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If nothing else the internet has been abuzz after the 2nd episode. The irony of the fall out that day between Sonja, Alex & me is that without the drama that went down, the March for Marriage Equality might have had 15 seconds of airtime versus the 35+ minutes it got. And while the arguments were no one’s finest moment, overall they didn’t get in the way of the cause for Marriage Equality gaining added exposure to millions of viewers across the USA.

Gawker has rarely been friendly to Alex or me and so it was heartening to see this written in their episode recap.

In Alex and Simon’s defense, I have seen them at countless fundraisers and events for homosexual and HIV-related causes over the years. The only time I’ve ever seen Sonja was at this march when the cameras were on, but still, she wanted to make her big wedding speech in front of everyone and wouldn’t let Simon. They got into a big fight right up there on the podium in front of everyone. Sonja kept saying, “It’s my day, it’s about me, don’t talk to me, I have to speak, now is not the time.” Well, when is the time? If they don’t get her permission to speak now, then the march will be over and they aren’t going to have another special march just so Simon can give his little speech. And what does she care if someone else speaks? Like Alex rightfully said, the day wasn’t about any of them, it was about a cause.

People Magazine laid out the main disagreements without really taking sides but allowed their readers to do so by providing a poll. Personally I hate the phrase “team” this and that, but certainly the votes are heavily slanted Alex’s way and almost mirroring Thursday night’s WWHL poll. That was 79 Alex 21 Sonja and People is currently 78 Alex 22 Sonja.

Which brings me to Andy’s show. When it was airing live we were at a club in Manhattan hosting a 2nd episode viewing party at the request of Marriage Equality New York, after RHoNY finished the music went back on and the TV was turned off. Although we knew Sonja was on WWHL we really hadn’t thought about whether Andy would have a poll this week. Throughout the viewing party my cell phone was in Alex’s handbag and so I hadn’t been checking Twitter at all. Sometime after 11pm I pulled it out and, replying to a tweet about the poll, asked what this weeks question was. Soon after, someone else tweeted me the results and I was floored. While Alex was definitely in the right, Sonja had been on WWHL, so had a first-hand opportunity to defend herself and therefore should have been able to state her case. Only once we got home and saw Andy’s show did I see that Sonja had probably made her situation worse as she kept on giving different answers.

In next week’s episode you’ll see a further meeting between Sonja & Alex which at the time resolved the dispute. Or did it? The funny thing about being on a TV show is we live in a perpetual state of ‘déjà vu’ all over again, in that when the show airs we will hear for the first time what others have said in scenes we weren’t present for and also see how they justify their actions in the press.

This is going to be a long season as there are 14 more episodes to go! Who’s going to stay the course?

Have a great weekend. They chums have started spring break and although the weather isn’t at all spring like we are off out to the backyard to do some planting.

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  1. James Phillips says:

    I try not to take sides on the Housewives shows, b/c frankly nearly everyone has done an OMG thing at one point or another. Sonja, while I do like her, did seem to make this event all about her. I think your (Simon) speech would have been 1000 x better then what she delivered.

    As an aside, thank you Simon & Alex for your support of the LGBT community. I know as a member of it, I appreciate when straight people show there support.

  2. nunzio says:

    ok so you all had the taste of the”good life” and now times are hard so you are all pushing, shoving your fifteen minutes of fame on national tv to make money , clothes lines, proper manners books , wines, tequila, jewelery, one hit wonder????? songs???? ROFLMFAO…. go to work, take a job you hate, wake up every morning as I do and go to a job that is awful…. shut up!!!! you spoiled brats and I pay cable to watch this !!!!! wtf is wrong with me…. ugh ………. and yes you all looked like the bride of frankenstein marching pretending to care for gay rights equality marraiges???? well heres one … where are the rights for common law relationships???? at least the gays are succesfulll and have their own money…what about a women who falls in love with a man and he lets her live with him till he drops dead what the f**c does she get?????

    • Kim says:

      Wow. Someone is cranky and needs a nap. If you took a job you hate and going to it is awful, you really have no one to blame but you. I know times are tough and jobs are hard to find but better to take two you enjoy than one that makes you this sour.

