has only been a year but we dont care, we have built a home and a career together, and im not even 30 yet, i feel blessed.. we have something really beautiful and so do the 2 of you. I hope you can see through all of the bad comments you get and please dont let it change the true love you clearly have for eachother x

  5. Kinsey says:

    I am an avid Bravo fan and post on Bravotv.com. Out of all the Bravo shows RHNY is my favorite. I don’t know if you two read the board, you should. You two are missed and are well liked. We laugh about season 1 (let’s face it you two were a trip) but you quickly became fan favorites from season 2 going forward. There will never be a couple like Silex. In many opinions, Andy made a huge mistake. And no, you are not forgotten. Hurry up and get another show.

  6. MonGirl says:

    Simon – I am a late viewer of the RHONY and just started getting caught up over this past week as Bravo aired previous seasons. I remember in early seasons I though Alex was unfairly cast aside and that she seemed nicer than most of the other girls (with the exception of Bethenny I’d say). However I really think your presence on the show was largely due to her eventual failure to remain a cast member and to build a name for herself. Essentially the entire opportunity she had was squandered. You’ve commented that other husbands are on the show as well and you have no control of how much Bravo airs you, that is nonsense. The other husbands are barely on the show as actual characters, they’re off the the side because they don’t get involved in the houseWIFE drama. You are the only man that constantly wants to be part of the girls group. And that bred a lot of image problems not just amongst the other cast members but amongst all the viewers. As the other housewives said – you just came across as incredibly creepy and weird and unfortunately that affected peoples’ views of Alex. I firmly believe she may have still been on the show if you didn’t butt in so much. And I think Alex could have built a good name for herself and possibly even had Bethenny type of success. Instead you two seem to be at a worse “station in life” than from when you started the show. The only other place where the husbands have any real part on the show is in the RHONJ and that is ONLY BECAUSE all the couples on that show are all related. So they are brothers/sisters/cousins with each other so it is natural for them to be involved in each others lives. You constantly butt into all the other wives lives on a show about houseWIVES and it created an incredibly bad image of you which in turn affected Alex. You both ended up looking exactly like what all the critics and even Bravo have said – famewhores, delusional, society wannabes, and fake. Don’t get me wrong, I think others like Jill and Ramona were FAR FAR worse. Jill in particular has to be one of the most despised reality show characters in the history of reality TV. And at the end she has failed miserably too. The one castmember that stayed true and got the public to fall in love with her – Bethenny – is now literally running an empire and is personally worth hundreds of millions of dollars and quite possibly can become the next Oprah. While I don’t think Alex would have followed in her particular path, I think Alex could have built a name for herself and used it to create something extremely valuable. But you destroyed any chance of that by simply not being a man and acting like a man.

  7. Beverly says:

    Love the relationship you two have and would love to know what dating website you used. I am a recent widow and considering the dating scene again. (I MUST be crazy!)

  8. Hey I want to wish you HAPPY Anniversery, And wish you many more, hope to see you on your own show someday, i will not be watching the rhony, bravo treated you poorly by letting you two go, please put pictures of the boys on now n then please sure miss seeing you all together. take care and wish you nothing but the best in all that you guys do.

  9. Sandy says:

    Will miss you guys on RHONYC, you guys were the best of the bunch! Wishing you happy anniversary and many more to come! Hope that all is well with you guys.

  10. Christine Mason says:

    What a lovely beginning to a beautiful relationship. Very Best wishes. Chrissy xxx

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