Real Housewives of New York – Episode 4.03 My Take

Well I don’t know about you but I’m still exhausted after the 2nd episode so I’m hoping we all get a little respite this week.

This week opens with a mani/pedi session with LuAnn & Kelly, which gives Kelly the chance to draw the comparison that they had both been married to people much older than themselves. This reminded me that
I had forgotten to mention Kelly’s statement from last week’s episode when she said that she couldn’t be friendly with Ramona as Ramona was so much older than her. Yet here we have Kelly reminding us that her ex-husband was much older. For the record I think LuAnn and Alexandre were 15 or 16 years apart and Kelly & Gilles more like 23 or 24. Ramona & Kelly are 11 ½ and frankly when you’re in your 40’s/50′s I don’t really think that’s a lot.

Anyway we find that LuAnn’s been lucky to bounce back from divorce so quickly yet 5 years on Kelly hasn’t been quite so lucky in love. In her talking head shots I must say that Kelly seems so sad missing having that special person in her life. I sure hope she finds him. LuAnn gets a dig in at Ramona but I must say the face Kelly pulls when LuAnn tells Kelly that “she can’t even trust women as friends” was both priceless and probably more honest & telling than she wanted to be. This scene then sets up the wine dating social club, we’ll be seeing that later this episode.

And now to the follow up of the MENY march blow out. Sonja arrives to have lunch with Alex in her yoga clothes and simultaneously fully decked out in huge fur hat that stays on throughout lunch. It must have been a mighty cold early October day given the March was held September 26th. But first Sonja tells us in a talking head (TH) that she wasn’t thrilled to be hearing Alex’s side again as I’m not at all sure she heard it the first time. So we cut back to lunch and their conversation where Alex is calming talking, basically stating that she doesn’t think they’ll ever agree on what happened that day and suggesting they move on, and then it’s back to hearing TH Sonja state “In one ear and out the other”. Wow, rude much? As we get taken back to the table to watch, we find that Sonja’s main excuse for all her behavior both at the March & at her house was that I had shouted at her at the MENY march. As she now says that she was afraid I was about to walk in to her house. After the march we’d seen each other and spoken on two occasions both at the art gallery and shared a dinner at the Gucci dinner so why she threw in this red herring is a little beyond me. Sonja knew that I wasn’t attending Brian’s portrait unveiling, but I suppose if that was her best excuse for her behavior then she can keep it. Not much of her MENY shenanigans and they’re subsequent fall out ring true to me at all; and that’s just based on these last 2 episodes. I won’t touch on this particular post what’s happened since that 2nd episode aired (But did last weekend here)

I’ll finish the episode recap tomorrow and update this post, but have to stop now. I’m off to the WWHL clubhouse to support my beautiful wife and the lovely Denise Richards, and to see what Andy thinks of my new single “I Am Real” which was released on iTunes today. Also, check for my first webisode, which will go live on their site at 11pm.

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  1. Karen Lee says:

    SIMON and Alex are the best. You two are what makes the show work, your both hard working wonderful parents that have values beyond any of the others. Kelly is nothing more than amusing idiot of babble that believes she’s got class– third class if any. You two are so much more than she could ever be. Love love love you. Love the boys Alex you are what a housewife is all about. Kelly’s a loser. Cindy is great (pecking order HA) Sonya’s a waste of space. ‘Countess’ Luann babble bore of blah blah. Jill is just Jill. Ramona — Ramona didn’t get her way Awesome, someone needed to stand up, shut her up, not the right time…means not the right time (shut up and sit down Ramona) Peace.

  2. Reba says:

    Simon, Loved your video. I am glad you put he words in like a kareoke. It really should be on the top 40 billboards. As for Sonja, it was horrible what she did at the march. She countradicted herself on WWHL with Andy. She said they asked her to speak before she was even on HWNY. Then she said they asked her later. Well you know know what I mean. The fight at her house during her lovers(Brian) event. The only reason she started a fight with Alex at HER event, I mean Brians, it wouldn’t have made it on the show. She made a big deal to start a fight right away as soon as Alex walked through the door. Had she not done that, HER art event, Whoops I did it again, HER painting, excuse me, I mean Brians art show would not have made it on TV at all. Careful you two, Sonjas a sluty snake.
    Good wishes.

  3. @tweatcyn says:

    Loved the single Simon. You are REAL. It’s annoying how Bravo and the ladies seem to be full on gunning for you and Alex. You both and the Singers are the only ones remaining on the show that i genuinely like and respect. If not for you, I would no longer be watching as Bravo really should not have let Kelly and Jill back. I hope things improve.

  4. elle says:

    Sonja was completely out of line. The day was in no way ‘about her’. I’m shocked that the other ladies did not chime in more, to reiterate Alex’s comments that the day was for Marriage Equality! .. and noting, how is it a straight woman’s ‘day’ when the benefit is to support equality for LGBT marriage?

    She was the one who initiated the discussion, with Alex, at her home. She instigated the tension further by bringing you (Simon) into the discussion. Of course, a spouse is going to get feathers ruffled.. but in my interpretation, Alex stayed as calm and collected in her rebuttal, simply trying to comprehend the words coming out of Sonja’s mouth (which was all nonsense). I can understand the position of ANYONE who was intending to speak at an event that meant something to them, then being dropped from the podium b/c of another person’s ego.

    I don’t know who the heck she is, that she can even be considered a ‘Gay Icon’??? Frankly, my Uncle(s) and Godfather is gay, well-traveled, educated, with positions in the D.C. area…. and they’ve never even heard of the woman….

    I appreciate (also) the frank discussion regarding you all approaching ventures ‘to make money’.. With the economical challenges that Americans are facing, it’s refreshing on a reality show for there to be some honesty vs. ‘oh, darling, I’m simply doing this for fun..’

  5. JaniceP says:

    Simon, I truly admire you and your new career as a singer! I really enjoy reading your blogs more than any of the HW’s (except Alex) for the simple fact that they seem very honest. Keep doin what you do! I so enjoy your family. Oh, loved the webisode last night too!

  6. Robina says:

    Simon when I close my eyes I imagine Sonja slithering around on her belly like the lowlife snake she is, she is nothing without a rich man to take care of her. Where you and Alex have what my parents had for 51 years. They built a life together on what they worked for and relied on each other.

  7. Texas Viewer says:

    Love your blog. Love you and Alex and your precious boys. So much wish that Bravo would give you and Alex your own show. You could ROCK it just like Bethenny has. Watching happy people live their lives, raise their children, give back to the world and love one another…that’s good television. Lots of love to you both.

  8. Tammy ~ Nj says:

    I really love you two!! Keep being “real” and everything else will fall into place.

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