      Common law marriages are only on the books in one state, but that’s because the two people in your example CAN get married. Heck, in New York, you can get a domestic partnership. However, if the person you’re living with can’t put some paper on it of some kind, that should be a clue. I know you can’t pick who you love, but you can do something about it when they don’t love you back enough to make sure you’re taken care of.

  3. kaye says:

    Simon, I just heard your new single. HOT!!!!!!! By far, the best “Real Housewives” single I’ve heard yet, and I LIVED for Lawrence J’s “Closet Freak!”

  4. Vickie Cleveland says:


    You are always a gentleman and seem to rise above the nonsense. I love that you can kiss and make up even when you are not at fault.
    We have seen it so many times thru out the past seasons. I am sure that we will see it in a futere episode.

  5. Ms. King says:

    I agree with the other posts. I also think Alex chose the correct time to convince Sonja to allow Simon to speak. MENY does not escape its role in this mess either. MENY should have came forward and publicized this aspect of their agreement with Sonja.

    I just had one thought…Sonja stated on WWHL with Andy C. that she agreed to speak at the march BEFORE she signed on to be on the show. But why would they approach her? Is she a staple in the NY Gay Community?

    I also found LuAnn’s comments awful these past few episodes. She seems to just hop on the bandwagon without thinking independently first. She makes snotty comments behind Alex’s back (and Bethenny last season) such as the comment about Alex’s dress at Sonja’s party debuting her painting. I used to be a fan, but now I think the Countess needs to take a few cues from her book about manners and her song. Money does NOT buy class.

  6. Robina says:

    I have had to ask myself what benefit was it to MENY to make Sonja the grand marshall?

    She is no gay icon.
    We haven’t met her gay friends.

    If MENY kicked Alex and Simon, two invested people to the curb for Sonja than I don’t think they know what they are doing or how things should be done.

  7. Robina says:

    Last season when we met Sonja she seemed sure of herself, had high self-esteem, lots of confidence, she was accustomed to things, she knew how to be a friend, like she would fit in and show the others ladies how to be a real lady and as it turns out she’s a bigger barracuda and moron than Jill.

  8. Jacqueline says:

    I just absolutely love and adore both you and Alex. If it weren’t for you two and Ramona, I’d stop watching RHoNY (thank God Bethenny got out while she could and escape Jill’s BS). Thanks for updating your blog and giving us the background information.

    Like most, I liked Sonja last season as she SEEMED to be the voice of reason. This is NOT the case anymore! LOL. Now, she (and not Kelly) looks like the housewife that needs to be evaluated by a psychiatrist. All of that narcissistic and deflective behavior is unhealthy and speaks volumes of her character.

    I know you’ve tweeted that you and Alex remain friends with her, but wow – hats off to the both of you for keeping contact with a pathological liar =/ To me, Sonja now resembles that bitter taste in your mouth after realizing you’ve drank expired milk – she needs to be double checked and thrown out in the garbage.

    I’ll be making a sour puss face next week when she reiterates to Alex one-on-one how she “won’t tolerate being spoken to” the way that you supposedly did at the MENY walk. There was nothing wrong with the way you spoke to her, she truly did make the event all about her — she just couldn’t handle the truth. Newsflash to Sonja: What really shouldn’t be tolerated is her unwise choice of words with Alex at her home and throwing her out of the house. THAT is the definition of “rude, rude, rude!”

    I cannot wait until next week’s episode to see Alex at the photoshoot (I messaged you on Twitter last week congratulating you both on her signing with the NY agency and how proud you must be of her!).

  9. Lyn says:

    I, too, would like an accounting from MENY for their last minute decision to pander to Sonja’s self-centered & selfish demand for an exclusive spotlight. It’s sad to see that Sonja may be dealing with an ethical and emotional bankruptcy that far exceeds the financial one.

    Thank you for providing a factual link to the MENY program in your RHONY blog. The MENY website would be smart to post your speech. I really enjoy your blogs and wish Bravo would just give you, Alex, and the chums your own show!

