When Parents are Away…

The chums will play… Our guys had a great time while we were in Egypt recently, and we just had a chance to finally share the two tribute videos they made using Simon’s single I Am Real. We couldn’t decide which one to post, so here are both!

Great Camera Deals

In the first, Johan kind of does his own thing in the background, then decides he’s had enough…

In the second, François managed to get Johan to change clothes and be a proper backup dancer.

Which did you like the best?


  1. Alex…..That was tooooo cute with your boys.Loved both videos. Thank you for sharing,Daniela

    • Those boys are so cute! I can see why you had a hard time trying to pick which video. I’m glad you put them both on for us to see. I think I like the second one a little better cause Johan looks so cute in that outfit! You all are very cute together.

  2. Phyllis /

    These videos made my day! Thanks Chums!!!

  3. I really Liked Both….they are so Cute…..I picked the first because it was spontaneous……….lol

  4. Gettum an agent! Tell the boys they were fab>

  5. That is too cute! What style.

  6. LynnNChicago /

    They’re so cute Alex! You’ve got a beautiful family – you really do have it all!

  7. You give those Chums a cuddle! That was brilliant! xx

  8. Lisa Powers /

    You Chums are just adorable and growing up! I bet it was hard to be away from them, but this video made homecoming just sweeter! Enjoyed you on the show this season, and I must admit, you are the only sane one. Cindy is a close second. I am not going to bash the other ladies, they are just being true to their person, I am glad that you stand up for yourself and don’t let the “others” get away with their bad behavior with you. You call it like you see it Alex and that is your best quality. I think a few of the other girls are jealous of your marriage and friendship with Simon. Congratulations on making is all work and having it all. Enjoy your time off camera!

  9. OMG……… the bum slap. LOLOL~! Priceless. What a fantastic welcome home video. Alex, for you and Simon to open up yourselves and your family to the sometimes horrid scrutiny of millions and still maintain your focus and priorities as parents is THE reason I applaud you.

  10. Peggy /

    The side by side bum slapping was my favorite part. Adorable kids – have enjoyed the webisodes and seeing them without the stress of the other wives around.

  11. rhony fan /

    I guess you are not going to answer the rest of the questions from the Reunion Q & A blog post?? I am disappointed you never replied to my post.

    • I try as best I can, but it’s true I don’t get to everything. I’ll be starting another discussion blog tonight for the second part of the reunion, so please get your question in early and I will do my best to answer it.

  12. Connie Bruner /

    The first video did not work but the second was cute as can be! I love your chums they are well rounded lil guys. You and Simon I know are very proud of them.

  13. lauren /

    idk what’s worse these videos or the first time i saw Simon sing this. worst song by far I’ve ver heard in my entire life!!!!!!!!

  14. likeItIs /

    It’s so heart-warming when boys imitate their fathers. Well, usually.

  15. They are toooo cute! Loved them both!

  16. this is so cute!! nothing better than when our kids goof around and we catch it on video :)

  17. Jackie Jacobi /

    just loved it the song is the best of them all the BEST!!!!

  18. Angelina /

    OMG that was absolutely adorable. I loved it! Thanks for sharing…

  19. P. McCabe /

    Both videos are so cute. You have great kids.

  20. Absolutely adorable!!!

  21. I liked both videos, but the first one was natural and not coriagraphed? Just enjoyed both ..hard to vote really..

  22. Boys!! They are so cute had all the words down! lol my son used to follow the movie Popeye and played ALL the parts when he was a little guy. He would sit and sing, speak all the parts of everyone.. so cute..

  23. Heather /

    Those boys are too cute! How funny! I’m sure you don’t remember this Alex,but when the show first started I “friended” you on Facebook & said that I used to work for Victoria’s Secret Beauty as well. You actually took the time to message me back & said that you had a friend in college that had the same name as me (Heather Moody) & thanked me for complimenting you & for watching the show. The reunion show proved that you are about the only Housewife that has not changed who you truly are over the seasons & has not let “fame” got to yours or Simon’s heads. You have a beautiful family & are so loving & kind to each other,which is so rare to see anymore. Love you guys & nothing but best wishes for a wonderful future for your family!

  24. Sweden25 /

    Oh I just realized I`m wearing the same outfit today as Johan is in clip two, just without the hat!
    He looks way more adorable in it:D

  25. Michelle /

    Bravo!! More class than any of the other girls

  26. Alexandsimonhater /

    Kids are cute, but the song! OMG really? Simon needs to hang up the microphone, NOT a good singer. They say love is blind and I guess it’s deaf too! Go back to the cabinet you crawled out of.


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