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“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”
Sir Walter Scott, (1771-1832)

UPDATE July 12th, 2011 9:30am EDT – Thank you for your comments over the last five days. Comments are now closed.

I have watched, read & listened, sometimes with horror, as Jill Zarin has slandered, libeled and maligned me and/or Alex over the past three years but this past week has really been something else. You saw in the 4.14 episode of Real Housewives of New York City which aired in the US on July 7th, 2011 a sit down talk between Jill & me, with Bobby in attendance and Alex joining towards the end. For those that are interested you can find a transcript of that scene here.

This scene was recorded on January 8th, 2011, (hence Kelly & me wishing each other Happy New Year, (Photos of Sonja’s Burlesque event at Getty Images) and was a follow up to the scene at Kiss & Fly on December 8th, 2010 (Photos of that night here) between Jill & I where we had initially agreed to meet before Jill decided after consultation with Kelly Bensimon to not meet, and ended with me saying “watch out”.

The very next night, December 9th, 2011, Jill & I spoke at an event hosted by Alex at Willoughby’s Camera and photos of that night are also on Getty Images, and I apologized to her for saying “watch out”, it was petty and uncalled for and I said it as I was confused and angry for her about-face, as just minutes earlier she had readily agreed to meet with me. This scene at Willoughby’s and the whole party with Nigel Barker was filmed for Real Housewives; and perhaps it will make it into the “Lost Footage” episode. Also it must be noted back at Kiss & Fly, that at no stage did I ever suggest having lunch with Jill or even that it had to be a meeting one on one. All I said was could we meet (at some to be determined time and place) Yet Jill in her Bravo blog wrote

” …..I felt a little on the spot so I said yes. Then Kelly jumped down my throat saying it was inappropriate. Was it? I didn’t know what to do so I called Bobby. He is always the voice of reason and gives me the best advice. He said to say “No.” Bobby thought it was weird for Simon to want to talk with me alone. ………Even though Simon promised not to communicate with these people anymore, enough time hadn’t passed yet for Bobby to feel comfortable for me to talk to Simon alone.”

So why did she need to twist the truth?

When Bobby came up to me at Avery’s Sweet 16 (now what date was that party held???) this was the entire conversation:

Bobby: Just today, as I was getting dressed this afternoon, they told me about an internet blog, a hate blog, hatemongers, and I was shocked…..
Simon: What’s that got to do with me?
Bobby: They told me that you are actively involved with it
Simon: No
Bobby: And I said that …..
Simon: Absolutely 100% not the case
Bobby: Of course, I am here to protect Jill
Simon: As you should be
Bobby: If there something that’s going on we can solve it right now
Mario: Let’s take it outside
Bobby: You know, both of you know I surround myself with good people. We’re going to say this, peace, love, health, good friends and that’s what we are all about. Do we have an understanding? It’s all good? You’re on my page?
Simon: Yes
Bobby: Shake on it? Because I know that Jill & Alex all have it straightened out.
You see Bobby & me shake hands

Now let’s see these tangled webs be woven. In Jill’s blog for that episode she wrote:

In the final scene of the episode you see Bobby, Simon, and Mario at the bar. Bobby had been hearing from multiple sources that Simon was heavily engaging in mean tweeting of Kelly and me. Bobby rarely interferes with any of this as he generally thinks it’s all nonsense. Bobby on his own felt that he needed to have an adult conversation with Simon asking him nicely to stop this behavior. Simon agreed and shook Bobby’s hand. Clearly, Simon was not sincere and is still mean tweeting the both of us.

This is an outright fabrication. Also note that she asserts that I am still mean tweeting her; presumably in June 2011. There was no discussion between Bobby and me that night about mean tweeting (nor has there even been such a discussion on camera or off). Bobby spoke to me about a ‘hate’ blog and said that he’d been told that I was actively involved with it. I am not and never have been. The fact that Jill is now trying to change the subject when the facts don’t support her (or Bobby’s) assertion is interesting but as can be seen from the above transcript it’s false. Not one mention of Twitter, tweeting or heaven forbid, ‘mean tweeting’ was mentioned by Bobby. Why did Jill need to lie in her blog?

Incidentally who’s is the ‘they’ who are talking to Bobby while he’s getting dressed? LOL

Alex addressed this ‘hate’ blog in her 4.13 blog

Let me try to shed some light. There’s a blog out in cyberspace that isn’t complimentary to Jill. If you read Bravo blogs, chances are you know it or have heard of it. A year ago, Simon and I were on our book tour, and stopped in Chicago, where the founder of the blog is based. The blogger attended one of our book signings, and had contacted us via our website prior to our arrival — asking that if a meet and greet for local bloggers and fans were to be organized by them, would we attend? We discussed it, ran it by our publisher and agreed that a blogger and fan event was good outreach, and attended the event after our signing in June of 2010. We took fan photos and discussed the book and the show.
I don’t know how that translates into Simon or me being investors, content writers, posters, or even members of the blog. We don’t own it, we don’t have money in it. We don’t write for it. There is a link on the blog to a recap of the Chicago fan event held for us with pictures, and as the blog covers the whole Housewives franchise, we along with all other cast members are regularly discussed on it. That doesn’t mean we are doing the discussing.

Alex & I published a book last year and over the summer we went on a book tour to several cities; one being Chicago. Just prior to being in Chicago Alex had taped the Season 3 Reunion Special where Jill had made it very plain that she didn’t like Alex. Jill had said many things to Alex “you (Alex) & I were never friends”, “You were spread eagled in the lobby of your husband’s hotel” “I don’t think I could film with Alex next season” and so on and so on, so yes, let me be honest and frank; Jill wasn’t in our good books. While we were on our book tour we tried to meet as many fans as possible and just as we were planning our Chicago trip I received this tweet:

@LynnNChicago: @gibgrl1 So excited @mccordalex and
@Simonvankempen coming to Chicago!!! Who’s joining us???

And I replied

@Simonvankempen Who’s booking out (sic) dinner?

@Simonvankempen: So organize it.

She then asked if she organized it would we attend and I replied?

@SimonvanKempen @LynnNChicago book a venue, sell tkts & Alex & I will talk. Remember this is 2 days after the finale airs & a week b4 the reunion spec does

After the book signing about 40 people moved from the Barnes & Noble to a local bar. Lynn Hudson wrote about it at the time; see here as did another blogger, Absurd2Sublime who was in attendance and here’s her report . Neither of those reports of the evening showed that anything particularly untoward was said by either Alex or me. Nor do you see us attacking Jill.

And that was that.

In September shortly before filming for the 4th season started, Lynn Hudson emailed me asking that I advertise on her new radio show and also give her an interview. I declined on both counts although Sonja Morgan agreed in December 2010 to be interviewed and you can listen to Sonja’s interview here. Has anyone heard Jill accuse Sonja of supporting the haters? No, I didn’t think so. Jill’s selective like that.

In mid-October I received a phone call from a NYC resident who apparently was a regular commenter on Lynn Hudson’s blog and was now assisting Lynn on some business matters, during this call she also asked me to advertise on the new radio show. On the phone I said to her that I wouldn’t & couldn’t during the filming cycle but I would reconsider after filming was over. My statement was akin to many we’ve all made when being cold called for money; often I reply to those calls, “no, I can’t at present”, as it seems less rude than stating outright, ‘no’. As the conversation continued we discovered that we knew many people in common including Henry Buehl who runs the SoHo Partnership (now known as ACE), that LuAnn has featured on the show over two seasons now. This woman is a very successful NYC businesswoman and we had quite a long friendly chat, she was charming and we hit it off. Over the ensuing weeks we chatted occasionally and had discussed meeting at some time. The morning of the New York City marathon (November 7th, 2010) Francois & I were over watching the marathon runners on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn and I received a call from her, later that day Alex & I were having a joint birthday for Francois & Johan, and as we were having several adults and friends of ours attending as well, I asked Alex if she minded if I also invited this woman over. Alex agreed that it would be fine, and so I did. I didn’t know that her visit to our house would end up being posted on Lynn Hudson’s blog (it was a private party in our home) and we weren’t exactly thrilled that it was but we also have nothing to hide. To be fair she did email her blog to me for my approval but by the time I eventually saw the draft it had already been posted. You can read her report here (take note that most of our friends aren’t RHoNY watchers and in fact we tend to not discuss the show very much at all.)

And thus we come back to Bobby’s question of me and my support for the ‘hate’ blog. It turns out that this woman who came to our sons’ birthday party, and since then we’ve gone to the theatre with her, had dinner with her husband and her at their apartment, attended two separate events for the Ace Partnership with her and which LuAnn attended as well, has known the Zarin family for years. And it’s my guess that the catalyst for Bobby speaking to me was this woman’s attendance at our son’s birthday party, although at the time he was told I am pretty certain that he didn’t know that this was one & the same person. Back in the 1970’s Bobby’s father Harry Zarin had been her client and she gave him professional investment advice. In addition she had been a client of Zarin Fabrics since that time and had had them provide drapes for three separate apartments of hers. Plus in July or August 2010 she & Bobby had had a very long and cordial telephone conversation about his father and how their lives had crossed paths over the years.

When Jill and I sat down and talked the only apology that I made and frankly, the only thing I had to apologize for was for stating, in confusion & anger, “watch out” and that’s why the only time the word apology came out of my mouth was when I said ”Again, I apologize for what I said”.

About two weeks after Jill and I sat down (and don’t you just love how we both seemed to be at peace that night yet her talking head interviews that were interspersed within it showed a completely different Jill than the one I sat down with?), she was heading off to Chicago to attend an event to promote her book. Jill & I had spoken that night about my involvement (or rather lack thereof) in this ‘hate’ blog and I knew that this blog’s existence upset her, particularly as she had told me that it was costing her endorsement deals. I don’t know that it was, but that’s what she told me. Initially Jill was going to Chicago in December but her flight was cancelled due to a snow storm. In December I had emailed Lynn about meeting with Jill & also spoken to Jill about it, but as the event was cancelled, the meeting never happened. So with her January trip pending, I decided that I’d again try to broker a meeting between them and so I emailed Jill and she replied:

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Re: Lynn Hudson wants to meet you.
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2011 20:03:13 -0500
From: Jill Zarin
To: Simon van Kempen

Call me home when you get a chance. Jill

On Jan 21, 2011, at 5:48 PM, Simon van Kempen wrote:


Lynn Hudson emailed me today seeing if I can orchestrate a meeting between you.

It’s completely up to you of course but I think the best chance you have of changing her blog’s name is convincing her in person.

See below email from Lynn:

“I noticed that Jill has rescheduled her trip to Chicago for this Sunday and I remember you asking me about keeping an open mind if you were able to set something up for me to meet her. Is that still a possibility? I would love to meet her in person and I would be nothing but objective and completely open minded.

I don’t know when she’s flying in but if she’d give me 20-minutes over a cup of coffee on Saturday or Sunday before her event (or diet Coke in her case) it could be well worth her time. Is this something you’d consider trying to set up or are we past thinking that is possible?”

I called Jill, as she requested, and we had a very long chat but in the end Jill decided against meeting with Lynn as she felt doing so would be a reward to Lynn. If you follow me on Twitter you know that I often engage with my negative tweeters and try to win them over. If these two women had met would this ’hate’ blog have changed, who knows? But I still think to this day that nothing bad would have come out of this meeting.

Now let’s catch up to the current day. What has transpired between Jill and me in the 5 months since this scene was filmed where we sat and talked and wished a happy new year to each other?

Have I advertised on that blog she hates so much? No.

Have I given an interview to that blogger’s radio show? No, although I did call in to her radio show on May 26th, 2011 and spoke for less than a minute.

Did I get very upset when the first episode aired that Jill would call Alex a “fucking bitch” on national television and accuse her of attending a party that was socially above her? Damn right I did.

Was I critical on Twitter about it? Yes, damn right I was.

Did I say that what she said about Alex was vile & disgusting? I’m pretty certain I did. This is what she must mean about mean tweeting. But remember this happened in April 2011 long after principal (but not talking head) photography was over.

Just this past week Jill has spent a lot of the time when she’s been on TV morning shows and almost the whole 30 minutes she was on her sister’s radio show last Friday making outlandish accusations about me & and threats to me, about cyber bullying, mean tweeting and so on all the while failing to produce one scintilla of evidence to back up her continued lies.

Watch her here on WPIX at the 2:48 mark


On Friday July 1st, Jill called into her sister’s radio show and spent almost the entire time talking about me. Listening to this it’s surprising that Lisa Wexler, who is an attorney by training, would allow her own sister to make slanderous allegations about me and others on the public airways. The recording of this radio show runs 22 minutes and so I have split it into 2 sections:

This is the first 12 minutes

and here are the last 10

In her extended blog that she posts on her own website she also added this:

It appears on the show that the only issue was what Simon was tweeting. That is not entirely accurate. Simon has hosted a person who has stalked me at my home and office, in their home for one of the boy’s birthday parties. He knew exactly who she was, as he met her through another person who has seriously threatened my family to the point we had to call the police and postal service security. For them to deny it now is simply ridiculous as there is a paper trail a mile long thanks to my cyber assistants. As usual Bobby’s instincts were right. My cyber assistants later discovered that Alex actually attended my anti-bullying luncheon the day after she and Simon entertained someone they knew to be my stalker, in their home. Not someone who just stalked me, but was also accused of stalking a former employee of hers. How would you feel?

I went over and told Simon how I really felt about it. I was kind and gentle. I was NOT at all aggressive. Simon was not happy to say the least and actually THREATENED ME! He told me to watch out!! Watch out??? What the heck did that mean? Simon is over 6 feet tall and is an imposing figure. Was he going to hit me? What man threatens a woman? You would never see Bobby say that to a woman, ever. What he meant was that he was going to continue to support people that have stalked my family and sent me personal threats through the mail. Cyber-bullying is an overused word that is defined differently by anyone you ask. It means using the Internet to foster hate. Most of last season and during the time we filmed this season, Simon was doing a lot of that. After he was called out on it by Bobby at Avery’s party, I was informed that he deleted his most egregious tweets. I will not tolerate bad behavior from children, so why would I tolerate it from grown adults? The fact that we are co-workers makes it so much worse. Simon has crossed the line and Alex can’t control him.

I’m a little confused about Alex’s opinion about what’s going on with Simon. First she says if someone is not friends with Simon, she can’t be friends with them. Yet when Kelly confronted her about Simon she says they are two separate people and she wants no part of it. Sounds like a contradiction to me, what do you think? She then suggests that Kelly take it up with Simon directly. Why wouldn’t Alex film a scene with Simon asking him to respect her cast mates wishes and “back off”? First Sonja had a problem, then I had a problem and now Kelly. Why doesn’t Alex deliver “that” message?

Alex has eluded in her blog once again that somehow I was responsible for Simon losing his job. Last summer Simon gave a press release stating that he resigned to start his own company. Which is it? I recently met a friend of the owner of the hotel Simon worked for who told me exactly what happened. If Alex wants to continue to blame me, I will share exactly what he told me really happened.

Here Jill makes all sorts of accusations which is an easy thing to do yet where is any evidence of this stalking? In the above radio interview she talks about how people have taken photos of themselves outside her home and business? Alex & I live in a house and not in an apartment building with a doorman, we often have people who come to our house and take pictures and don’t consider it stalking. Note how Jill isn’t accusing anyone of trying to enter her building just that they took photos outside it as well as in front of her business; presumably Zarin Fabrics. If that’s stalking then she really does have a persecution complex.

She also writes that Alex alluded in her blog that she was responsible for me losing my job. Alex didn’t write that at all, it’s not in her blog so again Jill is making things up. Alex has intimated that Jill’s attacks on me were designed to hurt my career and let’s face it her running to Cindy Adams at the New York Post and having Cindy Adams write about me as a falling down drunk certainly wasn’t going to make me look good in the eyes of any employer. So yes, Jill you have tried to damage my career. However, I didn’t lose my job but am interested in your little threat. You state that you met a friend of the owner and he told you what happened and then you proceed to threaten to out this information if Alex continues to blame you. Petty much?

And so we come to today Friday, July 8th and Jill for once has gotten her Bravo blog in almost on time; and she writes this “I want to end all of this bickering about mean tweets. Bobby and I both talked to Simon about our relationship and hope we can finally move to a more positive place. I decided to not publish or talk anymore about the hate and move on to more positive and interesting things that we are all doing. Honestly? It is so juvenile.”

When did she decide this? If she had decided this when we sat & talked her subsequent blogs and interviews certainly don’t reflect that. Honestly yes, some of it is juvenile but she’s the one who’s been making slanderous accusations against me and now, when she realizes that she’s losing the argument with the wider viewing audience she is now backtracking. Maybe for once her cyber assistants have realized that she’s actually losing more fans and have gotten through to Jill.

I foreshadowed on Twitter early Thursday morning that I would be writing this blog post and you can bet that she or her cyber assistants saw my tweet. She’s now trying to have the last word and dismiss it all as childish, yet you haven’t seen me attacking her in the press and on this occasion she’s not getting the last word.

Anyway, I have a funny feeling that this won’t be the last of it as I have a sneaking suspicion that it just might come up at the reunion. Let’s see what evidence she produces, if any?

Two more episodes to go before the Reunion airs, and that should be interesting. Feel free to post comments and questions and I will do my best to answer as many as possible. Remember, as I told Jill I have nothing to hide.


This was posted Thursday Night July 7th, 2011 at 11pm

I have a lot to say about this episode and haven’t quite gotten it all written yet however in the meantime take a look at this transcript of the conversation between Jill & me from tonight’s episode. And when you read it ask yourself whether the person giving the talking head interviews is the same person that I sat down with at Sonja’s Burlesque party. One was nice and wanting to put past misdeeds behind her and the other……..well, you decide.

Feel free to comment here and make sure you check back late Friday when I will detail as much as I can do to refute her baseless accusation on Cyber bullying, mean tweets and ‘hate’ blogs.

As I said to Jill that night, I have nothing to hide. And Hide I Won’t.


301 Responsesto “Simon’s RHoNY 4.14 Blog”

  1. gillian says:

    I have been watching the show from the uk, at first i thought jill was a really nice, genuine person (how wrong was i). I feel that if she is not getting all the attention then she has to make up “stories” that make certain people look as thought they are “bullying” her (look what she did with bethenny, which was a total disgrace) the way she treated her was awful, then when bethanny wanted nothing to do with her she changed her tune, what does that say about her character, you and alex are great on the show, i really dont know how you put up with these people.

  2. Tammy says:

    Jill knows that the American public is so over her, and one would think she would ride off into the sunset with her money and live happily ever after but her narcissism won’t let her. She needs attention and she is very jealous of the fact that you have everything her money can’t buy. That is why she dislikes you.

  3. Lyn says:

    Thanks for posting the absolute facts. It would appear that Jill has convicted herself by her own tongue, tweets and air time…but of coarse, we can predict that she’ll never forgive you or anyone else who investigates, reports, and exposes the truth.
    I, for one, am grateful that you chose to record and post the timeline and transcripts of conversations, blogs, tweets, and interviews which prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that Jill (or whichever spirit possesses her) is a masterful manipulator of people with not only a powerful talent for deception but also a superior ability to create chaos. If there was an award for ” Author of Lies”, she would be a fine contender. The Father of Lies would be proud of her insidious skills.
    Maybe Bravo will just ‘cast her out’.
    As for your expose’…well done.