  10. krone says:

    I can never get enough of your perspective on almost any given subject; perhaps because I usually agree and feel validated? LOL. I also can’t get enough photos of those beautiful, vibrant and oh so intelligent “chums”.
    I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt to Sonja last season primarily because she behaved appropriately on Scary Island but have to say that so far this year she’s coming across as a desperate, loud, common, man-chasing and ultimately sad and pathetic woman desperately clinging to her va-voom sexy woman personna. I was angry at the way she tried to turn such a serious issue into her own private ego stroking experience but ultimately, I just felt rather sad that she’s become such a vain and shallow person. I say she’s beome, but it was most likely there all the time and i just didn’t pick up on it. I’m so impressed that Alex doesn’t feel the need to coerce you into fighting her fights e.g. not getting angry that you greeted the Zarin so warmly when I would have gone bat. shit. crazy. Ah, you have a beautifully confident and independent wife Mr. Vankempen and I wish you all the love and luck in the world.

    • Robina says:

      so beautiful and sweet of you Krone. I think the VanKempen’s are one of the nicest couples on reality TV and someone decent people can relate to as well.

  11. Jade says:

    Here in Oz the shows haven’t aired so I’ve watched them on the net and I have to say Sonja is disgusting. I liked her last season, she seemed gracious and kind but now she seems like an egotistical dog in heat. U guys r great. And what’s with Jill little leave me alone outburst…seriously…could she be more of a victim this year…uuggh puuleeeeeese…and her saying polls r rigged??? The woman really does need to get a hobby! Keep doing what ur doing. Simon ur home country loves u and has adopted Alex as our own xxx

  12. myfabfive says:

    I’ve been watching since the first season. I love you two, Bethanny, and found Romona an intresting soul.
    As long as the person (or people) that need to take responsiblity for a huge “ef-up” like that doesn’t admit, apologize, and resolve what happened, this will always be the georgous well dressed elephant in the corner.

    With all the orgs I’ve worked with, I have never heard of someone putting in a clause like that…or the org. saying “OK”.


    if Cohen and Bravo do not edit the constant references that these bizarre women are socialites and housewives, there is going to be a mass exodus of the viewing audience. Playing to the baser human instinct to watch a train wreck is wearing. I cannot help but believe that Cohen hates women and this venue is his way of profiting by demeaning these shallow women publicly. If they had any intelligence or regard for their children, they would disassociate themselves from this masochistic display. Think about this Simon. Save yourselves.

    • Elby47 says:

      While I can understand your sentiments, really we need to give a little more credit to the general viewing audience who are just watching this for entertainment. We are quite capable of keeping our heads about us and not getting overly invested in other people’s lives. it’s fun to hop on these blogs and comment but Simon and Alex are adults who, especially after the first season, have their eyes open and wits about them. presumably can handle the scrutiny. You what they say about kitchens and heat…

  14. absurd says:

    Sonja ceertainly showed her true spirit in this episode, deplorable. Jill Zarin making up the robot story about you? The same old Jill we’ve always known.

    Stay strong

  15. Lily Louise says:

    I applaud you. You and Alex seem to have a wonderful relationship and you seem to relish your role as father to your boys. Mazel!

  16. Simon, Are you able to share any comments from MENY on the whole debacle? SInce you attended the viewing party I am sure some thoughts where exchanged?

    It is clear that Sonja was not initially named the Grand Poopa of the event but how did that come to be? Was a donation made by Sonja to steal the deal?

    • Quincyil says:

      Great question. Sonja talks about last spring and last night. She is not consistent in her comments.

      • Elby47 says:

        I’m with Quincyil, I think MENY should step in here and clear this up. Truly someone on their team mostl likely was uncomfortable about Sonja’s demands and instead of dealing with her, ran Simon and Alex off the stage. This reflects badly on them and they need to make a smart PR move here and clear the air.

    • Robina says:

      I don’t think they even considered a ‘grand marshall’ and it looks like Sonja came up with all on her own. I would call that hijacking the speeches and the whole dang mission of the solidarity march. I know one thing Sonja is not politically astute or aware.

