Couples Therapy – Episode 2 – No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service…

Episode 2 of Couples Therapy on VH1 aired last night, and we started to get below the surface of everyone’s issues. One of the first things Dr. Jenn and team did is to get everyone into 2-on-1 couples sessions, and for me as a participant that was fascinating as we didn’t get to see that part while filming the retreat.

Great Camera Deals

During the first 48 hours there was a lot of “What am I doing here with these people?” going on. I felt it, as did everyone else. At first, I wanted no part of the group therapy room. Although I logged a year with a therapist myself in college, I had never participated in group sessions, and really didn’t want to hear the other couples’ laundry, dirty or otherwise. During the first group meeting, however, we were asked to share our darkest relationship moment with the group. And the cameras. For me, that was like shooting a movie where you do a really intense scene first, before you’ve really gotten to know anyone. You’ve just met these people, have a bad impression of some and aren’t sure about the others yet, and here you are spilling your guts. Never in my life had I shared what I did that morning. Not with my mother, not with reality cameras, not with anyone. And as Simon said on his blog this week — he didn’t even remember. That was a wakeup call to the state of our communication.

As other couples shared their darkest moments, I began to see why the group dynamic can be useful. If you see someone be courageous and bare their soul, it inspires you to do the same. If you see someone hiding, deflecting, not listening or just not taking things seriously, it reminds you to do better. I think we’ll see a lot more of that as the season goes on.

Finally, Simon and I made dinner for everyone, and fur flew. Although we do make our children dress for dinner every night, it really wasn’t about Courtney’s lack of clothing for me. It was about her aggressive, disrespectful, attention-seeking behavior. She reminded me of a naked version of the Jack Russell terrier in The Mask. Everyone tried to ignore their antics in order to focus on their own therapy process, and that made her angry. It was clear to me that both Courtney and Doug desperately wanted to have all eyes on them, and when they felt they were being ignored would act out accordingly. Courtney would change into an even skimpier outfit and shake her (ahem) attributes, and Doug would gleefully remind everyone that he had been called a child-molester. Once. Every other time it was brought up, it came out of Doug’s mouth, as though it was some weird badge of honor.

A new couple arrived this week, and brought a breath of fresh air into the house. After the darkest moment session, I felt raw and unprepared to get to know someone new. I sat in the dining room writing, and in walked Todd and Monica, who gave my mood a 180 with their lovely, positive attitude. Instead of dancing in putting on a fake show, they joined us, gauged the mood of the room and fit right in. I had to laugh 30 minutes later, when I realized that Todd also happened to be Too Short. Yes, I listened to his music in high school – there are all sorts of things about me that never came up on Housewives, lol. There’s room on my iPod for all sorts of music, his included!!

There’s so much more to come, and I still can’t believe how much drama naturally happened, without booze, drugs, producer machinations or any other typical docu-drama ingredients. We left those in New York!


  1. AMEN nailed Doug & Courtney right on the money! Why Dr Jenn hasnt called this out & made them leave is beyond me…unless it is all about the ratings and not about the therapy like she says. Her tolerance for BS must be a hell of a lot higher than mine!

  2. Alex and Simon, I really hope you can work out your issues and become the “best friends” who had each other’s back on RHONY. Of course, I don’t know (as does anyone) the real behind the scenes relationahip, but you always seemed to have the most important ingredient to a successful marriage…being one another’s best friend. Simon, it’s very hard for a woman to open up to a man who doesn’t honestly share his innermost feelings. To both of you, a relationship is not about one or the other always having the last word. I think you were both treated very disrespectfully on RHONY and I felt hurt for you. I hope that Couples Therapy will be a breakthrough for both of you and you will regain the devoted relationship you once appeard to have. Good luck to you both!

  3. Hi Alex…I hope you don’t mind too much that I copied and pasted the comments which I had left on Simon’s blog site. I just thought since you were the one blogging regarding the second episode and I had commented so much on this episode, maybe I should be saying these things and asking these questions to you. So as you read on, please just take it for what it is, my comments on Simon’s blog, k? All the best to you Alex and to your oh so sweet family! Hi Simon…After watching the first two episodes of Couples Therapy I thought I might chime in with my opinion (you know how that goes, everyone’s got one…). As far as that kid Courtney and her “husband” Doug are concerned, this is a very obvious case of a pedophile marrying his ‘victim’ to keep from going to prison and ending up on the sex offender registry. I don’t care that Courtney is only 17, I was extremely offended by the lack of clothing which the show allowed her to walk around in, and especially when she sat down at the dinner table with the entire group and her dinner attire was a bikini! Talk about a slut! I was disappointed when the entire group didn’t pick up their plates and walk off to another area of the house, perhaps out by the pool, to finish dinner. I think that is the type of reponse that might perhaps get Courtney to stop trying to be a porn star and start being a young lady. Aside from that, I’m so glad that you and Alex are back on the telly yet disappointed at how little they showed of the two of you in the first two episodes. I’m also sorry that it’s a counseling program that you are on as you and Alex were always my favorite couple on rhonyc. I just don’t like the idea of the two of you having such marital issues that you felt the need to get counseling but also glad that you are getting counseling and hoping that it helps to keep your family together! You, Alex and the boys are a lovely family and I hope that you are able to resolve your issues in order to remain as one family unit, happy, healthy and loving one another.

    • Hi Cindy — thanks so much and no problem about posting here and on Simon’s blog. Re Courtney, there’s a big blow-up coming about her dress, or lack thereof. Also there’s a lot of discussion about Doug and how he relates to her, and to everyone else in the house. As far as Simon and I choosing to do this, I think that if you want to stay together forever, AND have gone through some of the crazy experiences we have in the last five years, it’s an investment in our future together to raise the hood on our relationship and check the engine. Sorry for the car metaphor but hopefully you know what I mean…

  4. as a person who loved ya’ll on NY, I will watch ya’ll on whatever show you are on. I, too, was disappointed that I didn’t see much of ya’ll the first ep. Alex, I have felt many of the emotions and situations you shared. THank you for sharing! I just love your whole family, ya’ll are the best and I am so happy to see ya’ll on TV!!! God Bless!

  5. PS…i love Miss Wendy, too. Don’t worry about anything! Those of us who enjoy you (and I know she does, too) know we love ya’ll and nothing anyone can say can change that! Your “followers” fans are real!

  6. You condlu’t pay me to ignore these posts!


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