  4. jrcole says:

    simon and alex jill ran bethanny off by bullying and she suceeded beyond her ,now she has a new target you.this was by far the worst reunion because the countess clux clan has gotten away with being loud ,mean spirited.all 4 of you should just rise above them .even andy lost his cool.good luck and it is true if jill doesn’t like ur comments she will block u.

  5. Melissa says:

    Do Alex and yourself a favor, ignore her! As a child, we learn that if we ignore the kids who don’t know how to play nice, we should just walk away and ignore them. Trust me, do this and she’ll eventually go away. You and Alex are above this type of behavior! Remember the “C” word which Alex refuses to use, well you have more than Jill will ever have!

  6. Bobs View says:

    I think Kelly has brain damage. She makes no sense.

  7. B-Girl57 says:

    Really!?! Simon writes his blog as he pleases. I’m not a fan of Silex at all. In fact, I leave the room when their scenes are on. From the negative messages left on this site, I find Simon to be magnanimous to leave the bad with the good. Some of the impassioned posts are so overwrought, that they are a hoot. That said; for you to insist on Simon to apologize for every infraction that YOU decide; is the same as going into somebody’s house and demanding they rearrange the furnishings to your liking. The simplest solution to your problem with Simon is to not read his posts or watch him, period. As many folks have articulated here, RHONY is a reality show comprised of non actors. It’s not meant to be taken all that seriously. It may not please you, but then you are free to change the channel.

  8. PatnPhilly says:

    Hi Simon,
    I rarely comment on any blog, but I just wanted to say I like you and Alex and your adorable boys, your real people not like those fake, nasty people on that show. We live in America and you have every right to hang out with whomever you want and comment on any blog. Who cares besides Jill? I’ve been a loyal fan of RHONY but I will not watch it if Alex is off the show and Jill stays on.
    Stay true to yourself!

  9. paulak says:

    i like you simon BUT you need to calm the jill-bashing. lynn hudson’s blog is a hate blog not a “hate” blog. the moment you and your wife met with that woman you should have known you were ending any and all relations with jill zarin and her family. i’m amazed bobby was as nice to you as he was. i think maybe you could learn from bobby zarin. just compare yourself to him a little. can you imagine bobby zarin visiting with the author of the ” i hate alex mccord ” website? can you imagine him doing any of the things you do? do you think he might be a tad more successful than you because he doesnt partake in such trivial behaviour?

  10. DJE says:

    It is quite evident that you have way too much time on your hands…. All I can say is… GET A LIFE!!!!!

  11. Marie says:

    Wow – great blog = your sequence of events brings everything into perspective – as viewers we only see snipets of your lives and then it becomes obvious that something has happen and never seem to get the full story of a certain conflict. you did a great job of laying it all out.

    I don’t have anything really against Jill, she just have childish ways and it’s evident in her comments and snide remarks on the show, her husband more like a parent or enabler, but we all know or have friends like that and we just take them for who they are for we know they lack confidence in themselves.

    everyone on the show has done or said something that is not becoming. we all have. don’t spend too much time dewelling in it.

    I like the show and wish all the cast members well.

    p.s. i like your style of dress

  12. Valentina says:

    Hey Simon, thanks for your great blog. I’ve been reading comments and can’t belive how nasty and personal so many are, not to mention factually incorrect.

    They seem a little orchestrated. Hang in there. Give your family a hug and turn off the internet and twitter for a few weeks.

    • It’s rare that a blog like this opens up the comments to negative ones, normally they are sanitized by the webmaster. There have been three particular posters who have now contributed 45 negative comments. I don’t think it’s orchestrated per se but they do seem a little infatuated in their hate for me. They are welcome to their opinion however both have stated as ‘facts’ things of which they only have an opinion. I am now closing this blog to comments as these three continue to post without adding anything further to the discussion. Best, Simon

  13. Deb says:

    Not a huge Jill fan but it is obvious she is saying “mean tweeting” so she doesn’t give any publicity to the blogs. I think that you guys believe your own hype. Alex wants to fight, of all people the least one who needs it, Ramonas battles but when someone has an issue with you they need to talk to you, smells like someone wants more camera time. You guys are all so obvious. It is funny to watch all of the Housewives shows from the beginning to the present to see how they have all manifested into egotistical, jealous, bragging famewhores ( I hate that term but it fits).

  14. DA says:

    I completely disagree with your test! Just wait until season 5!

  15. Sherry says:

    After everything Jill has said and done to you and Alex Simon I understand perfectly why you felt the need to write this blog. You have a right to defend yourself against lies and accusations that comes from Jill or anyone else. I don’t understand why others on here thinks that you should just take it laying down and not said anything. Why is it OK for Bobby to protect and defend Jill but wrong for you to defend yourself and Alex. You and Alex Simon are way above Jill, LuAnn and Kelly on the social ladder of kindness, humility and intelligence. Keep on keeping on and don’t change!

  16. Well I made a reply on Lissete’s comment and it disappeared.
    Maybe Simon is cleaning this up a bit?
    I just have one more thing to say, and I’m addressing it to Simon, actually two things, One— I admire your attempt to clear-the-air and allow all sides to be heard here, but seeing those sweet baby-faces at the top of this blog, and then seeing the garbage posted here, just isn’t right in my opinion.
    If you’re going to have a “slam”-page, maybe you could not have your family photo attached to it?
    Two—If Alex saw some of the stuff that is posted here on a page with her family photo-it would probably make her sick. Why don’t you reach-over on tap her on the shoulder in that HIDEOUS home-office that you two share? yes, that’s my second point. Your home-office needs an upgrade STAT!
    Please tell me that you and Alex are not still sitting-on lawn chairs? You and your work are a product of your environment, and I don’t mean Australia.

    • Pinkie says:

      You sound like a condescending ASS slamming Alex & Simon for having lawn chairs and insulting their office furniture. You sound like someone who thinks Simon and Alex are beneath you. Just the fact that you went out of your way to post nasty comments on this blog proves that they are not. To slam others material possessions makes you sound ignorant. You are oblivious to what really matters in life, that’s kinda sad.

      “Two—If Alex saw some of the stuff that is posted here on a page with her family photo-it would probably make her sick.”

      I’m sure Alex reads this blog, if she had any issues with it I’m sure she would have told HER HUSBAND.

      You’re correct, Alex would be disgusted by your comments because most of the comments here were supportive of Simon. It’s not a slam page, it’s Simon presenting his side of the story. You must be upset that the majority of people here disagree with you.

      It’s appalling that you would even mention Alex’s family (I know you were referring to her kids) leave her children out of your hateful comments. How LOW can you go?

      I doubt Simon is censoring his blog, you’re comment is on here lil’ miss sunshine.

  17. ChgoHousewifeLawyer says:

    I do apologize – I should read all the comments and then send one post, but here goes

    Please refrain from making comments about posts of an “illegal nature” – it offends me as an attorney and it’s not correct. I know you were probably trying to be kind and give Ann a warning, but when I see things like that (illegal nature) I cringe.

    Ann – I don’t want to start deleting comments on here as I really prefer all opinions to be heard however you are making unfounded accusations of an illegal nature, something that my blog was written to counter. This is your one and only warning and I will not allow any further posts from you that cross that line. Best Simon

  18. ChgoHousewifeLawyer says:

    A few more thoughts:

    1. In re: Wall Street Lady – No woman (I don’t care how old or how inexperienced with computers) would write Chanel as Chanelle.

    2. Even if she began working 40 years ago, certainly (in order to remain sucessful) she would have adapted to computers?

    3. Yes, other husbands/boyfriends have been in Housewives shows and yes, ultimately it is up to Bravo to decide how much air time you get, but if every time Alex films you are with her, how much choice does Bravo have? I have NEVER agreed with Kelly – she is generally a moron – but, she is right, you are like a creepy pagent dad.

    4. I found the whole MENY situation between you and Sonja rather ironic – you were upset that Sonja tried to turn it into her day (and, for the record, I thought she behaved like a petulant child that day) but the speech you wanted to give (which you gave at your home) was all about YOU and how when YOU came to the US YOU were fortunate enough to fall in love with a female Alex. Your speech was nothing more than a “listen to MY story” moment about YOU, not about gay marriage. I know you were trying to make a point about how gender should not matter and the play on the name Alex being either male or female, but at the end of the day the speech was about you.

  19. Sam says:


    I think JZ does a good job of showing her true colors. She seems to be a very unhappy woman. That is too bad. At the beginning I kind of liked her. But too many of the housewives have revealed themselves to be extremely unkind and juvenile.
    Long after this show ends, JZ will fade into the sunset…Hopefully it will happen sooner than later.

  20. ChgoHousewifeLawyer says:

    Do either you or Alex have college degrees?

    PS We all know Alex went to Northwestern (she likes to advertise that as much as Kelly likes to say she went to “Columbia”) but what Alex fails to mention is that she did not matriculate from NW.

  21. I’m still learning from you, while I’m trying to achieve my goals. I absolutely liked reading everything that is written on your website.Keep the posts coming. I loved it! A guide to shutterstock online.

  22. holly says:

    Your a man, correct? Act like it. You do not see any other men acting this way on the show. Yes they are not talked about as much, but that is because they don’t give anyone anything at all to talk about! Sorry your feelings are hurt but this blog is embarrassingly long, you sound like a stubborn 7th grade girl trying to prove her argument. You are MUCH worse than Slade Smiley.

    • B-Girl57 says:

      Do you really think that Simon is WORSE than Slade Smiley? That’s a low blow. Sure, they both like to control the women in their lives and want more air time. BUT – Slade is a serial dater of OC housewives and has shown no visible means of support. Whereas, Simon has been completely faithful toward Alex. (Remember, they’re joined at the hip.) Simon did have a real day job until he left of his own accord. Slade is just a hat in the wind…

  23. Karen says:


    Even if we start by assuming everything you say is true, and I have no problem doing that, you owe it to yourself, Alex, and your children to cut any connection to lynnnchicago. Her Twitter is purely hateful. It is not insightful or nuanced in any way. Her blog carries a title my middle school daughter would find juvinile and just plain mean, and the content continues the childish gossipy behavior.

    As I tell my children, we are judged not only by our actions, but also by the actions of those with whom we associate. You should not want to be judged by her mean-girl behavior. Truly rise above this matter. Take the high road, you may be lonely up there, but the view is pretty. And Lynn won’t be anywhere near you.

  24. carrie says:

    dang Simon, you probably could have gotten to like 500 comments or more if you haven’t of outed the double posters….You broke a Kelly rule (all pr is good pr).

  25. Max says:

    Well I think all this bollocks with Simon and Jill is for the cameras because this is the most boring season yet!

    I think Simon is a twat and Alex is really not attractive, I had to laugh when she says she comes from “attractive genes” too much chlorine in that gene pool!

  26. Max says:

    Well I think all this bollocks with Simon and Jill is for the camera’s because this is the most boring season yet!

    I think Simon is a twat and Alex is really not attractive, I had to laugh when she says she comes from “attractive genes” too much chlorine in that gene pool!

  27. Lori says:

    Hi Simon,

    I have a question. In the previous episode, you approached Jill and asked to meet with her, stating that although Alex and Jill had resolved some of their issues, you were not yet okay with Jill and wanted to set up a time to speak. After you walked away, Jill seemed confused, expressing that she was in a good place with Alex and nothing new had happened, so was wondering why the two of you needed to speak and what issue you might have with her.

    In this episode, you approached Jill at Sonja’s event and it appeared that Jill was the one who had an issue with you. You seemed to be defending yourself and apologizing and trying to make peace and Jill congratulated herself on being an amazing person for accepting your apology.

    So just to clarify, when you initially asked Jill about setting up a time to meet, what was your intention at that time? Was it to confront Jill about things you were annoyed about? Was it that you thought she had “burned the past” with Alex and wanted your own closure for past wrong-doings? Why did you want that meeting?

    And how did it go from that to talking with Jill and Bobby and being the one to defend/apologize to her? Is the editing confusing or am I missing something or just confused? It seemed like you wanted to talk to Jill about something or somethings she had done but when you actually spoke in the next episode, it was you explaining and apologizing to Jill.

  28. Jessica Sandy says:

    I hope you and Alex make 120 million plus next year so Jill will be crying to have ya’ll back in her life lol she needs to get another new hobby!

  29. FanFare says:

    Hello Simon,

    Your point of view is interesting and you have many details to share of your experiences. The tone of a few of your fans (i.e. short for fanatics) is so single-minded, shrill, fevered, yet guarded (like dobermans), that a conversational thread to you is more difficult. Reading your comments strewn sporadically through this site has shown me a different side to you. Personally, I believe you and Alex have played your cards pretty well. You’ll probably go the direction Ms. B went: your own show. Bravo loves to make spin offs. I hope you (en famille) enjoy your summer.

  30. scott noble says:

    I used to watch to the show because it was harmless fluff that made me laugh. Not now. Simon you and your wife seem petty and seem as if you would say or do anything to boost your face time on a basic cable tv show. But since you have no job I guess you need that. Everybody needs to remember it’s a tv show. I can’t believe how some of you act as if it is the most inportant thing in your sad lives. You talk about these tv people as if you’re part of the show. There is so much uneeded hate speech here.

  31. Pamela Dryburgh says:

    Simon, I give you Kudos for taking the large amount of time it took to write this blog. You for sure are NOT cyber bullying. I see other bloggers or tweeters saying the meanest nastiest things about all the housewives including you. Those are the people that are doing the cyber bullying. Those are the people that the cyber assistants should be going after. It all seems so high school and the demo for this franchise I’m guessing is 25 – 55 so come on people grow up. I do not follow Jill Zarin, as I have no interest to do so, but follow some of the people that don’t like her. I do admit that they are very nasty to her, but once again not you. Nothing but the truth from you. Anyway, thanks for writing this blog. As usual you and Alex take the high road. And, that IS the right way to go always.

  32. carrie says:

    Stay after from the hate blogs and bloggers!

  33. Tarrah G says:

    It’s reality TV I think you can all work it out, you might have to explain it to Kelley more than once so it can sink in but it’s just drama.

  34. K. Green says:

    Hi Simon, would just like to tell you and Alex that you are a REAL and LOVING couple. I enjoy watching the both of you and your beautiful family. Thank you for defending yourself again the vile Jill Zarin. It’s a shame that this woman who has everything comes from A PLACE OF HATE!!!!!!
    Much love and success to you and Alex.

  35. Bar says:

    Shut up. Can you tell us what that means?

  36. Bar says:

    Simon & Alex,

    While I agree that Jill has her flaws; it is only fair to also say everyone does. You two are, with much understanding, defending your family and setting the record straight. You and Alex seem to be a great couple without all this drama in your lives. Most of what I’ve read seems to stem from a long line of miscommunication. Alex, love your confidence and down-to-earth rationing. I relate to you as I also expect to be treated with kindness…well, kindness might be too strong, let’s say mutual respect. Your reaction to catty, condescending comments are similar to my own. Unexpected confrontation is a tool, a defense mechanism for weak, wounded women….using it towards another human says go away, you whitty moment and say something that people may agree with. I have to point out that LuAnn is one of the biggest bullies I’ve seen yet. I hope one day she realizes that she has been the fool to confuse (or underestimate) your behavior with weakness. I believe the cast realizes your intellect and may be threatened on some level…so, bottom line is: you never know what someone may be going through or be envious of…wish you and Alex the best. I hope peace comes between you and Jill- remember: silence is golden!!!

  37. cutie pie says:

    Imajustsayin’ is the epitome of “poor taste”.

  38. Luz Thompson says:

    seriously Simon…. get a reality check…. at first I thought you were just trying to get more airtime for your wife and yourself, now after reviewing your blogs, you seem to be obsessed with Jill. Bottom line you are not a housewife so back off.

  39. kitkatmom says:

    I find the use of the word f*** in even worse taste.

  40. Kristine Stevenson says:

    Simon, I have to say you have won me over this season, particularly with the way you have handled Jill-dawling. After watching the calm and respectable manner in which you conducted the “apology” with Jill at Sonja’s party, I was actually quite impressed. You kept your cool and were much nicer than I could have ever been with that woman. (She has shifty, lying eyes–have you noticed that?) Anyway, thanks for this post because when I watched the latest episode I was confused about the mean tweets and cyber bullying, but now it all makes sense. I believe Jill is trying to play a victim and become “the face” of mean tweeting because Kelly got so much attention for the same bullying accusations at the reunion show. The problem is, the more she claims being a victim of bullying by you, the more ridiculous and desperate she appears. You may be annoyed by Jill and her lies, but at least you have a new fan in me.

  41. FanFare says:

    It’s sad to see a grown man get so involved in petty, meritless arguments. You wanted to broker a meeting of Lynn (the blogger who hates Jill) and Jill. Why?
    How about mind your own business?! It’s a pity to see a grown man blame others for his faults. I’m a viewer from S-1 and continuing to the present. I find that most of your scenes feature you drinking continually. You seemed to slur your words and be unsteady on your feet. I would describe that to be almost falling down drunk too. Maybe, your employers watched the show and came to a similar conclusion. What’s the difference in the end? You “left the hotel to start your own business”. Apparently, your new business is obsessing on Jill’s every word and deed and jockeying for camera time…

    • I wanted to broker the meeting as Jill was clearly upset by the blog’s existence, or rather more specifically it’s name. I felt the only chance for this name change to happen was for these two grown women to sit down face to face and discuss it. Isn’t that how we adults should behave? At the very least nothing bad could have come of the meeting and perhaps something good for Jill might have come from it. They didn’t meet and the blog continues with it’s original name.

      • ann says:

        The name continues because Jill did not pay her. It’s called extortion.

        Ann – I don’t want to start deleting comments on here as I really prefer all opinions to be heard however you are making unfounded accusations of an illegal nature, something that my blog was written to counter. This is your one and only warning and I will not allow any further posts from you that cross that line. Best Simon

      • FanFare says:

        From your response, I feel I almost understand what you wanted to accomplish. Maybe, you came from a place of good intentions; I can’t say. Unfortunately, according to your blogs, your relationship with Jill had already deteriorated. Perhaps any input from you to “fix” the Hater-Lynn website would be met with increased scrutiny and suspicion. Therefore, it would have been prudent to allow Jill to handle that person on her own. Or she could choose to ignore it. (It truly was HER problem, not yours.) That way, you would not have placed yourself anywhere near that ticking bomb. Although I find Jill likeable; she has been petty, defensive and gossipy. I’m not sure she realizes it from her on camera interviews. That said, she also has a giant heart of gold and likes to help others in need. She can’t help that – it’s who she is and wants to be. With her goodness, comes some drawbacks – as with us all… You would save yourself the tension if you withdrew from getting into Jill’s personal business. Treat her with the acquaintance “smile and nod” greetings until she realizes you mean no harm. Unless, you want the added drama…

    • lou says:

      “It’s sad to see a grown man get so involved in petty, meritless arguments. ”

      Your assertion may have had some validity, had you not participated in the same disagreement albeit tangentially. You chose to voice your opinion, yet chide the author of this blog to ‘mind his own business.’ Do you see the irony and hypocrisy of your posts? You made yourself appear to be an idiot.

      Perhaps, you would do well to think things through before posting. Additionally, it is both bad form and completely stupid of you, to attempt to impugn Simon’s character, when so many people watched the same footage as you, and observed no alcohol problem at all.

      I find it extremely humorous that you chose to use your ’15 minutes’ posting on this blog. Thank you for the laugh!

      • lou says:


        Thank you for a perfect example of how some post on blogs purely for negative attention.

        In your two posts above Simon’s reply to you, you called him obsessive, insulting and then proceeded to comment on his finances, employment and social drinking habits. Your posts were insulting.