  17. Rachael says:

    I loved the New York housewives until I had to sit through the excruciating nightmare that is Sonja. I mean really….how many times was Sonja going to say that event was all about her. She is very hard to watch. I don’t know what I am going to do if I have to sit through more of her catty, mean girl antics. A&S don’t let the bitches get you down!!

  18. Colib says:

    Why hasn’t the MENY organization spoke out regarding their decision to pander to Sonja’s request. This budding organization should have welcomed everyone that was giving their time and resources to the cause.

    It is perplexing that both you and Alex continue to lend support to this group. The organizers were 90% at fault for creating chaos, not you, Alex or Sonja.

  19. Delchic says:

    Simon I felt so terribly bad while watching the 2nd episode when Sonja would not give the go ahead to allow your speech. It just made me sick to my stomach. Both you and Alex so obviously have your hearts in the right spot regarding the Marriage March and the rights of Gays/Lesbians.
    While we were watching, my husband and I were just floored by what we were seeing and could do nothing more than look at one another with eyes wide and mouths hanging open,,,,,
    I applaud Alex for, duing the “art showing,” so vehemently defending her husband,,,,,,,,you go girl!!!! Though upsetting to watch,,,,,,,I fully understand her reasoning and would have done the same myself.
    We most certainly will be staying the course!!!

  20. lora says:

    It’s astounding to me how Sonja’s behavior has done an about- face from last season. She’s “Zarinzed” overnight. Thursday night it was all about me, me, me! It was clear when she got up to do her speech that she was not prepared. In her blog she stated that her speech had somehow “mysteriously” disappeared that morning, yet she had months to prepare one. If she did 1 at all, she would have already known what to say & would’ve practiced it & the words should’ve readily come to her. Instead she spoke nonsense. A simple “ok” from her & Simon could’ve said his speech, which clearly was much more relevant, then she & then the 3 could’ve discussed the problem after the march. At her party she confronted Alex & when Alex began to defend herself Sonja knew that she was wrong & that’s why she ordered her to leave the party. LuAnn’s comment about Alex’s dress was extremely rude & very “uncountess” like. The original “sketch” to me looked like Brian did paint what Sonja really looked like, then decided to paint over her torso. That painting of Sonja was not flattering at all! On WWHL Sonja still made it all about her & the poll clearly shows what the public thinks.

  21. lovemamaearth says:

    Sonja should be embarrassed and ashamed of herself. If that’s her being comfortable with herself, then it’s a compliment that she thinks Alex isn’t.

    And Simon your speech would have been 100% better than Sonja’s.

  22. goodheavens says:

    A TRUE New York socialite would never behave the way Sonya did about the march. It causes me much laughter when I hear the housewives referred to in that manner. A true New York socialite would never be on a show like that. These girls are nothing more than common women who had the good fortune to “marry up” while their husbands unfortunately “married down”.


      she is a waitress studied at FIT which she calls a college and is now a cougar using inappropriate sexual commentary. Now she has added to her resume…..liar.

    • Robina says:

      thanks for clearing that up for me..I am from Alabama. If that is what a socialite is I want nothing to do with her. It’s odd the ones that keep beating their chests are the ones who lack real charity. What’s with putting your name of something but not really believing in the cause you just signed your name to; also how obvious was it that Sonja knew absolutely nothing about MENY. Makes me wonder if she has ever voted in an election.

    • gyrlfrynd says:

      a true socialite doesn’t even know about the housewives. jill knows trump or at least says she does. that says it all. he has more money than common sense and does not know the meaning of class.

  23. Candice says:

    Jill Zarin had a live Ustream session following the episode during the airing of WWHL. When the poll results came back in Alex’s favor, she told the users viewing that she heard from a friend of yours that you have a robot program that can do automatic multiple voting on these type of things. She said that your friend said you showed it to them & were bragging about your rigging system. Basically it insinuates that you were behind the landslide in the poll results. Please nobody shoot me, I’m just the messenger. :)

    But honestly, I don’t know how anyone that watched the episode could voted for Sonja. She is/was one of my favorite housewives but her behavior was appalling.

