Homemade Oreo Cookies

Mar 01, 14 Homemade Oreo Cookies

We really don’t have a whole lot of junk food in our house, something that makes me happy. Now, that does NOT mean we are health nuts, nor does it mean our sons live on kale and greek yogurt and quinoa. Far from it. My food philosophies basically boil down to these principles: 1) Eat what you crave, just not tons of it. 2) Yes to homemade fudge, no to Cheetos. 3) If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, don’t eat it. And lastly….no “diet” anything. No sugar or butter substitutes…you get the idea.

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While I crawl off my soapbox, we’ve been on a kick to de-process what processed food there is in the house without anyone feeling deprived. To that end, I undertook Mission: Oreos. Francois only discovered them last summer at camp, and really, what’s not to love about chocolate wafer cookies with super-sweet vanilla filling? I did a ton of internet research and came up with a recipe from the Food Network that looked promising. I didn’t change the raw materials, but did use a fairly different assembly process that I feel worked better than their instructions. Here we go!

Chocolate Cookies
make a day in advance if possible

1 1/3 cups cocoa powder
1 1/2 cups all purpose, unbleached flour
1/4 tsp salt

Sift the above ingredients together and set aside.

2 sticks unsalted butter, softened (leave them out for a few hours at room temperature – don’t melt!)
2 cups sugar
2 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract

Cream the butter and sugar in an electric mixer on high until light and fluffy — don’t skimp on this! Add the eggs and vanilla and beat well. A little at a time, incorporate the dry ingredients, scraping down the bowl as necessary.

NOW, before you do anything else, go make some room in your refrigerator. Depending on how wide a space you have, roll out the dough to a rectangular 1/4 inch thickness in either one, two or three equal pieces. Roll the dough between two sheets waxed paper that have been generously greased and floured. Flouring alone won’t do it — it will stick and require re-rolling. You want to avoid re-rolling as much as possible — I could really tell the difference in the finished product between those that had and had not been overly handled. So, once you have your dough flat, refrigerate it. If you must stack your dough rectangles, put something in between each one so they don’t stick together. Leave for at least one hour, but at this point it will keep for a day or two if needed.

Remove dough from fridge and preheat oven to 325F. At the same time, grease cookie sheets and refrigerate those or stick them in the freezer for a few minutes. Using a 2 inch round or square cookie cutter, cut out dough and place on cold cookie sheets. I used one with a fluted edge, which looked great.



You’ll want to work as quickly as possible and try to avoid creating large scraps. Re-roll them once if you have to but try to avoid that as much as possible. These cookies do not expand much during baking, so you can load up each tray. Place filled sheets back in the fridge for a last 20 minutes, then bake them for about 20 minutes — keep an eye on the first batch so you know exactly when to take them out.

Here comes the hard part — THEY MUST COOL COMPLETELY. Ideally, you should do the cookie part the night before and the filling the next day, leaving them out at room temperature to dry out a bit. The drying out is essential — otherwise they are soft and don’t taste like the real thing. In any case, once you are ready to fill them, use the following:

1 stick unsalted butter, softened
1/2 cup shortening or lard
3 cups confectioners sugar
1 tsp. vanilla

Cream the butter and shortening together in an electric mixer — beat for at least 2 minutes on high — the mixture should look like whipped cream. Add the sugar and vanilla and beat well. Assemble the cookies using a butter knife, then let sit out overnight (or for a few hours) to settle. The original recipe suggests 1 Tbsp of filling each, and we found that to be way too much — just spread it around like you’d make peanut butter cracker sandwiches.

Eat up and enjoy!


  1. Elaine /

    Hi Alex, thank you for this recipe! I am going to try it for a community meeting I am going to.

    I am a fan of of yours; and I think that you are a beautiful; yes you are physically attractive; but you have a beautiful soul too; which is most important!

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    (I’m not a HW groupie, but I’ve always hated the way she treated you. I think you are the realist housewife of all them fake ass bitches because you seem to have a heart). Brooklyn in DA HOUSE!

  3. Hot damn, loionkg pretty useful buddy.

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