        Simon commented on your posts for clarification only, and you then changed the nature and tone of your posts dramatically.

        Miraculously, once Simon acknowledged your existence, you could then understand his position and even consider the possibility that his efforts were well intentioned.

        It is exactly this type of negative attention seeking behavior that ruins blogs. Kindly cross the threshold into adulthood before posting.

        • FanFare says:

          For “lou”,

          Re: my posts –
          Not that it’s really any of your business… I find it odd that you criticize my posts when I said something you deemed insulting. Then you criticize my post when I’ve had a change of heart (at long last) & might have seen Simon’s perspective. Who are YOU to troll my every utterance? Perhaps you want to continue the negative conversation to give credence to YOUR existence. ‘Don’t know, don’t care. Go back under the rock from where you crawled.

          • lou says:

            My comments may appear negative to you, only because they called attention to your name calling, unfair characterizations and ill thought out opinions.

            I have neither lowered the discourse or volunteered where you should go, although I do think a school or library may be helpful to you. Nor, did I call you any names. Perhaps, you’re just feeling a little a little defensive.

            Your alleged ‘change of heart’ was both condescending and arrogant, IMHO. Once again, please cross the threshold into adulthood before posting, as you seem to want to continue making yourself appear foolish.

      • FanFare says:

        For “lou” -

        Calling me names doesn’t change my opinion one iota. **btw:
        You have no way of knowing what other viewers saw (& how they interpreted what they saw) in the clips I mentioned. I stated,
        “…you seemed to slur your words, etc…” It was a visceral reaction; not a studied one by watching reruns over and over. Therefore, I stand by my assessment.

        If Simon can handle the different reactions he receives (as he states here), then you can too.

        • Felicity says:

          Oh Lou, why, why, why do you feel the need to belittle posters using your big words and perfect spelling and grammar? Do you really think this makes you superior to others?

          You’re trying so desperately to come of as some kind of professorial/doctoral type of person, and if so, what are you doing amusing yourself with the Real Housewives’ problems? Shouldn’t you be writing a thesis on the philosophical alignment of the paradoxical quantum symposium of sub-Saharan plant life or something equally as “intellectual”.

          You’re just embarrassing yourself here – do yourself a favour and quit the “I’m so much better than you” act or just go away.

          • lou says:

            I post my opinions here and support Simon and Alex.

            Your low self esteem is neither my concern or worth me going off topic to address.

            I suggest that you too stay on topic and not concern yourself my thesis, which happened to be written many years ago. :)

          • Denise says:

            Have to agree Lou you need to back off the other posters and let them state their own opinions with out calling every one out and trying to argue with them.

  42. FanFare says:

    Oh, Simon -
    It’s a pity that you spend such an inordinate amount of time jockeying for position to gain more camera time. In your published Bravo blogs, you obsessively complained, insulted and mocked Jill (& to some degree LuAnn) for years. With your current employment status being what it is, you obviously have way too much time on your hands. In ep 1 of this season, you reminded Alex that it’s all on her to bring in the cash. Maybe you could focus your attention on something else for a while. You have small boys. How about coaching their neighborhood soccer or t-ball teams? Fresh air might clear your brain from being the gossip girl & 8th housewife that you long to be…

  43. Peggygee says:

    Ramona had it right, Jill only likes you when your down. That is why she will never like you and Alex. You have one another. You won’t ever need her and if you don’t need her she can’t control your lives. When will she figure out that you and Alex are far to intelligent to fall for that.

  44. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Hi Simon-

    Good blog- nice job.

    I am pretty amazed that you are allowing negative comments on your blog- no Jill Zarin tactics here!

    Nothing but best wishes to you, Alex and the chums.

  45. Donna says:

    I’m not trying to offend you, this is just how it looks to me. Simon, you are way into personal face time on a program about women. Kelly is right when she says it’s creepy. You kinda are acting like a creep.
    Maybe finances are stressing you both. But it is very unpleasant watching you and Alex this season. Alex is fighting everyone’s battles if it’s her business or not… and you are like an old lady who likes to keep the pot stirred. Please stop. Just knock it off. If Jill is really bothering you…. why the did you jump in the sandbox with her? Why not be the hero and not the zero?
    I hope your family is healthy and happy and OFF the show next season.

    I don’t expect you to post this comment in fact what I expect is for you to call me hater in your mind and delete me, but for a long time I enjoyed you. The crazy clothes, the fun you brought is all gone now. Please just think about how YOU behave, don’t use the actions of others as your excuse or shield to hide behind. This season has been ugly and you always seem to be stirring that pot to keep the ugly moving.

    • Donna,

      I post all comments, well I probably would not post ones that were obviously over the top, slanderous or vile, but reasoned arguments that disagree with me are fine in my book. Frankly, I think that anyone who only allows positive comments on their own blogs is catering to their own sense of self love – and that can be destructive. As I said to Jill in last week’s episode “We ALL have haters” and we do. Not everyone who puts their life out there will be loved be everyone. That’s called Real Life.

      Lastly, I don’t think that any of the RH shows are exclusively about the women. Almost all husbands/boyfriends have participated in all the shows and I don’t see my involvement any different that anyone husbands. Yes, it’s possibly true that I have had a lot more screen time than any other significant other but that’s at Bravo’s choosing and not mine.

      This season, after 14 episodes I have really only had 4 significant scenes; MENY March, Smoking Hypnotherapist, Speaking to Jill At Kiss & Fly and lastly talking with Jill at Sonja’s Burlesque party. All other times if I have been in a scene it’s very much been in the background.

      • I didn’t see it although depending on the link you included it might have been automatically caught by the spam filter.

        Now on the substantive part of your post, even highly successful people suffer from dyslexia. If she had given that post to you I am sure you could have re written it properly for her. I am sure she had secretaries back in the day who did that for her. Remember back in the ’70′s when she started out computers didn’t exist & I imagine most of her correspondence was dictated to a stenographer in short hand and the typed up. Yes the world has changed a lot in 40 years!

  46. Jamie says:

    What is this? Are you guys doing PR for each other or what? Why would Jill want to meet with her? Lmao!

  47. Debbie Berg says:

    Without knowing any of the “behind the scenes” goings on, we viewers can clearly see that Jill Zarin is not a kind person. Shis in an obvious mean girl who clearly is out to get whatever she can, blame whomever she needs to and grab as much as possible on her way down just like she did on her way up.
    No, I am not a Jill Zarin fan. I too was disgusted by the “socializing above your status” comment and for me, at that point, I would have nothing further to do with such a person. We recognize that it is your job to interact with the nice characters as well as the less savory ones and to engage in conversations that seem silly and inconsequential. I think the best thing you can do is let her bombs lay where she tosses them as surely it only fuels her fire to address them at all. Remember that we viewers can see things for what they are. We knew those scenes were filmed last year.

    (I am confused that the woman who came to your home was the same Lynn person? Was she inaccurate about her name or hiding her identity? And did Jill Zarin file police reports about this “stalker” or is this another word that she’s tossing around like the “mean tweets”?

    Lastly, I’m not a twitter person……….but let me tell you I think Jill Zarin has said things, done things that are inexcuseable and is 2 faced beyond the beyond and I don’t need twitter to say it. I will say it right to her face. She is a mean girl and has done nothing to change my opinion of that. Bethenny has and had the right idea: some people are better off avoided altogether!

    • Felicity says:

      No, the woman who went to their house was NOT Lynn, it was a woman who has posted on Lynn’s website under the name “Wall Street Lady”.

      I must say that I only became aware of this blog after the episode when Bobby brought it up – all I did was Google “jill zarin hate blog” and whammo, there it was! Having perused it quite thoroughly I was amazed at how awful Jill actually is, but I did find the site very vicious and unsavoury. Now that my curiosity has been sated I will never return to that blog again.

  48. dsc60 says:

    my last comment was in reply to they see me trollin’, etc.

  49. dsc60 says:

    why did you forget cyber-bullying? and mean-tweeting? there was NO bullying at all and it’s a slap in the face, to say the least, to those that truly are bullied. jill being cyber-bullied is the same as her being stalked because someone took a picture of a public place. at least the slander and narcissism are true in the cases to which they refer.

    • Timmi says:

      That woman thrives on DRAMA!! She’s not happy when everything &/everyone around her is peaceful!! There’s something lacking in her life. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be all over z place. Maybe, Bobby& Jill haven’t gotton it on in years. Hell, I can’t imagine that man naked! He would have to pay me!! ,I also noticed Jill blows the smallest thing out of proportion!!

  50. Audie says:


    Anyone with half a brain and a teaspoon of common sense can see Jill Z for who she really is. Try not to lose any sleep over this sad woman. I commend Bethenny for totally cutting Jill out of her life. Why swallow poison when you don’t have to? Maybe you and Alex should follow suit. Save your energy for your boys, your marriage, and positive things for yourself!! Sheesh….I get exhausted just watching Jill’s interviews. I can’t imagine actually having to deal with her in real life!!
    Take care and send love to Alex! I love hearing what she has to say on her blogs. She’s the only one that makes sense when she writes!

  51. Andy says:

    Lynn Hudson is the problem

    • Luz Thompson says:

      I agree, her blogs and comments are just plain hateful. Simon makes himself look bad by admitting to have “communication” with her and others that help her. No matter how you look at it you are who you hang with.

      • lou says:

        The above post truly is one of the most all encompassing ignorant statements that I’ve read on this blog.

        “…you are who you hang with.”

        Really?!? I spend a great deal of my leisure time with physicians, that certainly does not make me a doctor. I attend weekly dinner parties with artists and writers. That certainly doesn’t mean I am either an artist or writer.

        While I do not mean any offense, your posts with their typos and butchering of the English language, make it very difficult to understand the point you are attempting to make. It is indeed almost impossible to take you seriously.

        You are so emotional in attempting to defend Jill, that your typing, obvious syntax difficulties and the quoted inane statement of yours, are a direct reflection on your inability to debate reasonably.

        Of course on the other hand, you very well may be an illiterate dolt.

        • Luz Thompson says:

          lol… I’m not emotional at all, unlike you. I’m not defending Jill. I’m simply stating what is obvious. It takes two to tango. Just like Jill has her part in this drama, so does Alex and Simon. The difference is they don’t accept their faults and continue to fuel the fire.

          I’m sorry that I don’t take the time to read my post 20 times before posting and therefore there are grammar and spelling errors, but I do have a life.

          As for the saying, I guess is a concept to hard for you to understand so I won’t waste my time explaining.

          Take a chill pill.


  52. Andy says:

    Simon, I warned you over a year ago & even sent you copies of Lynn Hudson’s racist and hate tweets regarding Jill and you told me you saw them and you would form your own conclusion. After you read them you still continued to tweet and communicate with Lynn. Don’t act innocent now, you knew quite well who you were dealing with. If you like I can send you or Jill copies of our communication that day .

    • FanFare says:

      As they proudly mentioned, Silex happily posed with Ms. Hateface, Lynn when they were on their book tour. Simon also stated that he would be happy to meet with Lynn & her pals after she told tix to the event. Obviously, Silex has learned well from Sister Sarah Palin. That is to be whatever their public wants for a price! I wonder why Simon stays in the fray. If he and the Mrs. don’t like Jill the remedy is simple: avoid her.

  53. Landers says:

    Simon, Lynn in Chicago is telling everyone that will listen you’re her inside source. You are the one feeding her information about Jill Zarin. It sickens me that we’re even discussing a woman that has badgered, berated, and attempted to destroy another human beings reputation just so she’ll be noticed. I guess she couldn’t do it with talent so she used HATE? YIKES! How much could she possibly hate someone she doesn’t know. Elementary.
    Notice- she is Obsessed with Bethenny Frankel, though, she wouldn’t dare use Bethenny’s name like she is using yours, Simon.

    Did I hear you say Jill helped you when you were dealing with a similar situation? All the phone calls…? Simon, don’t stoop to the disgusting bloggers level. They’re desperate for the attention you already have.

  54. Denise says:

    Simon your blog has done exactly what Jill has accused you of, Inciting people to respond and bash Jill. Not saying either of you are right or wrong but its time to give it a rest! Its a show and personally I don’t care what goes on behind scenes,of course it is full of conflicts fights and people talking about each other behind their backs (yes even you and Alex are guilty) thats why people watch, its intertainment! You are taking things way too serious, and if the conflict and mudslinging is too much for you then dont do the show. You need to let Alex fight her own battles with Jill and the other ladies, after all she is the one who is suppose to be one of the stars of the show.

    • Denise,

      Frankly I am sick of Jill going around and making all sorts of slanderous comments about me, and so as is my right, I wrote a full & honest rebuttal with time lines. As for your inference that it’s Alex on the show and not me, I would only add that Bravo have never made any secret that Alex & I were cast as a package, even going so far as to write that in their own book “Real Housewives Get Personal”. Yes Alex is the housewife and I am not but I also do not edit the show and any airtime I get is at Bravo’s control not mine.

      • Luz Thompson says:


        Your response is a long play on words to confuse people. Why don’t you post all of your wife’s attacks on Jill on the show and in Andy’s show. Your wife did accuse Jill of getting you fired, I don’t know if she posted it on her blog, but i’m pretty sure she said in Andy’s show.
        All of these attacts on Jill come off as an attempt to cuntinue the dilenma from last season; When your wife butted in Bethany’s and Jill’s relationship. That was the first time your wife got any attention different from the ussual “social climber” accusations. You guys are just trying to continue to bank from this.

        Please stop asking for the tweets that prove you were “cyberbullying the rest of the cast. Everyone knows that the person that posts anything on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace,etc. can delete their posts at their convinience and there won’t be a way of proving it.
        The only reason you are causing all of this drama is get the airtime, it’s proven by the fact that the only time you are shown these season is when you are fighting with the women. You like the attention just admitted.


        • My blog could only confuse those who don’t pay attention to facts. While it is true that Tweets, Facebook posts and so on can be deleted I do not and have never done that. Jill admits outright that she employs cyber assistants (Why does she need them any idea?) and Jill has gone on record saying she has screen shots of my ‘mean tweets’ but then refuses to release them. That is because they do not exist. Incidentally she does delete her own tweets and Facebook posts (or at least her cyber assistants do). She also refuses to allow negative comments on her own website. Why does she hide from those that comment in any way less than total adoration? The rest of your rant is incorrect but I can’t be bothered to rebut your other incorrect assertions.

    • Denise says:

      Well the fact that you are a package deal I am sure is a surprise to many people, but explains alot of why you seem to always be around! But package deal or not let Alex deal with the ladies and stay out of it. All you are doing is stirring up trouble that will reflect on your wife as well. And Yes your wife did say that Jill got you fired, in fact she said you lost 2 jobs because of Jill. Does this mean that Jill should start a blog about all the slanderous things that you or Alex have said about her? You both need to grow up and stop acting like children. You seem to be under the mistaken belief that anyone really cares that much what you say about each other, Like i said before its a show and if you can’t handle it you and your wife should just bow out and get out of the spotlight. As long as you are on a reality show rumors, gossip and personallity clashes and talking behind peoples back is part of the package. It happens on all the housewives shows not just yours, but luckily the other shows dont have anybody who feels the need to write blogs and call people out.

  55. HiSimon says:

    Hey, Jill’s house was noted for sale in the NY Times w. her address.

  56. HiSimon says:

    When you copied this tweet in to your blog,
    @Simonvankempen Who’s booking out (sic) dinner?
    what dies (sic) mean? i see that all the time on the web. No one seems to know, or want o tell me what it means. Sorry lol, I know your not a teacher, but I love you guys still no matter what.

  57. tvbrat says:

    Lynn seems to have as many cyber-assistants as Jill does, judging the frantic reactions and obsessive need to post that I’ve seen all over the net.

    Fame-whoring is fame-whoring whether wrapped in gaudy Versace, Midwestern corn, or Brooklyn cheese. I, for one, am fantastically sick of it all. I just want all the housewives to go back to their lives and stop the manufactured drama and blowing the fourth wall.

    • Emma says:

      Hey Simon,
      I think what you are describing is the “involvement” Bobby was talking about — I don’t think he meant financial involvement as there are no finances to speak of to be involved in. He wants you to cease and desist responding to HW bloggers, and I don’t blame him. It’s one thing to respond to twitter fans or people who post on your blog. It’s quite another to comment on fan blogs or call in to Internet radio shows. As Bethenney would say, “get a hobby.”

      • Emma, Bobby & I had that discussion in December 2010. I posted on the blog in February 2011 and called into the radio show in May 2011. Are you saying he’s clairvoyant?

        • Emma says:

          No, I didn’t realize that that was after the conversation. But then you are engaging in exactly the short of behavior you promised not to. It’s unseemly … Really, you and Alex seem like very nice people. I live in Brooklyn, too, and totallly understand your lifestyle. And I know you have plenty to do without getting in pointless arguments with UES matrons. Peace out.

    • lou says:

      “I, for one, am fantastically sick of it all.”

      If in fact, your above statement is true, why did you feel the need to post on this blog? If you were indeed, ‘sick of it all,’ you would have fantastically walked away and ignored anything having to do with the housewives or their shows.

      Instead, your post has shown you to be either a fantastic fool, a fantastic liar or a fantastic masochist.

      • WTH? says:

        Are you Simon’s blogmeister? You certainly are picayune in your responses to anyone who goes against the Simon love fest.
        Take a chill pill.

    • tvbrat says:

      BTW Simon, I do appreciate the candor you display here in your blog, but I also think you need to distance yourself from the haters.

  58. rockchick says:

    My advice to you mate, would be “watch your back”. JZ is a miserable excuse for a person. She is nothing but aa shit stirring gossip. She fabricates things out of thin air just for sheer entertainment. The thing that really concerns me is I believe she is truly VISCIOUS and VINDICTIVE. I would make it very clear to JZ that I do not want my name or my families names in your foul mouth. She clearly has more money than scruples. She sure as hell has her husband pussy whipped! Ally seems very bright and I wonder what she thinks of her Mum? It must really distress Jill that her only daughter dresses like a Lesbian since her arrival at college! LOL

  59. yourmom says:

    Ah, yes, and then there’s the cyber phenomenon of the troll. Even pointing out your trolldom to you makes me guilty of it, but it’s worth it.

  60. lou says:


    I fail to see the logic in your post. Nor do I see a correlation between one’s writing skills and whom one is befriended by or whom one befriends.

    Generally people are not asked to submit a sample to their writing skills, in order to be considered a friend. Perhaps you do erroneous believe that writing skills alone solely define and determine one’s ability to achieve success, social status and friendship. I have never found that to be true, accurate or fair.

    Considering that the vast majority of modern day U.S. Presidents specifically employ someone(s) to write speeches for them, are you asserting they are not worthy of being befriended or successful?

    • Felicity says:

      Yawn…. ok, the mistakes I have found in your professorial type post are as follows:

      “Generally people are not asked to submit a sample to their writing skills, in order to be considered a friend.” Should read: “…. a sample OF their writing…. ” and you also added a superfluous comma in this sentence.

      “Perhaps you do erroneous believe…” Should read: “….erroneousLY believe…”. No superfluous commas in this sentence, but I am curious to know why you don’t elect to use the Oxford comma. Surely someone of your great literary stature would opt for as much pomp and ceremony in their writing as possible.

      “…specifically employ someone(s) to write speeches for them…”. Oh please, do I really need to point this one out? A 5th grader would know that the “(s)” really does not belong there – shame on you!