    • If Jill said that then she sure sounds like a sore loser to me as that’s totally untrue and an out and out fabrication. I wouldn’t know the first thing about rigging a cell phone based text poll and I honestly had no idea there was even going to be a poll.

    • Jacqueline says:

      Candice, thanks for clearing that up. I saw Simon tweet a response to someone mentioning Jill’s UStream but didn’t know what they were talking about.

      In summation: Jill is RIDICULOUS. I can’t believe she would make that claim when those polls on WWHL are OBVIOUSLY cell phone text messaged polls. Seriously. What’s next? Is she going to claim that they’re bullying her again? Honestly.. enough is enough with her immature pity parties and cry fits. She is the reason that I change the channel when Real Housewives of NY airs!

  24. Elby47 says:

    Team Alex. I actually have commented in the past that actually you, Simon, have undoubtedly the best manners of the bunch. In past seasons you have avoided commenting on the snarky barbs thrown at both of you and this has caused you to go up in my estimation. True class is grace under pressure and people with “good” manners understand that the real purpose of behaving graciously is to ensure that people feel comfortable no matter what the situation. Double that when you are the host, triple that in public situations. Keep the high road Simon and Alex – we all get it.

  25. Texas Viewer says:

    You two are wonderful. You were right. Sonya is a fame whore. Love to see your envolvement in causes and the closeness of you two and your boys.

  26. Berna says:

    I love Alex & Simon, they are real people. I’m tired of all the bullies on RHONY!
    What happened to just being girlfriends & doing stuff together? I miss the parties & fun NYC scenes… Too much toxic negativity!
    Alex & Ramona are my favorites and the only reason I still watch!
    Truth be told after the first 2 episodes- I’ll be fast forwarding
    through the bully, I’ve changed (but not really) drama!
    Alex, don’t let them get to you!

    • sdgreenspan says:

      I agree that Seasons 1 and 2 were more fun. There was fighting but not nearly on the scale of Seasons 3 and 4 (so far). One of the things separating the NY and BH housewives from some of the other HW shows is that these housewives do play in the upper strata of society and it fun to see the glimpse of how the other half lives. Viewers will still watch these shows even without the brutal fighting depicted in Seasons 3 and 4.

      I really though that Sonja’s behavior in episode 2 was revolting.

  27. Liz says:

    Sonja was in the wrong, both at the march, and again at her house. I thought it took a lot of chutzpah to get Alex involved in a convo about the march and what happened, then when she couldn’t defend herself, tell Alex she had no mannners and throw her out. WTH?? You started that Sonja, deal with it!!

  28. De'ja says:

    Simon & Alex-

    It was very obvious that Sonja was using this event to promote herself and created quite a few lies on the show and on Watch what Happens Live show with Andy. And I come to this conclusion due to the fact that she said she would not speak if anyone else from the show spoke or was too involved. That just makes me think that she is out for the fame….keep doing what you do. I think that Alex has found her voice and all the other housewives are not liking it because she was normally quiet.


  29. Lori024 says:

    I believe there was no discussion to be had about behavior at the march. Sonja’s was deplorable, arrogant & petty. Alex has bn criticized for timing of the speech argument, which baffles me….when was Alex supposed to question your right to speak? After the march?

    Also, I’m sorry to say this about such a wonderful organization, but MENY must take some accountability. Extremely unprofessional to put Alex’s name on program as speaker, and then give Sonja veto power. Very uncool!

    • Quincyil says:

      I absolutely agree with you. The organization should have made the decisions about speakers, not one of the speakers or the grand marshall. It was wrong to have their names on the list of speakers and to tell them that Sonja had to make the decision after they had worked for months on the rally.

    • Robina says:

      I was hoping MENY would clear the air as well. I really want them to come to the defense of Alex and Simon. Right now in my personal opinion if MENY can’t stand up and tell what happened then they do not serve the support of Alex and Simon who actually care and empathize with those who cannot marry the person they love. So I am not thinking MENY is such a great organization, RHONY has turned there mission into Sonja’s party and seem to have forgotten what their mission was about. Right now it looks like the mission was to make Sonja happy.

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