  61. marilyn says:

    She actually is….named deleted by Simon hedge fund owner with husband. Kind of sad she is involved in this housewives drama, right?

  62. MomsThoughts says:

    Interesting and reasonable chronology of events.

    My only comments would be:

    1. Please don’t tell people “MAYBE” if you really mean “NO”. This prevents people with legitimate requests to possibly miss other opportunities. If the answer is “NO”, it is always advisable to say “NO”. (or “NO,THANK YOU”)

    2. ALWAYS avoid anything with HATE in the tittle. No good will ever come from a place of hate.

    • lou says:


      Simon’s reply was: “no, I can’t at present”, which is in fact not a ‘maybe.’ To most people, no simply means no.

      Simon’s response included the possibility that either he or the caller would or could change their minds in the future, if circumstances changed. There is nothing wrong with that approach or answer.

      I took a quick look at the IHJZ blog and found it quite snarky, sarcastic and humorous. I didn’t however, find it ‘hateful’ at all.

      Certain titles, headlines etc. are shortened sometimes at the expense of true accuracy, to define the gist of the content in a succinct way.

      When someone states they ‘hate’ baseball, I certainly don’t read into that statement that they carry a vendetta towards baseball players, owners or fans. There is no real intent of wishing any personal harm to those people.

      Words need to be kept in the context of everyday usage and understanding, whether that usage is literally correct or not.

      Hate is not the opposite of love, indifference is. I have yet to hear anyone say that they are indifferent towards brussel sprouts.

      • MomsThoughts says:

        Lou -

        Thank you for your insight. I understand Simon’s comments and I am sure he understands mine. <3

        As for the IHJZ blog, I have first hand knowledge and experience of the hate and venom that comes from that site. I am glad your experience has been different but I can only write from my experience. And in general, yes, I would steer clear of places of hate…a blogger who has millions of words at her disposal and chooses the word HATE for the title, does it for a reason. I do not think any good can come from a place of hate. That is my truth and I am sticking to it.

        Thank you. :)

        • lou says:


          I didn’t infer or state that Simon or anyone else didn’t understand what you meant :)

          I looked at the IHJZ blog briefly. It did not strike me as genuinely or literally hateful from my short exposure to it. I understand you’ve had a difference experience. IMHO, the word ‘hate’ in the title was used to grab people’s attention, sensationally.

          I highly doubt some woman in Chicago is wasting her time sticking pins in a Jill voodoo doll or doing anything so egregious that she would risk being sued, damaging her financial state, reputation and business. That’s just simple reasoning.

          Some viewers take these housewives too seriously and become overly involved, emotional and at times irrational. IMHO that behavior is bizarre, extreme and nonproductive. I believe emotions run just as high with reference to the IHJZ blog.

          Simon has been insulted by these women, so have his wife and children; yet the man conducts himself intelligently, rationally and civilly. His choice of response is not only to be admired but also emulated.

          • MomsThoughts says:

            I know that the nonsense generated by that blog could in fact potentially risk legal action, without a doubt. I do not want to get into what has been generated out of that “sensational” site -but it is venomous, destructive and hateful. Simon doesn’t need to be even remotely associated with that.

            I do agree with you that Simon always conducts himself as a gentleman.

            I think a blog that uses words like HATE to sensationalize – is not a good thing. My opinion. I think a class act like Simon would do himself a favor by steering clear of anything to do with such sites. He has nothing to gain by engaging anything that even inadvertently endorses HATE. I am sure he has far more worthy opportunities. A place of HATE will not bring good things. It is just not good karma.

            It is much more productive and rewarding to focus your energies on the positive. <3

  63. Victoria says:

    Agree to the word with other comments about Jill/harpy/shrew. She has an air of entitlement now that a little fame has come her way, and it shows in her ugly facial expressions, her inability to be honest, and her manipulation of the other cast members who she has conned into siding with her.

    I was very surprised to learn that LynnChicago requested a meeting with JZ, going so far as to say it might be worth JZ’s time to show up, etc etc.

    Apparently there is (and has been) much more going on behind the scenes with Lynn and her blog ambition than simply being a “hobby blog”. I have supported Lynn and been a loyal reader since she was run off at TWOP. I understand the dynamics of growing the blog to make it into a business, but I don’t like the conflicts of interest. If she hate’s Jill Zarin (a pretty strong statement), then why offer to meet with her? Doesn’t she already know JZ is a snake who bites? Asking Simon to buy ad space on her program? Taking advantage of her friendship with mutual acquaintances? Not good.

    I may as well add that I’m not a big fan of the way the “I HATE JILL ZARIN” blog has devolved, with the silly photos being captioned to say mean things about JZ. We get it! We know she’s a mean girl. We know she’s a lying bitch. We don’t need to see Bobby Zarin making fake mean comments about his wife. It’s juvenile and unprofessional, especially for someone who is desperately trying to turn a hobby into a business. Get real, Lynn.

    Without this blog, who’d have known all the behind-the-scenes shenanigans?

    Thanks for the opportunity to add my .02 worth of comments.

    • Susan Saunders says:

      I agree with pretty much everything you said, but I think that the meeting could have been a chance to lift some of the hate… possibly? At least she was open to the idea of meeting with Jill to try to understand her side of things.

      I’ve always thought that the blog could have a more mature title, maybe even something like “Jill Zarin is a hypocrite” or just something that doesn’t use the word “hate” because it shows too much emotion and automatically makes it seem like she’s just talking shit, instead of making valid points.

      I also completely agree about the silly photoshopped photos; resorting to tactics like that cheapens the message and total feel of the website.

      I’m constantly shocked at Jill’s lack of self-awareness….

      • ann says:

        The meeting was set so Jill could pay Lynn to change the name of the blog. Lynn was willing to do it, for a price.

        • That’s a pretty nasty accusation and as I spoke to both of them about the meeting let me just reiterate that that was never discussed by either party. I honestly think you are wrong in your assertion.

      • Victoria says:

        Susan Saunders (!), and all:

        I don’t want to seem to be attacking Lynn, but I admit to being turned off by her blog in recent months because it’s become a little clique-ish, with many people hanging on the fringe trying to market their ‘wares’.

        Radio shows, blog after blog after blog (how many variations of the same show analysis can we read!), etc.

        I doubt Lynn wanted to be paid to change her blog name. This sounds like something Maxine would write! Simply absurd! It DOES sound like Lynn thought she had enough power to take a meeting, which is just as suspect to ME.

        It makes me mistrust anyone who blogs. Now I wonder every time I read someone’s essay, what their real agenda is, and are they trying to insult or praise “upward” so they can draw attention to themselves, ingratiate themselves with celebs, profit, etc.

        I wish I could say I’m shocked at Jill’s lack of awareness, but I’m not anymore. She was nicer on the first season, but she’s so consumed now by jealousy and bitterness that it affects everything she says.

        She is just not a nice person, no matter how much she says otherwise.

        I read another blogger who said she was at Chicago meet/greet too, and after meeting Simon and Alex, they never talked to her again.

        What the hell is wrong with all these people? Is nobody genuine?

    • HiSimon says:

      I agree, I used to like Lynn until the blog went o her head. Wow, she asked Simon to buy ad space? I bet if I comment on her blog and ask if that is true, she will wither
      1. Block me and delete
      2. have the trolls attack me.
      If you disagree with anything she says, she either accuses you of being Jill or her assistant.
      I don’t like Jill at all. I have supported Silex since Day one. Personally i blame it on the editing. I believe the producers asked them questions and manipulated it to make them appear a certain way.
      I love you and Alex no matter what. I have said this before on my twitter feed when fans attack you, “it’s us the fans who ask you to blog and honestly if I have a question i come to you about RHNY” You are alot more nice than the Hw’s and i thank you for not acting like you are to good to associate with us. Realizing you are human just like us. We love you!

  64. Susan Saunders says:

    Jill is a delusional histrionic harpy. She’s a textbook case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

    And here’s an interesting article that actually mentions RHNY:

    While there seems to be no proof of you doing anything wrong, there’s a lot of proof of her wrongdoings. The only reason she dropped it, was because she couldn’t manufacture any proof and is worried people will bring up all the things she’s done.

  65. Amber...Real Wife says:


    I love watching you and Alex on the show. Your children are adorable, with Francois being smart and mature, while Johan is so cuddly, cute and innocent. You are both doing an excellent job with your boys.

    As for the other “kids”, the “Garbage Pail Kids” J, K, L… not so much! I understand that you are in a tough situation. Your wife is the one who should be mixing it up, and fighting back when attacked, but we know that Alex is too genteel and is a real lady. However, when the attacks are aimed at her, you, the kids, your livelihood, the arts, gay rights, fashion and Brooklyn… A man’s gotta do what a man’s gott do! LOL

    By now you SHOULD know that JillKilla is not your friend. She loves the underdog and to be needed. Any kindness she showed you was to have you in her debters column for life. All good deeds are to be paid to her with usurious interest that was never agreed upon. She’s an emotional vampire who dabbles in endentured servitude. You’ll never repay her because in her mind you owe her so much. That said…Screw her! Hit back with the same venom that she sends your way. If she uses the “A man should never tallk to a lady like that” volley back with “First you must act like a lady!”. ETC.

    Now it is presumptuous on my part to tell you how to respond to these witches as you, my dear Simon, have the most vicious yet witty reparte in all the housewife land. They do seem to fear you, as you have the uncanny knack of hitting people with the truth. You’ve gotten a bad rap as a wannabe housewife, yet we see Bawwbby and Mario, jumping in to “speak” to the ladies as well. Where is the outrage when Bawwbby has chided Alex twice before or Mario, renaming the NY wives at will with “Jillousy”, “Countless” etc. DEFEND your family Simon. We are all waiting with baited breath!


    • TVFAN says:

      Your post is stupid. Calling peoples children “Garbage Pail Kids” is disgusting. Get a life. Simon and Alex are not going to invite you to dinner. Go away.

  66. hereswhat says:

    When I watched the WPIX interview that Jill did, what I heard coming from her was extreme jealousy. It seems that she is setting you up to be such a bad, horrible person, so that you will ultimately be removed from the show. I don’t know what the pay rate is on the show, but my quess is that Bobby gets paid nothing or very little, and you on the other hand probably receive a decent paycheck. That would be enough to motivate Jill. She is completely unnerved by anyone who does well in their career (Bethenney) and wants to see people fall. If anyone leaves the show, please let it be her!

  67. hereswhat says:

    Hey, so I haven’t read this entire post yet so the answer to my question might be in there, but can someone answer this for me: When Simon is accused of telling Jill “Watch Out!” I heard him say something different–”Well,
    Ciao (chow)” was what I heard. Can someone enlighten me?

  68. cutie pie says:

    Jillzy, Jillzy, Jillzy. Your world continues to fall apart. You have been shunned in the Hamptons and Manhattan.

    No one cares for you or about you.

    You are disdained and a laughing stock.

    Everyone you know is turning against you.

    This is a quote from Ramona in article for People Magazine:

    “Though don’t expect her frenemy Jill Zarin, with whom she repeatedly tangled this season, to be sporting any of Singer’s baubles. “Jill likes to exaggerate,” the reality star, who recently filmed an emotionally taxing reunion special, says. “I think she’s blurring reality with TV. She doesn’t know what’s real or not anymore … I think she’s out of touch, and has too much time on her hands.”

  69. Jsg says:

    Thanks for the thoughtfulness behind your post. Now we can really see what a phony Jill is about EVERYTHING. She hasn’t changed one bit– but why are there so many who kiss her a&$ on the show??? (and off like Andy Cohen??)

  70. stormi says:

    Simon go home to Australia where the rest of the criminals live. You and your wife are very mean people and should quit harassing the rest of the “Housewives”. The sooner the two of you are off the show, the better the show will be!

  71. stormi says:

    Simon, You and your wife are mean people. You need to go back to Australia . After all your “home country” was founded for criminals and that is exactly where you need to be. Especially with all of the negative things you and your wife have had to say about the rest of the Housewives.If you can’t say something nice then keep your big,fat, ugly trap shut. maybe you and your wife need to attend some ” etiquette” classes, not that I think it would do much good. Grow up and be a man instead of trying to be the “flamboyant playboy” that you are not!

    • Felicity says:

      I am writing this from Australia and find it highly amusing that you resort to such childish insults…. founded for criminals – ha ha ha ha ha! :D

      Isn’t it amazing that in a mere 223 years we have risen from our humble beginnings as a penal colony to truly become “The Lucky Country” with a stable economy, a happy population and the most beautiful country you have ever been in.

      Come home Simon, you’ll be much happier down here….

  72. Simon you have to stop negotiation with the twerps.. they will never get it via Jill Zarin cyber assistants on charge!!

  73. AHouswifeFan says:


    I just erased everything I had typed because I realized you enjoy this drama. Jill is no innocent, but then neither are you. Heck, neither is your wife! All of you are “fame whores” to some degree or else why even be on these reality shows?

    I simply hope the fifteen minutes of “fame” are almost over!

    • lou says:

      I understand the meaning of the term ‘fifteen minutes of fame.”

      Considering that Alex & Simon have been on air for four seasons, that old and over used Warhol adage really isn’t applicable in this instance.

      If the post that you deleted was of the same quality as the post of yours that I am responding to, I thank you for deleting it.

    • Realistic Reality Follower says:

      Simon is simply giving an accurate timeline and description of what happened since June 2010. Jill Zarin would not appreciate this, but I do.

      I read Jill Zarin’s Bravo blog for the episode that aired July 7, 2011. After she maligned three people and accused them of crimes, the discussion is over and petty. That is consistent with Jill Zarin’s behaviors and words since the beginning of this show. She misinterprets, attacks, and then walks away leaving people bleeding on the floor.

      Thank you for this blog, Simon.

  74. Debi says:

    I have watched this show from the get-go and am sickened by this season. Last season and Kelly’s “meltdown” was hard to watch but this season, the complete gang-up on Alex and Simon is disgusting. Maybe it’s editing but the treatment these two are receiving is terrible. And noone is mentioning the completely psychotic Kelly B. What is WRONG with this woman?? Her behaviour on the trip, telling Jill it’s “weird” that Simon wanted to speak one-on-one with Jill…who IS she? If I have to hear her call Alex or Simon “weird” one more time…If the vK’s get their own show, I’ll watch. But I am done with this one. Get some class ladies, please.

  75. Leslie says:

    This is beyond dramatic and so unnecessary to give any attention and/or emotion to. Honestly, I wouldn’t waste any more of your time devoting energy to this hostile relationship. Focus on your wife, your kids and flat out ignore the rest of it. Seriously.

  76. Rosa Canal says:

    Oh Jill, your such a phony!!!!

  77. Kiyoshigirl says:

    Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Simon. If by now you can’t see that your association with Lynn Hudson is WRONG then you never will. There are plenty of HW blogs on the Net. Some are pro some characters and some are pro other characters. Lynn Hudson ‘s blog is singularly devoted to HATING Jill Zarin. The name of the blog itself is hateful. You have participated. I read the comment you posted. THAT is participation. As a public persona, by doing that you lent your name to that blog. Now, if you had posted on the blog and stated that you don’t support the concept of IHJZ and think maybe she should change the name of the blog, that would be a different case. You put yourself in this position and now you’re trying to back your way out of it. It’s actually sad to see the many ways in which you actively insert yourself into negative situations and then write looooooong missives defending your actions and then denying the same actions. You and your wife decided last year that you would jump on the anti JZ wave that escalated after her argument with Bethenny. It was a calculated move done with the hopes that you would gain fans and cement your position on the RHONY. Your continued diatribes against JZ are nothing more than a part of that same plan.

    Guess what Simon? I’m not actually a JZ fan. I think she puts her foot in her mouth too much and sticks her nose in to too many people’s business. However, as a human being I would be aghast if someone created a blog and focused the content on blatantly HATING me. Opinions are one thing. Criticism is one thing, but HATE is another. I fully support JZ’s efforts to expose IHJZ for what it is. I fully support her for being over-sensitive about it. I fully support her attempts to make you realize that your affiliation with IHJZ has been wrong.

    I am NOT a JZ cyber assistant. (Because that’s what all the JZ haters say if anyone DARE to sympathize with her.) I am a viewer of the RHONY. I see what I see and I call it what it is. You are in the wrong in this situation. Perhaps Jill should keep her mouth shut about your and Alex’s past indiscretions, (and yes, you have had them) but at least she has not actively participated in a blog named after hating you and your wife. Think about it…. Oh, forget it. You obviously have, and cannot see the forest through the trees. Carry on old chap.

    • Kiyoshigirl,

      Please feel free to look at my 1st of 2 posts on that site. I posted to defend myself when I was under attack by commenters on that blog as I was helping Kelly Bensimon.

      Also make sure you look at the whole blog post & you can see how unhappy they were that I would try & help her

      and then tell me if that is a blog that I am a supporter of.

      • I do find it ironic that the 2nd time I posted on that blog (May 2011) was to correct a vile & untruthful accusation posted by you under your normal pseudonym “Bloshka”. As you also post on that blog, presumably by your own statement that makes you a supporter of it.

    • Val says:

      @ Kiyoshigirl, what is your stance on Jill’s ongoing friendships with gossip columnists she leaks nasties about her cast mates to?
      Can you remind us when anyone has tried to get Jill fired or has called her a drunk/cheat/slut/phucking b1tch etc.??? All hateful activities.

      The blog’s provocative title is well deserved. The blog & posts are about all Bravo shows and stars. Posters even discuss the dirty knickers and worn clothes Jill returned to Saks (allegedly). The dinner bills and tips she and Lu demand comped (Don’t you know who I am?) don’t exactly insipre “I Love …” blogs. Do they?

      Simon and Alex are too good for RHNY. They don’t deserve the nuclear warfare waged by Jill and her ilk.

    • Daria Quinonas says:

      For the love of God people, it’s a TV show about shallow people so rich, they have to make up their own problems to make themselves feel important and amuse themselves. It would behoove them all to go to a food bank or children’s hospital or homeless shelter, or women’s shelter ( should I go on? ) and see what REAL PROBLEMS ARE. The self absorbstion is TANGEABLE. It leaves a residue. You can smell it in the air. The stain doesn’t come out, and you are feeding the beast by validating it with your conversation. They should all change their diapers and take a nap. Maybe they will be in a better mood once they’ve had their bottles. Pino, not withstanding.

    • Jen says:

      I wouldn’t accuse you of being Jill or one of her cyber assistants, mainly because you used the term “missive” in proper context and understand the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

      As for your post, I do find it funny that you hold Simon and Alex to an entirely different standard than the one to which you hold Jill Zarin. It’s obvious to many viewers (even lowly housewives from Ohio like myself) that Jill will use any form of media, from radio shows to talk shows and print media to spread her lies and manipulations. Simon is merely defending himself and his wife on his blog and had a spurious connection to IHJZ that has been blown out of proportion. Heaven forbid he be allowed to contradict the slander and libel that’s been thrown his way for years.

      In my opinion, I feel Jill’s main problem is that despite all out campaigns via PR firms and cyber assistants, she cannot control the reaction to her or the perceptions that viewers have of her. She wants it desperately to be one way and she doesn’t realize that it is that hyper level of anal retentiveness that’s turning off viewers. All we as viewers want is real, authentic emotion, which is why so many of us are drawn to Simon and Alex.

      I also think that Jill is under the misguided impression that Bethenny’s popularity skyrocketed because she was an “underdog” and a “victim.” She was never either. People were drawn to her because she didn’t try and control what viewers thought, she gave it to us warts and all while being funny about it. Simon and Alex carry on that tradition on RHoNY, and for me they are two of the few saving graces left on the show.

      • G says:

        I have to agree with Kiyoshigirl. Associating in any way with a site that claims to “hate” one of your castmates was a stupid move. Really stupid. Jill and Bobby are within their rights to call you out on it.

        You seem to be doing a lot of dodging and weaving to claim that you don’t support that site, but it would be so much easier to clearly disassociate yourselves from it. Yet you seem unwilling to do that.

    • myboysmama says:

      I agree with this post. I was horrified to find that all this talk about cyber bullying, and mean tweeting linked back to a website called IHJZ. That name in and of itself is absolutely disgusting. Jill Zarin is not a character name on a show, like the 90′s I Hate Brenda sites, she is a real person with real feelings. I don’t care if you do not like her personality, or I should say the small, edited 60 minute snippets presented in your living room once a week for a few weeks a year. Why are people getting so heated?? I for one cannot stand Alex and Simon. So what? I am not starting a website. I am not a fan of Ramona either. The edited version of her is an absolute train wreck! She comes across as an raging alcoholic and whack job. Not starting a hate site about her either. To say that your posts on there are innocent, fine, but what were you doing reading that site anyway? You must have had a reason to read it. What was it, if not to get some enjoyment out of a site with that name. On a purely human level, I think that is horrific. Do you not realize she has a daughter that can see that site? How would any of you feel if a site like that was out there about you and your child(ren) saw it? How would you feel if it was a site like that about your mother? Come on, this is simpy hateful, mean stuff here. It should all stop, from all sides.

  78. Maya says:

    I REALLY hate Jill Zarin. She is a manipulative, vile, hateful, backstabbing creature. Her true colors came out last season w/her war with Bethenny, intent on destroying her so called friend. Nothing has changed in her character since then, and she is hellbent on destroying yours, Alex’s and Ramona’s reputations. And her vile posse of Luann & Kelly only make matters worse. They are a bunch of buffoons. Keep your head up, we (we with an iota of intelligence & integrity) know the truth about you & Alex, and we support you!

  79. Kirsten says:

    Simon and Alex,
    Kudos to both of you to having the gusto to stand up to a “mean girl” like Jill! She should talk about “bullying”. Good for you! It is hard enough raising kids and having to deal with the “drama” in non-reality world life, kudos to being strong for your family.

  80. Trudie says:

    If Jill had evidence of negative tweeting, she would be showing the proof. How long did she hang onto Bethenny’s voicemail and pay it for anyone who would listen?

  81. Eilelen Tyrrell says:

    Thank you for the time line. Thank you for the clairification. Honestly, for those of us who have common sense and see things clearly; your explanantion was not necessary. Jill’s true colors showed with Bethanny and she hasn’t been the same since.

    You, Alex and the boys; along with Cindy are the only reason I continue to watch the show. Really the rest is getting very tiring.

  82. Jenna says:

    Simon, I’m really glad you defended yourself against Jill’s mean comments. Good for you!

  83. kris says:

    Well said Simon! Hugs to you and Alex for surviving this ridiculous season.

  84. Viewer1234 says:

    Good job Simon! If there is anything to be said about both you and Alex . . . it’s that you tell it like it is . . . without the drama and heavy embellishments. You both are very honest. Jill has been absolutely awful to you both and so many other people. Seems as if she will NEVER learn. I only wish that she would see a good counselor to really address her many issues.

  85. KP says:

    Jill realized that Bobby messed up by mentioning the ‘hate blog’ on the show so she changed the subject in her blog to ‘mean tweets’. Jill is an idiot, she tried to make Simon look bad and make it seem like he was behind the ‘hate blog’. It backfired on her and she changed the subject. Bobby and Jill gave the IHJZ blog more exposure by bringing it up on national TV. Jill can’t get out of her own way. I hope the IHJZ blog becomes the most popular blog on the internet because it pisses Jill off.

  86. JuliannK says:

    Dear Simon,

    I am a card-carrying member of the “hate” blog you mentioned. I’ve read it everyday since its inception, although I have posted comments less frequently of late. I can honestly say that your history of events is EXACTLY CORRECT as you described it here.

    I would venture to guess that Jill backed off talking about the blog because since Bobby mentioned it on the show a couple weeks ago, it has received more than three million hits.

    I just wanted you to know ( and everyone else reading this) I was “there” when all of this unfolded and you have been totally honest in your account of it, showing your own warts and all.

  87. housewifeaddict says:


    I’m glad you took the time to tell your side of the story. It has astonished me how Jill has twisted the truth even when she knew that it would get to the point where either you or your house guest would have to speak up. It defies logic in my opinion, and I can only hope that you and Alex get a break from all the toxicity, and Jill gets some much needed help.

  88. linda2148 says:

    Hang in there Simon and Alex. You have both always taken the high road when it was sometimes difficult to do so. Anyone with brains has figured out Jill’s manipulative and mean personality.

  89. Christine says:

    Dear Simon,
    I applaud you for shining the light on Jill’s behavior. It infuriates me that certain housewives claim to be bullied when they clearly are not. Do they not realize that their false claims dilute the severity of real instances of bullying?
    I am curious about Bobby Zarin. Can you offer us some clarity in his position? He seems very supportive and very sane. I must ask, does he not recognize how hypocritical, dishonest, and cruel Jill’s behavior is? Does he believe all of Jill’s lies, or does he see through his wife’s victim performance? Honestly, Jill’s desperation, insecurity, and constant need to broadcast her new personality and loving spirit leaves a bad taste in my mouth and beckons for a reality check from her husband. I would love to read your thoughts.
    Keep strong and know that we see through Jill. Alex, your boys, and you are being vindicated on the show. Any thoughts on filing suit just to shut her up?


  90. Lisette says:

    Simon I have followed you on twitter for quite awhile. I do not check in every day but I don’t recall you ever attacking Jill or Kelly in a aggressive manner. I’ve know I have seen both Jill and Kelly mean tweet so they are being a bit hypocritical.

    I volunteered for an organization that dealt with Cyber-bullying for 8 years, I retired because I became so emotionally drained dealing with it on a daily basis. I have seen people have their lives destroyed by Cyber-bullies. Hearing Jill and Kelly making claims that you are Cyber-bullying them makes me livid. If Jill or Kelly contacted me or any of the other volunteers making claims of being Cyber-bullied by you they would be ignored, we never took on frivilous claims such as theirs. Jill & Kelly need to grow up, they have NO CLUE what real online harassment is!!! Like I’ve said before there are people that have their lives turned upside down from Cyber-bullying. I’ve known people that have had strangers appear at their door, have lost their jobs, have had their careers ruined, had their relationships and destroyed, people that have to have familiespolice protection because their cyber harassment effects their lives outside the internet! Really disgusts me that Jill and Kelly claim to be victims.I know they get mean tweets from RH fans that are appalled by their behavior but they are in the public eye, it happens to majority of celebs that choose to tweet. It’s very common for celebs to have people write mean or false things about them in blogs, newspapers, magazines etc., this has been going on ever since I’ve been on this earth. They need to put on their big girl panties and stop whining about it. They shouldn’t have signed up to be a public figure if it’s going to be such a huge issue for them.

    Simon: I have haters too.
    Jill: We all do, but I would never be friends with your haters.

    ^^^Really Jill? Hasn’t she noticed that you and Alex follow back all your followers? Many of them are bound to be RH fans that have their own opinions about her. Are you supposed to be able to control other people’s thoughts and emotions??? Apparently Jill and Kelly think both you and Alex possess some kind of magical powers that allow you to such things.

    Jill, Kelly, and Luann really over-reacted. Their conversations about you and Alex were beyond obnoxious to claim that you want to hang around them to enhance your social status. Do they realize how utterly heinous and narcassistic they sounded?

    I like you and Alex and all the blondes. I am a graphic artist with two boys around the same age as yours so I can relate to Alex. You are a good husband to her, if I had a daughter I would want her to be with a man like you. I’m glad you agreed with Alex that it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to be in Luann’s video. The Wilshow did make a hilarious parody of it you should check it out on youtube, he excellent job impersonating Luann, Jill, and Kelly.

  91. Lisette says:

    Simon I have followed you on twitter for quite awhile. I do not check in every day but I don’t recall you ever attacking Jill or Kelly in a aggressive manner. I’ve know I have seen both Jill and Kelly mean tweet so they are being a bit hypocritical. They need to realize people have opinions and are allowed to express, they have no qualms about expressing theirs.

    I volunteered for an organization that dealt with Cyber-bullying for 8 years, I retired because I became so emotionally drained dealing with it on a daily basis. I have seen people have their lives destroyed by Cyber-bullies. Hearing Jill and Kelly making claims that you are Cyber-bullying them makes me livid. If Jill or Kelly contacted me or any of the other volunteers making claims of being Cyber-bullied by you they would be ignored, we never took on frivilous claims such as theirs. Jill & Kelly need to grow up, they have NO CLUE what real online harassment is!!! Like I’ve said before there are people that have their lives turned upside down from Cyber-bullying. I’ve known people that have had strangers appear at their door, lost their jobs, have had their careers ruined, had their relationships/families destroyed, people that have to have police protection because their cyber harassment effects their lives outside the internet! Really disgusts me that Jill and Kelly claim to be victims. I know Jill and Kelly get mean tweets from RH fans that are appalled by their behavior but they are in the public eye, it happens to majority of celebs that choose to tweet. It’s very common for celebs to have people write mean or false things about them in blogs, newspapers, magazines etc., this has been going on with celebs ever since I’ve been on this earth. They need to put on their big girl panties and stop whining about it. They shouldn’t have signed up to be a public figure if it’s going to be such a huge issue for them.

    Simon: I have haters too.
    Jill: We all do, but I would never be friends with your haters.

    ^^^Really Jill? Hasn’t she noticed that you and Alex follow back all your followers? Many of them are bound to be RH fans that have their own opinions about her. Are you supposed to be able to control other people’s thoughts and emotions??? Apparently Jill and Kelly think both you and Alex possess some kind of magical powers that allow you to such things.

    I like you and Alex and all the blondes. I am a graphic artist with two boys around the same age as yours so I can relate to Alex. You are a good husband to her, if I had a daughter I would want her to be with a man like you. I’m glad you agreed with Alex that it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to be in Luann’s video. The Wilshow did make a hilarious parody of it. You should check it out on youtube, he excellent job impersonating Luann, Jill, and Kelly, I’m sure you and Alex would get a laugh out of it.

    • Yes Lissette, this is real cyber-bullying and it does carry over to real life.
      Did you hear the one about a certain Chicago Hate-blogger’s friends who inserted themselves into another Chicago blogger’s real-life legal problems?
      The other blogger is serving four years of hard time in PRISON for basically nothing.
      I don’t know what Jill means by death-threats, but there was a drive to send death-cards/sympathy cards to Jill Zarin on IHJZ, and at that point Lynn should have backed-off. A responsible person would have been terrified that they had anything to do with that.
      Too bad that it only made Lynn more full-of-herself.
      You know SIMON, that people went after Alex online because they knew that Lynn likes you guys? They wanted to get even with Lynn by hurting you and it was ugly.
      I think that you must believe what you see from the nice people on IHJZ–but its not like that behind the scenes.
      Lynn used WSL like she uses you.
      I probably said too much here. I hope that the cyber-bullies leave me alone please.
      And btw–since I am out of the closet as a Jill-fan now, what makes you so sure that Jill made that comment about Alex? Jill said on WWHL to watch her lips. The comment was edited-in. (the wedding comment).
      Jill could have said that about anyone. Hopefully that will come-out at the reunion?
      I’ve been on team Alex and Simon from day 1, because my husband was a hotel manager for umpteen years, but I have to say that you are making a big mistake to let Lynn come between you and Jill.
      I really don’t want to say any more mean things about Lynn or her followers. Hopefully the air is cleared and people can go back to doing what they do?

  92. Dancer76 says:

    I’ve watched this show from the very beginning and the bottom line is Jill is crazy. But she’s rich, so she’s allowed to get away with deplorable behavior. I say, follow Bethany’s suit. She saw how crazy Jill, LuAnn and Kelly were coming down the road towards here and crossed the street. Simon, it’s time to cross the damn street. At the end of the day, you are the protector for your family, your wife and children, and you need to protect them from this now toxic situation you all are in. The “mean girls” are not going to change and they will only keep creating drama…out of thin air. And no amount of reasoning or common sense will cure them of their irrational though process. You think you responding with logic. They simply can’t recognize it and ultimately, you’re just feeding into their craziness, spurring them on, unintentionally. You can’t win. So from now on, don’t respond. That will drive them crazier than any sane argument you could ever give.

  93. It’s just not to be believed, this season. There seems to be a continuing flow of contradiction, in behaviour and in words, that make me shake my head and wonder “how”??????
    Bravo, give Silex their own show already, and nix the evil. It’s just not fun, and I don’t get why you (Bravo) need to prolong the agony.
    Alex, and Simon, here, here….for being sometimes lost in the mist of editing, but stalwart and forthright, as the good guys always are! White hats for the both of you!!!

  94. Chrisy says:


    You made very good points. I was thinking last night that one of the problems is that Jill, Kelly, and Luanne, don’t understand your sense of humor. Because they don’t understand you, they judge you and talk trash about you and Alex and your boys. I am 1/2 Brit, and we have a different mindset then most Americans. Sometimes we get lost in the translation.

    The first year I thought Jill was nice. Last year I didn’t like her very much. This year, I was hoping that she would become a nicer person,but it hasn’t happen and more and more, I see her as someone who only thinks about her. They have their group of Jill, Kelly, Luanne, and Cindy. Ramona, Alex, and Sonja are more real and not so mean spirited like Jill and Luanne. I couldn’t believe the way Luanne acted on the trip when she existed that everyone knew what time dinner was going to be served, when they didn’t know. There is a mean quality about them, that I don’t like very well. They seem afraid of the truth and don’t want to really hear it. I admire Alex for trying to talk to them and tell them how she feels, but it will never do any good because they don’t want to face that they could have done anything to hurt someone with their snide remarks and rude behavior.

    Bobby is a good man. Jill is very lucky that she has him. He loves her very much. I wish she would spend more time, trying to make him happy and build a wonderful life together and not so much time making drama out of nothing. We all have people who we have to agree to disagree with and then drop the topic. Yet, Jill keeps bringing the topic up that you have agreed to disagree with and move forward so that you can be gracious to each other when you meet at social events.

    I am glad you and Alex have become good friends with Ramona and Mario. They are a lot of fun. They seem like they are honest, and there seems to be a real friendship there. Who is Jill to say what parties Alex can attend? Is she Queen Jill of New York City? You and Alex are both professional people who have a lot to offer. Besides Alex has Kansas roots and I remember visiting my grandparents in Salina, Kansas every Summer. We are honest people who aren’t afraid to telling the truth.

    You have a good head on your shoulders, and you and Alex have two beautiful boys and maybe in a few years if you decided you can try for a little girl. Maybe part of the reason why Jill is so mean to you and Alex is she is jealous of the Love you two have? If she would work on her own relationship wtih Bobby she would have that, as he loves her so much.

    I enjoy the show.

  95. Kava says:

    Thanks Simon…besides Bethenny, you and Alex are the only “real” people on the show…Jill will twist anything to try to make herself look more palatable and get attention. LuAnn is such a mean spirited person and Kelly is a flake. I do like Ramona as she seems honest and forthright….LuAnn is so amazingly jealous of her. I never know what to make of Sonja. Stay true to yourselves!

  96. liz W says:

    basically since you and alex spoke to people or had them in your home , there for associates you automatically as haters and “cyberbullying” stalker supporters ? then jill must be a pretentious , pompous ass and crazy as a loon as she associates with luann and kelly , right ? admittedly i am far from a fan of the 3 of them as they are as phoney as a 3 dollar bill ! and i can not stand people who over power people in conversations to deflect how wrong they themselves are in a situation .

  97. @tweatcyn says:

    Bravo! Bravo! Standing Ovation! Loud Chearing and applause! Simon, you could be an attorney. I am filled with glee over your point by point disputation of slander from jill, with facts to back it all up. I have been following all of this very closely and your and Alex’s blogs tell it like it all went down. Good for you.

  98. Valerie says:

    Although not a huge fan of HWof NY I catch the occasional show. I am glad I stopped by and read this blog. It was a bit difficult to follow, at first. Moving on – I never ever understood Jill’s actions towards Alex and yourself. I like the both of you best. You seem to be yourselves and very genuine. Jill seems to pick someone to fight with each 1/2 to full season. I do not believe she has strong opinions about your so called hate blogging; she is looking for conflict to stay in the limelight. How does she state so many untruths and create such needless conflict, and not damage her husband’s business? I do find it very appropriate that she is losing endorsements. I guess in her world that is what it is about….the almighty dollar.
    Best wishes to you and your family……

  99. PZ says:

    Simon – thanks for the timeline. I truly respect you and Alex for continuing to take the high road when dealing with the mean one. There have been times when I wished I could have whispered some great comebacks to Alex for her to say when she gets stuck in conversations with the brunettes. But, I think it is best that Alex continue to be the nice person that she is and you too. You and Alex are kind and lovely people.


  100. Val says:

    Great write up! Most viewers have figured out Jill’s game. People like her cannot be rehabilitated.
    Jill reminds me of the old USSR government. If you dare to speak the truth – off to the gulag with you!

    BTW-How is it Jill can be BFF with gossip writers who publish terrible things about you, but you can’t invite a friend of a blogger (not even the actual blogger) to your own personal party? Wha?? HAHA.

    The blog is question has a provacative name, but is not hateful. Unless, inspecting poor public behavior is hateful.

  101. Jan says:

    I know for a fact that Jill is exagerrating about you and the hate blog and stalkers. I went to Lyn’s “I Hate Jill Zarin” site and you can plainly see that you are not involved with this site. One of the reasons that I NOW hate Jill Zarin is because she is guilty of the kind of lies and manipulations that you wrote about yesterday. Jill is the one vying for relevance and attention and she cares not about truth or humanity when she needs her daily dose of stardust. I respect you and Alex and think you should get an Emmy for surviving the bitches on RHONY. Don’t worry – most people hate Jill. Check out the Wall on Andy Cohen’s Facebook page. That is what people really think and most of it is about what a viper Jill is. Good luck to you and your family.

    • PZ says:

      I think Andy is losing some fans due to his continued sucking up to JZ.

      • NJB says:

        Seriously, does she have something on Andy?
        How many times has she effed with the polls on
        He always backs down to her complaints. It
        only bothers me because at one time I had so
        much respect for him(so young to be so
        too bad.
        BTW-excellant post. well written and so

  102. stacey says:

    I love that you are calling her out on her behavior. She thinks she can just get away with it and bobby is always going to defend her. She has been so mean to you and alex over the years. Constantly slandering you two, your children, your businesses, your home, etc. You and alex have been nothing but gracious towards her. Keep it up simon. I think people are starting to see Jill for who she really is… a vindictive, mean, woman that really needs to find a hobby

  103. Nicole says:

    Simon, well said. I can’t help but feel too, at some point, it might be pertinent and healthy, to get off this show. I think sometimes, no paycheck or perks that come from being on tv, is worth it when you have to spend 6 months filming with people such as Jill, and others. Sometimes the best you can do is walk away, and let the drama unravel around them. It was true back in high school and sadly it is true as an adult. Keep moving forward, being positive and the sooner you and Alex disengage from all of them, the better.

    Peace – Nicole

  104. j says:

    I missed this! WOW! Sorry to see this, Alex! Jill definitely has lost her mind! I wouldn’t invite her ANYWHERE!

    Did I get very upset when the first episode aired that Jill would call Alex a “f’n bitch” on national television and accuse of attending a party that was socially above her? Damn right I did.

  105. Donna says:

    Simon, I have been hearing impaired since age 5, and the digital technology has been a miracle! I watch tv on mute with closed captions most of the time. LOL Jill’s body language and facial expressions when she is getting ready to “ice” someone. Just watch the re-runs, you will see it. Anyone that believes Jill should watch more carefully.

    • hereswhat says:

      I’ve been noticing it a lot. Her mouth and jaw get very tense and the tenseness causes what looks something like cellulite around her chin.

  106. Susan says:

    Can someone plssss post the location of JZ’s super-secret blogs? PLS?

    • Felicity says:

      You can sign up for them on her personal website. I wouldn’t bother though – just a very one-sided version of events….

  107. jane says:

    I would love to see some scenes of you and Alex at a gallery opening. You both seem like you would meet a lot of people who were a little more artsy, creative and think outside the box. I love the scenes where she is trying on the couture pieces and chose the burlap one…..priceless and so appropriate for a funky gallery opening. I feel bad for Alex always having to defend herself. Find some funkier friends guys and help some deserving local artists!

  108. j says:

    LASTLY, Remember Jill and Simon were friends before Alex and Jill were friends.
    SILEX is making the most of their 15 and who wouldn’t want the best for their families, don’t you? Look at Bethenny! They made it clear from the start, they want the best for their lives and futures. They are making the most of their 15 and I’m sure there will be some type of show of just them, eventually. SILEX is mult-faceted: Relationships, parenting, cooking, decorating, business, modeling, fashion, international experiences, etc.
    Jill’s true colors came out with Bethenny and that’s all I needed to see. It is sickening how she is so fake & jealous of everyone else.

  109. lang_donna says:

    I believe Simon and Alex are not all there. The sooner the are off the show the better.

    • Katherine says:

      I could not agree with you more! They clearly have WAY too much time on their hands.

    • Pumpkin says:

      i totally agree. simon and alex are both wackadoodles…

      • Amber... A Real Rose says:

        KEEP IT MOVING CRABGRASS! There is only room for beautiful roses and flowers in this garden. Oh, but tell your BOSS JillKilla that we need her words for fertilizer.

        • Jamie says:

          Really? Jill doesn’t control the world. Do me a favor, blame my comment on Jill so I don’t have to be accountable. Psh. Blame everything I do on Jill.
          Simon, are your fans really your fans or… Are they trying to upset Jill? Paranoid Amber believes Jill controls the world.

    • RealityLover says:

      No kidding. They need to leave asap!!!!

    • FanFare says:

      They are very strange indeed. The pair of them obsess about all things Jill. I admit that Jill is very defensive and bends the truth to suit her purpose. Instead of yipping at her, why don’t they avoid her and stop yapping about her? Simon, in particular, wrote very nasty comments on his previously published Bravo blogs for years. Alex has taken up the mantle and tops it off by stomping through her scenes just to blurt out her pronouncements of how the others aren’t behaving to HER standards. If you remember the first few seasons, Alex proclaimed to not really care about anything… Which Alex was real? At this point, I don’t care for SILEX.

  110. j says:

    How weird is it that the divorced and/or unhappily married “ladies” are giving advice or saying that Alex should control her man?!?!?!

    • FanFare says:

      It’s not weird at all if they (or anyone, for that matter) finds Simon objectionable. Which he can be. In some situations, Simon should be muzzled and leashed. When he doesn’t get what he expects or wants, he becomes agitated and verbally aggressive (i.e. carping in Sonja’s ear at the marriage equality march, pitching a hissy fit with the limo driver who took a wrong turn on that rainy night, etc.) The issue is that Simon is way too visible on the show which is supposed to be about his wife – not the Househusbands of NYC. Certainly, he craves and demands attention – any way he can get it.

  111. suzie says:

    I wish you guys lived on my block. You are both authentic and fun.
    Don’t know how scripted your show is, but it’s beginning to become a huge bore. Try something new !!

  112. mpage says:

    I guess you will have to start clearing your guest list with her whenever you plan social events. Does she really expect you to plan a party and only invite people who like her???? Seems to me, that would greatly limit your choices!! And she’s mad at you for having dinner with people who hate her and talk negatively about her on blogs, but doesn’t Kelly and the Countess do that about you, and doesn’t she attend social functions with THEM???? I’m just sayin’……. She needs to get over herself.

  113. RealityLover says:

    If you think that I am Jill posting, run my IP! I am in CANADA! I just see things clearly. Simon is, pure and simple, a fame whore. I read all of this weeks blogs and the ONLY bitchy, snarky, ridiculous blogs was Alex’s which had a link to THIS garbage. As I posted on Alex’s blog, only people that are guilty of something try so damn hard to “prove” they are not. Come on? Is everyone on here blind and deaf? Have you NOT watched from the begining? These two have done everything and anything to attempt to get into the social circles they desire. It is funny how they will both attend functions with Jill and hang out with Jill at these public functions yet slam her later! Then Simon BEGS for a chance to apologize and then slams her the same day it airs in a blog! Come on! He was begging! He said, and it shows in his transcript link, that he would stop this internet bashing. WHY is he in the right and Jill is so wrong. How do you think Jill got to the social standing she is in if she was such a horrid person? Money cannot and will not buy you into those circles if you are this horrid.
    Go back and watch previous seasons!! They have always attempted to have this aristocratic air about them. Their kids speak 87 languages. Have yet to see English accomplished. They claim their kids are superior beings….they are not. Sorry, they are simply average children. They dressed in uber expensive clothes yet subjected their children to extremely dangerous living conditions. They were on the outside desperately trying to get into the circle. They latched onto Jill at the first opportunity due to the fact Jill knew the owner of a private school they were desperate to get their kids into. Now they think they are EXTRA special because they are on a reality show. They STILL have to rely on the RHONY to get into events. Come on. You people are blind, deaf, and stupid if you think these climbers are not doing exactly what Jill….and mind you ALL of the other wives have said. Even Ramona and Sonja talk about them doing so! WHY do THEY all see it and know about it but you people do not??? I guess everyone but these two are wrong…..funny how established, successful people are all wrong while social climbers willing to do anything are right? Guess that is the world we live in. Maybe you all agreed with the verdict for Casey as well. Sad lot you are.

    • BobLoblaw says:

      If Jillzilla is in the “inner-circle” of New York society, I’m Queen Elizabeth!

      Also, do you have kids? Would you not do ANYTHING to make sure that your kids had every advantage? Even, say, suck up to a red headed viper in order to get into a better school?

      I find Jill Zarin fans funny…..

      Oh, and the Casey Anthony verdict comment? Not cool…at all. Suck it Canada!

    • BobLoblaw says:

      One more thing….IP addresses can be changed easily!

      I’m just saying!

      • Str8gal says:

        Wow! I usually do not reply to haters of my friends because I find it beneath me to waste my time on blowhards.

        Season 1: I wasn’t sure if I liked Alex and Simon because they did not perfectly fit into the mold of “Rich” Housewife series. I friended them on twitter and facebook and they replied to my questions I had for them. At this time I thought Jill was fun and Ramona was crazy LOL! Ok, Ramona is still crazy, but good crazy and now I’ve lost respect for Jill.
        What I have come to realize is that Jill climbing the social ladder started hanging with Lulu who she viewed as being on a higher rung and stopped listening to/following our dear friend Bethenny and started following/sucking up to Lulu and Kelly. It is the Blind leading the blind there. Satchels of Gold….Jelly Beans…C’est La Vie/ Oh wait…Chic C’est La Vie and neither money nor fame can buy you class.
        Simon has put up with this hot air for awhile and has not really said anything that can be construed as bullying. I would dare you to pull a twitter post from 6 months ago and show me where either one Kelly or Jill was being bullied by Simon or Alex? Commentary on the show does not count unless bad language was used. Simon and Alex work hard for all they have and have never painted themselves as anyone but real people.

      • RealityLover says:

        I DO have kids and NO I would not ANYTHING to get them further in life. I believe in real, honest to God hard work and honesty. I would not “suck up to a vile red head” to get them ahead. What does that teach them? Being a fake, ass kissing wannabe is the way to go in life? Nope, I am happy to have my kids work, be honest and ethical and let them get ahead the old fashioned way… working for it.

    • lou says:


      Jill has been proven incorrect in her spewings on more than one occasion. This blog is merely addressing her latest ones.

      From your comment, it is apparent that you enjoy Jill and her emotional, erroneous and narcissistic ramblings. She seeks the press at all costs, from being a somewhat permanent fixture on her sister’s radio show to reviewing her own book under an assumed name on Amazon. Only the similarly dysfunctional and ignorant would rationalize Jill’s atrocious behavior.

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with the rest of us who simply find her to be self serving, ignorant and highly intolerable.

      Your lack of logic and reasoning skills are apparent when you use an analogy comparing opinions on a rather enjoyable blog with opinions regarding the Casey Anthony verdict.

    • Caitlin says:

      Okay, okay, let us accept for the moment that you are Not Jill and that you are Not Jill’s Toady or Employee. What jumps off the page is the level of your personal venom aimed at Simon and Alex. What on earth have they done to you personally? “Fame Whore” is such strong language that it points to a hidden agenda. No one, my Canadian friend, goes on a reality show to remain anonymous. So, if you are going to tar Simon and Alex with that brush, then you should apply it toward every single person on every single reality show. Or perhaps just stop reading the blogs of the people you don’t like. Personally, I never read LuAnn’s, or Jill’s or Cindy’s blogs because I do not respect them and therefore couldn’t care less what they have to say. Period.

      • Str8gal says:

        Here! Here! Caitlan!! If you don’t enjoy the poster don’t read their posts and I apologize for the blowhard comment RealityLover it was late when I was posting and I was tired :) As Jill says, “you can’t have zero tolerance for me”. LOL!

      • RealityLover says:

        Oh I agree, they are all fame whores. Totally. What irks me is that there is always the Bethenny comparison! Bethenny was HONEST about her going on the show solely for the purpose of getting her name and brand out there. She never once put on airs about who and what she was either. She was not a rich, famous celeb when she started. Although having done Martha Stewarts Apprenctice, we all knew who she was. Simon and Alex put on these airs that were disgusting. “We don’t care for the Hamptons……we prefer St. Barts…..the Hamptons are pedestrian…..” Then they rent a place there and make sure to jump into the camera sessions at the parties. Just be freaking honest is all I am asking here. The same with their kids. Good heavens, when Alex described her kids I thought they were freaking Einsteins! They speak many languages….they play piano perfectly….they play violin perfectly…..they can be in any situation and act like perfect adults because they are so cultured….etc etc etc” Then we see them acting like regular kids but they come off as little monsters because of the hype built up about them. “We go to all the artsy type things like the musems and operas because this is what we do, we travel and are SO cultured” “Our artistic sides are so present in our home, we love to decorate and to make our homes show pieces” Then we see a horrid, dangerous living condition that ALL of the other HW’s were STUNNED to see. I just want them to be freaking HONEST. I am NOT a damn Jill lover. I am not “Team Jill” or even near that side of the fence. I agree 100% that Jill acts like the mean girl in high school. BUT….she is at least in your face most times about it. Yes, two faced at times. Yes like a Jewish Mother she is over opinionated and needs to butt out. BUT….why does no one seem to EVER call Alex on the way SHE butts in?? She delivered the death blow message to Jill from Bethenny (slightly exagerated and not QUITE the way BF had stated it either, for effecgt I am sure) with a look of glee in her eyes. Only AFTER everyone called her on it did she attempt to back peddle and apologize. Then she got on her high horse and attempted to act superior when Jill was too angry and upset to want to talk to her only a short time later at the same event about it! That was crazy! What about the trip this season??? She literally clomped into the henna scene to deliver her message to LuAnn. WHY? WHY THEN??? Because the cameras were filiming other housewives!!! It seemed like she looked down the stairs, saw the cameras were on the other ladies and just lost her mind and galloped on it!! It was the MOST pathetic scene I have seen in ALL the seasons of ALL the HW’s series! She also made the moment when Jill arrived (by Ramona’s invite mind you) at Scary Island about her. It had NOTHING to do with her at all!! It was between Jill and Bethenny, and to some extent Ramona, but there was Alex doing her fake shaking and hyperventilating thing. She seems to do these crazy ass things to get into the other wives scenes. THESE things piss me off. They make the show unenjoyable at times and that makes me nuts. She truly comes off as a crazy, camera seeking nutcase. And Simon? Well COME ON!! He is NOT a housewife!! Jesus. The other husbands are flimed from time to time. They do have some air time, that is fine, it is in the realm of being in the housewives lives. Not dear old Simon. He wears freak show clothes, knowing it will get attention. For the first few seasons we rarely saw Alex without Simon. The show was/is not about him at all!!! And he befriended a person that runs a website called I HATE JILL ZARIN. WHO does that??? To someone who at one time was a friend. BY HIS OWN ADMISSION. To someone who has helped them. BY HIS OWN ADMISSION. To someone he claims he had nothing to do with the haters. Just as a castmate, not a friend, he should never have done that. And all the negative things Alex says in her blog week after week after week. Where is the simple loyalty to a cast mate? I am NOT saying Jill is much better. I have called her out as well. But if I am calling her out, I will certainly call Simon out when I feel what he has written here is complete bullshit. Anyone who needs to provide paragraph after paragraph of “proof” and links to “prove” what he is saying is “true” is more likely than not lying! Bobby seems like a real business man with zero tolerance for bullshit. He never once went at Bethenny. He probably looked at the facts and felt his wife was in the wrong to a certain degree. He has not gone after Ramona for her drunken comments. Ask yourselves WHY Bobby chose to get involved and call Simon out? Perhaps because he knows what the hell happened behind the scenes. He had to deal with the stalkers, the police and the postal security and knows where the paper trail lays. Just for once, ppl, give all of THIS some thought before you jump at me. Again, I am JUST a viewer. I just think I see it from a different perspective and less blindly than some.

        • FanFare says:

          I don’t think you’re Jill or a close, personal friend of hers. I understand your frustration with Simon’s fans and Simon per se. Your venting here may feel cathartic and justified. But, your message is overshadowed by over-the-top histrionics. From S-1, I felt similarly about Silex wanting only to be where the elite meet and seeking more camera time, etc. However, including their children into your tirade weakens your comments. The boys didn’t seek out fame and fortune and are basically defenseless. Criticism about them should be off limits. Perhaps stating your feelings in a more tempered, calm manner would be taken more seriously.

  114. lou says:


    I absolutely admire the way that you address each and every one of Jill’s super sillious accusations and false assertions. Just remember that despite your best efforts, you can’t fix stupid.

    Hopefully, one of these days Jill will realize that she is her own worst enemy. She is indulged by people who refuse to waste their time attempting to get her to deal in reality. It’s so much easier just to tune her out.

    I understand your position of defending your family, your wife and yourself. It is both honorable and the right course to take.

  115. Jeanie says:

    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy you and Alex. I react very much like Alex when confronted by someone that won’t let me speak (LuAnn and Kelly). I turn red when frustrated, also. It is something that can’t be controlled no matter what. I laughed when Kelly told Alex to stop turning red because she didn’t like it.
    Alex, Ramona and you are why I watch the show. Ya’ll are the only sane ones of the bunch,

  116. jo says:

    Your spending way too much time and energy on this Simon. Just walk away.

  117. Monty says:

    Jill is a loser. She is or is nearly 50 years old and is still being a “mean girl”. Bobby should just divorce her ass and be gone. He seems like a very nice sincere man.
    LuAnn is an outright bitch. She is passive aggressive and sneaky. That dragqueen has to be the meanest of them all. She even had a fake marriage. She married that OLD MAN for money & “class”, darling. Also, LuAnn is an unfit mom. She pawns her kids off to other people. That is why Victoria is a racist drug-addict.
    Kelly does not need medication. She seems like she’s had enough prescription drug or cocaine. She is clearly delusional. Everyone should already know that about Kelly. She married for money as well. Look at Gilles Bensimon! Lol.
    Simon, you and Alex need to run far away from that “circle”. They are toxic. I just wish Alex could do better in arguing with them. She should be feisty and scrappy like Bethenny. Bethenny scares Jill and LuAnn. Kelly is usually too medicated to be affected by anything Bethenny says. Just keep being friends with Ramona because, Sonja is crazy and Cindy is not to be trusted.

  118. laura says:

    Simon and Alex, I love you both, and know just by watching the show that you two are not the bullies!! Jill, LuAnn and Kelly are such. Bitches!! I can’t stand them. And anytime Alex tries to have a conversation with any of them they never let her get a word in. Let’s face it…Kelly’s psycho, LuAnn thinks she’s above everyone, and Jill is

    a loud mouthed bitch who is crazy if she thinks she is different this year. Still a back stabbing bitch!! I think you’re right about Jills change of heart…she realizes the fans aren’t behind her. You can tell that by watching WWHL!! Hang in there!!

  119. JillsMakingtheRounds says:

    I love Jill’s posts on this blog!!! It is SO obvious to see which posts are from Jill masquerading as a “fan”. She does this on the BRAVO blogs too! My buddy works for WordPress and we ran her known IP address against the comment sections…OH MY GOD! dozens of posts from same exact IP address! lmao She needs to get a real job or something.
    Simon, stop making posts about this beotch..alls it does is give her reason to respond and the cycle begins againnnn
    Cheers Mate..
    Have you been watching Cadel Evans in the tour de france Simon? he is sitting in 2nd place and looks very, very solid!

    • carrie says:

      Who do you think is Jill?

    • Laurie says:

      Don’t you mean she needs a hobby? LOL

      • Susan says:

        I have heard that Jill does this. She even made phony accounts so that she could harass people that left unflattering critiques of her book!!! Can you imagine? People are not even allowed to have a differing opinion without fear of reprisals from the almighty Jill!
        This was not someone’s opinion. She actually made fake accts for the sole purpose of harassing, bullying, insulting and demeaning customers that DARED NOT LOVE her piece of shit book! UNREAL!

  120. Jayne says:

    Great job Simon! Jill needs to be held accountable for the things she says. Jill has lost all credibility in my eyes. I suspect her of being a compulsive liar. Please continue to stand up to her.

  121. CC says:


    Is there any legal action at disposal to force a public apology and/or retraction to right this travesty. It’s all good for JZ to say after the fact that she’s done discussing it, but damage has been done to your character. She is the queen lawyering up. For the life of me, I don’t understand why you don’t feel the need to protect your family from her.

    Stay unique. Your family is lovely.

    By the way, my husband watched last night’s episode with me and asked “Is Jill jealous to their (yours and Alex) relationship?” He’s very good at getting to the bottom of issues. There might be some underlying hateration going on. Remember, “It never about what it’s about.”

  122. rkt10 says:

    Jill Zarin has, unfortunately, devolved into a petty, juvenile person who acts as if she is still in high school. She’s encouraged in her behavior by her gaggle of “Real Housewives” friends who enjoy nothing more than taking a single fact and adding fuel to the fire, if it serves their interest.
    For example, when LuAnn and Kelly were at Jill’s house painting, and Jill mentioned that Simon was cyber-bullying her, the other two immediately jumped on how inappropriate and (I can’t remember the other descriptors) ?dangerous? you are. Most normal people would have asked for more information, or examples of specific tweets before they reacted.
    But this is why these three are so juvenile. The point is not to react honestly. Rather, the point is to be able to be “righteously indignant” as a way of gaining an advantage on a cast-mate.
    When Bethenny Frankel was still on the show she acted as a tempering influence on Jill. Her comments were clearly being sarcastic for humorous effect. Of anything, I miss her presence on the show for that reason.
    Simon, I do think you and your wife are a bit odd. Sort of sexy in an unsavory (and disconcerting) way. You more than Alex. But that’s part of the interest of the show.
    And the show is clearly suffering from Jill et al (esp. LuAnn, who is, as Alex put it, haughty.) It’s not just about you. It was Bethenny last year, and it’s Ramona this year.
    Their point is not to expose truth. It’s to slam on another for the sheer joy of it all. That’s why it’s so very juvenile.

  123. Mary Pat says:

    I had the pleasure of attending your book signing in Fort Lauderdale. I noticed how both Alex and yourself NEVER spoke ill of any cast members. Even when chided by audience members you both took the high ground.

    I am a graduate student in MIS – Information Security & Information Technology – Education. I study cases of cyber-bullying. When someone throws around false allegations of bullying; cyber, mental or physical, it damages the creditability for true instances. Manipulation of the interpretations jeopardizes awareness and recognition.

    In this case, it seems Jill and Kelly are using this fictitious cyber bullying for self recognition or relevance. When a person points in the direction of people claiming these people created drama for attention weather it be good or negative attention should remember four other fingers are pointing back at themselves.

    I offer a few words of advice from the British Government when dealing with this trifle; Keep Calm and Carry On!

    A fan in FL,

  124. Elaine says:

    The trueth is out there. Let it go,

  125. Delette says:

    Simon, thank you for explaining this. I NEVER thought that Jill was serious. I believe she is phony, unaware, conniving and I just don’t like her. After what she did to Bethenny, I think most people can see who she REALLY is. I love you and Alex. You keep it real, keep it calm and keep together. I wish more married people believed in the MARRIAGE rather than only how rich it can make you. Having said that, I look forward to seeing more of you and Alex. Jill, if anything, is WORSE THAN EVER but hey, she says she “owns it”. As for Kelly, she is just crazy and uninteresting…totally uninteresting. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz(Snore)

  126. Hailey R. says:

    Lord have mercy, can’t we all just get along?? “Persecution complex” made me laugh because that is the exact correct word. I think she and Kelly both live in some other world where things are much more… dramatic than in real life. But that’s OK… It’s reality TV so they gotta have something to fight about :-) I don’t think you or Alex should take any of it very personally, and honestly it is increasing your fame because all of Jill’s fans know all about you now ;-)

  127. Jonathan says:

    My only comment is that last week I was reading the blogs at and noticed that the moderator must have gone into a coma. In the space of an hour there were hundreds of comments on each blog. Jill, Kelly and LuAnn were being barraged with hate from EVERYBODY. I decided to test it out and posted something horrific to all three. All three made it to the comments. Meanwhile Alex’s comments were positive for the most part (an occasional snark here and there but nothing to write home about). An hour later all the comments were wiped clean and the only comments they posted were positive ones. It’s interesting that Alex has more than double the amount of comments because obviously she is being treated more favorably by the fans.

    Anyway, long story short, I think you are right. I think Jill knows that people don’t have anything nice to say about her anymore (same for Kelly and LuAnn) and she’s trying to change that. But Jill being Jill she’s incapable of staying nice for very long and not opening her huge nasty mouth.

    On another note, my cousin went to High School with Jill Zarin. If you know anything about the Five Towns of Long Island, you know that it’s almost genetically impossible for her to be a nice person. She’s just like my cousin.

  128. cutie pie says:

    Simon…just smack the bitch.

  129. Msn says:

    You guys have got to get over it–I can’t believe how obsessed you are with Jill!

  130. carrie says:

    Also, I don’t like Zarin really, but I’m sure you would be kind of put off if she was personally interacting with “I hate Silex” blogs. I hope you guys are back on the show next year!

  131. Maryla says:

    Good Blog. I think Jill likes, more than anything, to be an irritant. While I enjoyed this blog, and regularly the IHJZ blog, methinks that this is just giving her what she wants—relevance and a reason for a rebuttal.

    Just like Bethenny did, it seems like maybe we should all just try to ‘wash that girl right out of our hair!’

    • RealityLover says:

      You are not seriously putting yourselves in the same stratosphere as Bethenny are you?? Bethenny and Jill’s relationship and ending of said relationship was an entirely different matter. Are you now trying to compare yourselves to her? Do you forget ALL the negative, nasty, caustic comments Bethenny made about the both of you? Funny how memories are………..very short…..and selective.

      • Christine says:

        Maryla is not claiming to have any sort of relationship with Bethanny or Jill. I think that all of this is just a bit too close for you. People commenting on these blogs are not close to any of the players of RHONY for the most part. This isn’t real. We are all just voicing our opinions. You can voice yours too. Just know that we, the readers and commentators, are not part of the story unfolding. We are merely voyeurs. Get some help and clarity.

  132. WindyCityWondering says:

    Having read Jill’s super secret blogs, listened to her on radio/tv, watched her facebook and tweeter accounts – reasonable people know what she is trying to do and it is failing to garner her either sympathy or support. She makes accusations without proof because she knows she can inflict damage and hurt! Thank you for the timeline and conversations. You are richer in the ways she never can be, you have a wonderful wife and delightful children. A well lived life is the best revenge.

    • j says:

      I think that as a businessman, Bobby is a smart man to try to get peace back or make it appear on camera that he wants peace. Can you imagine what their clients are thinking?

  133. carrie says:

    I can see why you were mad at Jill after last year’s reunion, but not before. She apologized for the drinking comment like a million times (Ramona and Beth did way worse time and time again). When Alex confronted Jill at the party about Beth being “done” that was one of the most cruel and humiliating thing I’ve seen on the show. Did she ever apologize for that? I’m just confused…

    • InTheZone says:

      I agree that Alex’s confrontation of Jill at that party was by far one of the cruelest things I have ever seen. And her hyperbole prior to doing it (well in a talking head interview surely done after she saw how awful it was) stating she just had to get it off her chest and that it was eating at her was pure fiction. I felt like crying for Jill in that scene. It was a monsterous thing to do to another human being let alone someone whom you work with and were friends with. Or at least your husband was friends with at the time. It was to be on camera and part of drama. But it was so hurtful and hateful that I understood why Jill said she would never forgive her. Yet, oddly enough, she did. Who is the bigger person?

      Edited by Simon – this is the 5th alias using four different email addresses but all via the same IP address that has been used to post 15 negative comments on this blog. It seems that someone has taken an almost professional interest in my blog

      • World Critic says:

        BINGO! Thank you for pointing this out, Simon.

        Any chance the IP address is in NYC or Long Island? Or maybe the UK?
        Just curious.

      • Felicity says:

        Love it! Good on you Simon!!

        • RealityLover says:

          I would imagine they are all from the same area in Canada as there is a group of us that get together at our local coffee shop with our laptops to chat about the show and to visit the blogs. Heaven forbit that there are more than one or two people who have a different opinion of Simon/Alex than those in “the trenches’ bent on defending them and attacking every negative post about them. Funny though, there are only four of us that get together to read the blogs, have weekly meets to discuss the show. And oddly, one of us is pro Simon/Alex and has posted here. Makes me want to stand up and ask others here at the coffee shop if they too are not wearing Team Alex/Simon tshirts. Interesting. Thanks for taking the time to search our IP’s though, that should prove solidly that we are not working for Jill, or ARE Jill for that matter. Funny you did not choose to post THAT little tid bit Simon. Being vague to imply that we ARE Jill are you? Nice try.

          • World Critic says:

            Nice try with the coffee shop nonsense. Guess what? Your computer also has a unique identifier.

      • FanFare says:

        Wow! You’re pretty nifty with that computer! I can barely submit a simple email properly.

        • RealityLover says:

          As I am not computer savvy as you must be Word Critic, I am unaware of the unique computer identifier, I DO know that the person’s comment Simon was referring to was in fact from one of my friends with me at the coffee shop. IF that is the case, he is flat out lying then. Plain and simple. There are four of us here, each on different computers, same location. If he is CLAIMING that the IP addresses are the same, then he is lying or you do not have your facts straight. Since he claims there are FIVE different ppl with the same IP address, the presumption he is lying would not surprise me. As well, since only THREE of us dislike him and have posted negative comments with the fourth being a fan of Simon/Alex, well, that tells me even further that he is lying. But, that does not surprise me in the least. Will all the need for “FACTS” and transcripts and such, I would wonder why he does not put those “FACTS” up as well. Any reason to attempt to make it look like there could not possibly be numerous people calling him out and calling bullshit, right Simon. Stop with your vain attempts to make it appear that anyone who would dare to post a negative comment about you has to be Jill or one of her minions. Get over yourself already. There ARE people who dislike you. There ARE people who are going to call bullshit on the crap you blog about. Nice try though. And your biddies fell for it. LMAO!

          • Nice try, Reality Lover. Just how many coffee shops do you frequent at 11.20pm in a small town in western Canada, particularly given that the population of the town from which you post has a population of 10,000.

  134. Sweden25 says:

    I like Jill, I think she`s entertaining-to watch. Don`t know if I would have wanted her in my life though.
    You and Alex seem more like `real`people, people I know from my own life, that I can relate to and understand, and I like that.

    About the mean tweeting, I haven`t seen that from you. I think perhaps some of your tweets have a little more sting to them than others, but after everything Jill has said and done, it is totally understandable. If someone talked bad about the person I love or behaved rude towards me, my tweets would have more than just a little sting to them:)

    I wish you, Alex and the boys everything good:)

    ps: my 80 year old dad wants me to ask you if you think he is too old to wear leather pants.
    (please say yes!)

  135. RealityLover says:

    Well, since it seems no negative comments are allowed on Alex’s blog, I will post here.

    You and Alex are fame whores. Your desire to climb the social ladder is so strong you will do ANYTHING to get there. Jill’s comment about you guys liking even negative comments is so true. Come on. You are not a housewife. Why do you insist on doing all of these “talks” and “apologies” only when the camera is on? Because you want in the scene. You KNOW that Jill IS the RHONY and you want to be in scenes with her. I have seen your passive agressive tweets and if you think they are not “mean tweets” you are wrong. WHY would you invite that person to your SONS birthday party?? Come on. NO ONE invites people they are not friends with. I would never invite a random person I did not know well to my childs birthday party. You are a master at changing how things appear. You apologized to Jill because you were WRONG, now you claim it was ONLY for the “watch out” comment. A comment that, by the way, was highly offensive and threatening. And now to say you said it because you were “confused and upset”??? COME ON! I know it may be hard for YOU, but MAN UP!!! You soooo engaged in everything Jill said you did. She had to call the police and postal security!!! And yes, her sister IS a lawyer, she would NEVER allow talk that threatened her reputation. That tells me Jill is right about you. I have NEVER liked either of you. You came across as social climbers from day one when Alex almost popped a blood vessle when Jill told her she knew the person that ran the private school. I have been watching past seasons lately and to see the two of you being so hungry to get into Jill’s social circle is hilarious. Now that you have a smidgen of ‘fame’ you seem to feel entitled to cut those down that helped you get there!! You need to remember where you came from……no where……and where you are now and how you got there. Wow, from the little nobodies that were so THRILLED (yet attempted to be blase about it) about having your back on page six, to complete idiots. You are both bullies and Alex’s blogs are disgusting. You two take passive agressive to a whole new level . Time to go back to obscurity. Jill IS RHONY, trying to paint her as a horrible person is going to back fire. As Kelly said, you are going to ice yourself out. Out of ALL social circles in NY. Thank God. Hopefully we wont be subjected to you two next season!!!!

    • Kats2 says:

      Entitled to your opinion but your opinion makes you a loser.

    • AZ gramma says:

      Agree! Agree! Agree! You’re so right in every way about these two!!! You are also quite correct about no negative comments being posted on Alex’s blog…I have commented several times over the years, but the negative ones NEVER make the post for some reason! I can only say by way of advice to Alex and Simon — Social climbers rarely succeed for long when they feel the need to stomp on those they ‘think’ they are climbing over!

    • sue says:

      Obviously Jill’s minions are hard at work!

      Simon, we all know the true nature of Jill….she is a narcissist vile creature.

    • j says:

      Tell Jill and Kelly I said, “Hi!”

    • Not sure what you mean about comments on Alex’s Blog as neither of us censor comments on our own website. If you’re referring to then we have o control over that and would be happy if all comments for ALL housewives were posted.

      As for this comment “You came across as social climbers from day one when Alex almost popped a blood vessle (sic) when Jill told her she knew the person that ran the private school.” What’s amusing is that we never applied or intended to apply to that school. If you know any thing about NY Private schools you would know that they would RUN a mile from having Reality TV cameras inside them. And not just private schools either, NYC public schools also would not permit filming on their premises. We have never nor would we ever actually film at either of the schools our sons’ attend.

      • RealityLover says:

        I call bull shit. I just re-watched the episode with the first meeting taped with you two and Jill. When Jill mentioned she knew that person at the school Alex turned to you with a look of pure, unadaultered lust and excitement. Don’t try now that your kids did not make it into that school to come up with a bs story. You YOURSELF said the school you got your kids in was like choice 34! Try to remember, Simon, that you taped what you said and it aired for millions. Lying is one thing, lying when there is video evidence is quite another. You seriously need to man up and own what you say and do.

        I have to ask since you seem to be responding to comments. Why is it that you seem to have forgiven and utterly forgotten the abosolutely VILE things all of the other women have said about you and Alex?? Bethenny was downright hysterical in her running down of your home. She was horrid about you in particular. She was very unkind about Alex. Yet you seem to want to be best buds with her. OH YEAH….she is HUGE now. I forgot. Well then, what about Ramona? She was the MOST outspoken about her feelings for both you and Alex. Then suddenly you guys are best buds with her too? What is it with you guys? People hate on you and then you are buddies. Does this mean you will be best buds with Jill soon? Jill was the one that gave you guys a chance. You yourself admitted she was there for you when things were rough. I guess if people are nice to you you repay them by spitting on them. Like I said, your wife was the ONLY one this week to have nasty comments in her blog. She seems to keep putting it out there and going on and on and on about it. Standing by your man is one thing, going ape shit is entirely another. She is coming across as an unstable nut job in serious need of medication. I thought Kelly was the crazy one…..

        • Christine says:

          I don’t get your point. Clearly, you are angry on a visceral level, but you are not making sense. You are criticizing the Van Kempens for being excited and happy about a great networking opportunity to get their boys into private school. As a parent, I can honestly say that I was thrilled every time I met somebody who had a connection that could benefit my son. Should I be tarred and feathered? Does that make me a social climber? Where I come from, this is a tried and true means by which wealthy people assist other wealthy people in order to gain employment, build client lists, become members in exclusive clubs, and keep “their own” on the right path. This is called networking, and it is vital for survival in upper crust society.
          As for your criticism of Alex and Simon’s ability to forgive people who may have offended them before seems backwards to me. Forgiveness is a good merit. Alex and Simon do not take themselves too seriously. They own their idiosyncrasy. It is a good quality to forgive people who may have hurt their feelings in the past. I would draw the line at forgiving poor behavior at the point of insulting my children, starting false, malicious rumors the could jeopardize my job, and maligning my character and accusing me of being abusive, inappropriate, and bullying women. As I see it, I find Alex and Simon to be like the rest of us, excluding their eccentric dress. They are a young family carefully navigating the waters filled with sharks like you. I’d like to know, what medication are you on? I’m guessing antidepressants, something for anxiety, some weight loss medication, something for sleep, and pain killers… You are obviously a pain in somebody’s ass! Good luck, you need it.


          • appleboat26 says:

            lol…nicely said, Christine…

          • RealityLover says:

            Really? I was reading your post with an open mind and was actually nodding my head in agreement with some of what you were saying until the end when you turned into an asshole. On medication? Antidepressants? Anxiety? WEIGHT LOSS? WTF is THAT about???? And pain killers? Are you for real or simply insane and allowed on the computer for short periods of time for “thereap sessions”??? You are really an asshole. The only thing I can possibly say in response is: FUCK YOU. Get over yourself. What a dick move on your part to even say that last part. You had some merit at first, then you sunk to Slime-on level and lost all crediibility!

    • Caitlin says:

      Lord have mercy, RealityLover (um…., er…., Jill), you have gotten your panties twisted into a major wad!! If you have this much disdain for Simon and Alex, why waste even 2 precious seconds reading this blog in the first place? Nasty comments like yours above do not change anyone’s mind about anything. What you always fail to take into account is that the viewers have a brain and a pretty good memory. We know what we see and hear, and we are insulted that you expect us to believe your version of the facts. Fans of Simon and Alex (and Bethenny, too, btw) love that they own all of their statements and all of their behavior, and that they are never stoop to blame the way they are perceived on editing or anyone else. I wish, for the sake of your own peace of mind, that you would take a leaf from this book as a future guide. In the meantime, as we say in the South, Bless Your Little Old Heart!

    • Valerie says:

      wow. get a therapist. Simon isn’t one. Someone needed to tell you “RealityLover”. LOL great *cough* name.

      • RealityLover says:

        Hilarious that you still think I am either Jill or someone who knows her. I am in CANADA and am simply a viewer. I guess when you are in Camp Simon you find it hard to believe anyone else would take Jill’s side. I have never once said Jill was perfect, I am simply stating Simon and Alex are fame whores and want to do absolutely anything to climb the social ladder. Jill can be a absolute bitch. I agree. She says and does things that simply come across as high school, but I do believe she does not have an ulterior motive as these two do. Jill was rich and had a high social standing prior to this show. They did not and the reason they went on the show was to get up the ladder. That is FINE by the way, Bethenny did it and was vocal and honest about it and look at her now!! She is amazing! These two have pretended, have lied……….and about their children no less…..have put on airs they did not have nor earn and they are wannabes. Please re-read my posts, I never once said Jill was perfect, I simply said she had valid reasons for not liking them. I also stated that the other cast members have ALL at some point made very scathing comments about the social climbing AND about the internet and gossip columns! Just this week both Ramona and Sonja commented that they hope Simon/Alex did not run to the tabloids. What does that tell you? Are all of the housewives wrong??? BETHENNY said on an episode that they would go to the opening of an envelope if they thought they could climb the social ladder. Come on….are you all really THAT blind??? Do you not see how they attempt to get into scenes on the show?? WHAT THE HEL was that horse clomping enterance that Alex made to “confront” LuAnn about something that had NOTHING to do with her??? It was to get into the scene… and white, she saw the girls being filmed and wanted to make a dramatic enterance so she would be not just IN the scene but the CENTER of it. HOW can you ppl not see this?
        And to answer a question……I read ALL the blogs on Bravo for RHONY, THIS blog was put in a link on Alex’s blog! If she did not want everyone to come here she should not have put it out there. I have never liked these two and as a big fan of the show I am entitled to an opinion because really, if we did not watch, me included, these two would not have a show to watch. And believe me, me yapping in this blog is keep Simons relevance up… least in his mind.

        • Valerie says:

          Your arguments are credence to the stereotypical view that canadians are dumb. Stop it. It isn’t true. Find something of worth to remark upon. Referencing the “look” on someone’s face to make a point is irrelevant. HAVE you not heard of editing? *big sigh* Also Alex may be looking at Simon in “lust” as you put it, for a totally different reason then you stated…..because she has “lust” on her mind for him right at that moment…hellooooo. lol
          Vocus on truth. Try critical thinking, if this is truly so important to you. This will enhance your point of view and your arguments might be viewed with more substance instead of what you are impressing upon us….the hate blogger.

          • RealityLover says:

            Stereotypical view that Canadians are dumb? WE are dumb? We are the FIRST country to come out of the economic downfall. We have the best military in the world….the place YOUR military TRAINS….we have health care that covers our entire nation without charge…..we are listed as the MOST desirable country to emigrate to. And WE are the dumb ones? Get your facts straight. But, what would one expect from a known, proven, DUMB American. You want to turn this political and go down THAT road. You WILL lose that battle with me. I have facts on my side there. Nice try though.

            Because I simply disagree with the comments posted by a pseudo celeb on a blog does not make me an anomally. I am entitled to an opinion. Why is MY opinion any less valuable than your OPINON?? Grow up. I am sure Simon et al are able to defend themselves. They do not need a posse of idiots defending them. You are making yourself into an idiot. Please, stop while you are, well not ahead per say, but at least not completely sunk.

  136. Gemini says:


    Jill realizes that her 15 mins of fame in life is almost over and she is desperately grasping at straws to make it last just a little longer. Unfortunately, she has “cyber bullied” Alex, you and your children for 3 seasons. So, her claims about YOU bullying her, are really disingenuous at best.

    Jill is mean-spirited and nasty and her true colors are finally starting to show. She has aligned herself with that LuAnn creature, who is the poster wench for pathetic. LuAnn cannot even take care of her 2 children properly so she gets 0 respect from me. And trust me, I know the issues her daughter and son have been through that I won’t elaborate on in this venue. Her son is a mess right now, no thanks to the lack of support he receives from his selfish, socialite, wanna-be-royalty “mother” who puts her own sex life and needs ahead of those of her children. Her insistence about using a title she does not deserve, never did deserve and has no true, valid claim to, says it all about her. Just watch that “video” she made recently, and you will get all of the evidence you need on her. Try too hard much LuAnn???? You are a joke in the circles you travel in. I only wish you could be privy to the commentary being made about you. Poor Alex (Luanne’s grateful EX)

    Bethenny was the smartest one in the bunch to run from Jill…run far and run fast. Bobby is a mensch. Cannot say a bad word about the man..too bad he is married to such a manipulative, hypocritical woman. If only she would judge her own actions and behavior with the same laser-like intensity she does of others. But Jill is blinded by her own bullsh** and will never wake up and accept responsibility for the” Jr High drama” that has become her life.
    Mrs Zarin has recently been left off of some very key, high-placed social gatherings and there is good reason for that. The truly elite circle in Manhatten is beginning to tire of her act and see her for what she really is and really is NOT and the doors are beginning to close on her.

    If you knew who I really was, you would be, in order, shocked then pleased when you realized that I know exactly what I am talking about and that I have impeccable credentials to back up everything I have stated in this response. It has been so very difficult for me to sit back for 3 years and not comment on the nonsense that comes out of Jill’s mouth. I have struggled mightily to not pick up the pen, so to speak, sooner and share my insights.
    I have developed a fondness for you and Alex from watching the show. You are neither perfect nor do you pretend to be. You are usually quite aware of your flaws and own up to them appropriately. One thing that I can unequivocally state and would swear on a stack of Bibles regarding, is that you and Alex are the only 2 real things about the “Real” housewives show. You do not pretend to be anything other than what you are and the love you share with Alex is believable and touching. Your boys are charming and are obviously loved, adored and cared for.

    I wish you and your family nothing but the best and hope that somehow you can ignore this beast called Jill. She is not worth your time, Simon. Do not give her anymore fuel to add to her fire(s) of hate and pettiness. It is truly nothing but a waste of your time to respond to her and her ridiculous accusations. Quite simply, Jill wishes there were people-fans outside her building yearning for a photo or an autograph. The general public and the true movers and shakers in NYC have reached the same conclusions about Jill Zarin. She is as phony as a 3-dollar bill and is emotionally bankrupt. Jill Zarin is poison.

    Much love to you and yours, Simon. Perhaps we shall meet someday and I will reveal my identity to you at that time. Until then my friend..stay well and keep loving your beautiful wife and lovely little chums.


    • Jayne says:

      Thank you for sharing. Great insight.

    • j says:

      Last, I remember when Jill’s book came out and she was going to sell them for more if she autographed them. It was about the same time that Bethenny was blowing up and Jill’s “center of the universe” perception was getting more and more sickening. I try to be nice to everyone, but you are soo right and all Jill’s fake smiles can’t mask all the issues she has.

      • Sweden25 says:

        It is SO low bringing Luann`s children into your rant.
        I`m no fan of hers, but one really should be mature enough not to talk about the kids or how they allegedly are being emotionally neglected.
        You only make yourself look bad by doing so.

  137. Mel says:

    Simon, I wish you would get a good attorney and seek to stop her outlandish accusations and her continuous slanderous blathering. I seriously do. I wish you would never have apologized to her for even the small two words, “watch out.” You’ve never done anything to that insane shrew. I do wish you and Alex would tell her to F off and stop being so polite to her. She and LuMan are definitely not any part of “society”. She is just a simple person who married well and is now so incredibly horrible and does need mental health counseling. She tries to ruin anyone in her path and I am tired of it. I watched this season for you, Alex, Ramona and Sonja, but Jill, LuMan and Kelly have ruined it for me and countless others. Best of luck to you, Simon.

    • jg says:

      agree 100%…Jill does not understand that everyone does not think like her and the world does not revolve around her

  138. Carly Hall says:

    You failed to mention that You, Catherine Ommanney and Rich Amons have also appeared on the radio show. With over a thousand listeners for each broadcast, it’s quite popular. ;)

  139. Str8gal says:

    Hmm…. Have yet to see one bullying comment and I friended you guys 1st season on twitter. Jill has become self important. She thinks the show cannot do without her. I say this about myself at work. I’m great at what I do, but there is always someone younger, hotter, more hungry… I can be replaced in a split second. If everyone had this knowledge, they might not pitch the bad behavior. Anywhoo, Lynn is no hater or stalker. She took an interest in the series and started a blog. If I was standing infront of Zarin Fabrics or your house I might take my pic to post online to prove I was there LOL! Does that make me a stalker…don’t think so. Drama queens make good TV and Jill the trainwreck she is is good TV. I’m really surprised this year to find out she is not a leader she is a follower. I think she follows whatever her cronies tell her to do. It hit me in the scene with Kelly and Lulu…she can be manipulated by anyone who talks to her. Crazy!

  140. KCanfield says:

    No need to go into such detail, really. Those of us that follow you on twitter “Get it”… too bad Jill and Kelly don’t. Love you on the show–you are a fun part and god knows we can’t live without the Simon-fashion!! Hang in there.

  141. JanP says:

    I want to scold you (joking) for telling us in advance about this blog, but you haven’t posted it yet. I know you’re busy, but I’m off today and I was so interested in reading your thoughts. You see I’m a big fan and love it when you write blogs, I just really enjoy your insight on the show (Alex is my fav bravo blogger). I really believe the fans HWONY must see what’s going on with Jill, LuAnn and Kelly and because of the “realtime” factor I just need you to fill-in some blanks. Hurry-up and post…we’re all waiting!! Thank you, A Fan

  142. angelfromgrace says:

    I completely agree with all of the sentiments expressed so well by appleboat26!

  143. carrie says:


  144. diana says:


    No doubt you are a bit of ad odd bird, but that is ok and refreshing. Certainly not a reason for Kelly, Jill and Luann to treat you the way they do. Talk about odd, the “Countess” and “Crazy Kelly” need to take a look at their actions and see who is really weird.

    One thing I would like to say about your wardrobe. Yes it is stylish and some people have their own opinions but I think there is another issue that those that claim to have manners have not seen or ignored. You admittedly have tried or stopped smoking which is great. Some people tend to put on a little extra weight and I don’t mean to be offensive in any way. It made me think that maybe the wardrobe choices have been to hide or camouflage the few extra pounds. If this is the case, then I say own it! Do not be ashamed or let others make you feel ashamed. It is extremely hard to lose the extra pounds when you are in your forties, I struggle every day. One day you wake up and your body just changes, it happens to a lot of people, men and women. You seem to live a healthy lifestyle so don’t sweat it, just make sure you are happy!

  145. Elizabeth says:

    DEAR, FORGIVING SIMON :) I think you and Alex are fun, funny and overly generous oftentimes with some of the women. BUT I admire you both for it. Wish you guys were my neighbors :)
    It amazes me to see the ugliness that comes from some but I always end up thinking the same thing…it sounds like they are speaking about themselves. It also shocks me to hear grown women (?) saying they’re being “bullied”. What? Bullied? That is ridiculous. I actually felt sad when I watched you try to talk to Jill the first time. Clearly Bobby gave you the impression there was an issue to be discussed. It made sense that you’d want to clear things up.
    I SURELY HOPE that the actions of these adult women don’t hurt yours or Alex’s feelings. They’re small people with ugly attitudes.

  146. sad to watch says:

    Simon-I love watching you and Jill (both fun reality “characters”-not saying you are not real, just you, know characters). I loved your apology and HERS-why can’t you BOTH let it go? Of course, you’re going to talk to the cameras about each other-that’s what this deal is. I do actually think you’ve been influenced by the “haters” (and yes, they are totally obsessive) to not let go. Everyone’s going to regret not just enjoying his ride… wouldn’t last forever! Have fun!

  147. hereswhat says:

    All I can say is “I love you”. You are such a wonderful husband, father, co-worker and friend. Anyone would be blessed to know you and honored to be considered your friend

  148. appleboat26 says:

    I posted this on Bravo under Alex’s Blog, but since it probably will not be posted, I wanted to send a copy to her directly…Twitter is restricted to 140 characters and I am not a FB friend …so I am putting it here and hope she will see it.
    To Alex:
    Last week Jill, LuAnn and Kelly got all whirled up about Simon’s alleged “cyber-bullying” and created their usual “tempest in a teapot” using the latest emotionally charged buzzword. I follow Simon (and you)(…and all of them) on Twitter and have never read anything Simon has written that could even remotely be interpreted as bullying. When asked repeatedly by you and Simon and others to produce said negative and threatening tweets and blogs, they did not…because they do not exist. Jill Kelly and LuAnn have now changed the subject , pretending to magnanimously move on, as the mature and forgiving people they all are. AHHHHHHHH! (me screaming)…thankfully, the audience is smarter than they (and Bravo) think, and we know mean girls when we see them. I watch Bethenny and RHONJ and you because I see real women dealing with real issues, learning from their mistakes and struggling to become better people. You make me laugh and cry and inspire me to try to do better myself. I have had enough narcissism and I am burned out on the Queen Bees and I hope Bravo seizes their opportunity to evolve before it is too late. I am sending you a copy of this through Twitter, because Bravo never prints my comments, which for the moment I am believing is not intentional.

    • tammy says:

      I too have trouble with my remarks being posted. It’s strange how anything written about the mean girls doesn’t get printed! At least I didn’t use the words “fucking bitch” to describe any of them! That probably would be too nice on one hand and I don’t have time to explain it to Kelly!lol

      • appleboat26 says:

        Hi Tammy
        I think Bravo’s comments section is messed up… I read the comments and think…did we watch the same show? But then when I move outside Bravo’s little cyberworld…I find lots of people who think more like I do…thankfully! Kelly is looney…and not in a good way…and I think the brunettes are the bullies.

      • dsc60 says:

        i’m sure jill has threatened the Bravo interns with only God knows what if they dare post any of the negative comments about her or any of her posse (L, K and C). it’s the only thing that makes sense because we all know what’s posted is most definitely not a true representation of what viewers are feeling and therefore saying. that or Bravo is manipulating the comments to make it seem as if their precious housewives are so ever popular and well liked. anyone with half a brain knows the REAL story. so start being REAL Bravo!! isn’t that what you’re supposed to be about?!?!?

  149. AZGirl says:

    I love Jill’s talking head comment about you and Alex will accept any attention to stay relevant. That is exactly what she does. She is on Twitter constantly telling us her every move. Jill is the one who fears she will stop being relevant.

    • j says:

      I think that is exactly why Jill is staying on them; she wants to become relevant again. At this point, after the Bethenny issues, and seeing how she is towards people (talking behind their backs, etc.), I just turn the channel when she’s on, seriously. To almost quote Ochocinco’s lady, Jill’s personality and character have made her a non-m-factor.

  150. Theresa Morris says:

    Geez for real ? Common gals if your going to use the word cyber bully do your research talk to your kids. If Simon is a cyber bully then you need to step in to the real world and take a look. The reason I love reality Tv is it allows one see how others live especially those we only hear of ie athletes celebs and even prison wives. All the caddy bickering and judgements make for great Tv don’t you think?
    But when you start using such a hot button issue that is as serious as cyber bullying draw attention to yourself to address cady judgements it makes one look a fool but bravo loves it I am sure. After all it’s called the REAL hwny isn’t it? What I love about the Van Kempens is they keep it real that shines thru! But when it’s all about the material Is that real ? Simon and Alex just keep being who you are a great little family from Brooklyn as a viewer I think your the only ones in the group who put the real in the show.
    Have a fun summer

  151. Ann says:

    Oh my! I think there’s jealousy about your relationship with Alex! People who aren’t bound to their partners in a deep and meaningful way tend to act badly towards those that do. Granted, I’m an army wife–but I see it here in Germany a great deal! Just ignore it…NYC (I have lived there, long ago) is just like the army…circles are small. Whether you’re in front of a camera or on a military post…sh!t don’t change! Good luck!

  152. shannon gray says:

    Right on Simon! My husband and I think you all are the normal, genuine, sincere people in this situation! I have never emailed anyone, but I had to let you know, you are fantastic! I would really be interested to know how narsasistic Jill thinks she appears to people? You’re invited to dinner next time you’re in Kansas City area! Our leg climbers can play with yours lol!

  153. Pghemtchick says:

    This whole thing is pathetic. I really wish you and Alex could cut the toxicity that is Jill out of your life like Bethenny. I can understand wanting to see the positive in people, but how many times does someone have to burn you (on screen or page 6) for it to be enough? Jill admitted she won’t change. This is evident in her on and off screen actions. Take just this week, her dog’s twitter was abuzz with racial slurs and mob hits on “hater” negotiations. She along with her hired help accused people of stalking and being unfit parents. This woman needs medication. I wish someone would take off the kid gloves and tell her how it is. I’m sure there is good in there somewhere, but is all that negativity worth the stress?

  154. tammy says:

    You go Simon! Granted you might not be everyones cup of tea so to speak, but you only have to be Alex’s cup of tea. Still can’t find those mean tweets she keeps bringing up! However, you can look back on past episodes and see every mean or judgemental thing Jill has said about everyone! Her talk with you was just another way of her being able to toot her own horn.(look at the interview she did while you were talking.) You keep doing you and let the haters keep hating! I’m gettting tired of them saying how you and Alex are just trying to fit in with the hoity toity upper crust! Like be a part of the mean girls is a step up!Not one group I would ever want to be a part of!!!

  155. michelle says:

    I love you and Alex! I think you two are a great couple and wonderful parents. Really have not ever seen any mean tweets from you or Alex. Don’t really care what Jill, LuAnn, Cindy or Jelly bean Kelly have to say about either one of you. Good luck in dealing with their issues!!!

  156. If this is real,I'll be fake. says:

    Simon you just tweeted that the talking heads were taped up until three weeks ago. Was Jill’s talking head taped at the party? Was it taped immediately after the party? Was it taped three weeks ago? Or perhaps it was taped at the beginning of the season. Without a giving us a specific date and time of that was taped, you can’t really ask us to pass judgement on what she said.

    Next… you say that you are not a cyberbully? I’ll concede to that. But with regards to Jill and Kelly, you tweet like a passive aggressive 13 year old girl. I’ve seen the tweets. They certainly aren’t not nice. You pass it off as answering viewers questions. But it is the equivalent of talking behind their backs, the very same thing that you blast Jill for doing. Pot, meet kettle.

    And to conclude, it is extremely weird that you invited a commenter from Lynn’s blog to your the boys birthday party. According to her, she was introduced to you through the blog. Were the boys excited that that she was there? Doubt it.

    • Valerie says:

      To “IF THIS IS REAL…” lovely family name, BTW

      your arguments make as much sense as Jill’s
      you totally missed the point of the invite. congrats

      now go away.

      • RealityLover says:

        God, a sane person! Exactly. I don’t understand how ppl are blindly thinking THESE TWO are normal!!! Good Lord! I don’t see how they do not see how freaking weird it was to invite that woman to their SONS birthday party!?!? WHO does that??? NO ONE SANE. Only those hoping to further push the cyber haters on. Plain and simple!!!

        • Rosa Canal says:

          I guess Jill’s cyber security is at it again!

          • Valerie says:

            Correct Rosa – although I am just learning about them, the “cyber security”, to my great misfortune. LOL. I love their argument that fails to impress…Simon and Alex can’t invite whoever they want to their house. Good god how hilarious!

          • RealityLover says:

            Cyber Security? Why? Because I do not agree with this bullshit blog? That does not make me a Team Jill member. It makes me a viewer with a different view than yours. Simple as that. You all continue to attack ME when I was speaking to Simon/Alex, not a single one of you.

    • I honestly don’t know when that particular talking head of Jill’s was filmed but clearly Jill was in a different place than when we had that sit down in January.

      I do respond to many on Twitter but as it’s a public forum and anyone can read my tweets I don’t quite get the “talking behind their backs” analogy. They and Jill’s cyber assistants get to see my tweets in real time and can react (as they have have done) if need be.

      The boys’ birthday party was also a party where many of our adult friends (without children) were in attendance. This person & I had struck up a friendship had discussed meeting and frankly, inviting her to our home when we had other people around provided the perfect opportunity for her to see us in more than a one on one setting. Since that time we have seen her & her husband on many occasions; both formal and informal.

      It’s totally fine that you think it’s weird but I don’t. And that’s fine too.

  157. Tammy says:

    Mr. Simon,
    Jill made no sense she was double talking. The way I see it having a opinion is not bullying since this is a public show. It shows the best and worse of situation and everyone else can have an opinion. Why can not you? I am not a hater but Jill, Kelly, and the Lou Ann are the ones I least trust. Keep up the good work and I really enjoy watching Alex and yourself on the show.


  158. Laurence says:

    What cyber bullying? She is deranged. I follow you on facebook, twitter and your blog and I never saw you bully her. Yeah she has haters but you (Simon) and Alex are not her online bullies.

    I hope she gets psychological help, she is as deranged as Kelly. When you hear me say that Ramona is more coherent than her. Ya know…

  159. Vicki T. Haynes says:

    Simon, I told Alex many months ago that Jill was a perfect chameleon and changed her colors to fit in any situation at that moment. She NEVER intended to be friends with the two of you which is a shame, because Bobby SEEMS to want to put all arguments and accusations behind them. Jill is who she is and not very real and convincing when she attempts to make amends. You and Alex go on and lead a normal and fulfilled life without the Zarin’s. She is poison for you guys, and will drag you both down with her. You tried so hard to try and convince Jill that things were going to be different in 2011! I love you both and I’m watching Alex now! She is beautiful as usual!

  160. Sheila Stangel says:

    Do you think that Jill was just saying what she said only because Bobby was sitting next to her? I am glad that you made peace with her though & setting things straight. I love you both!


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