RHONY Finale – What We Wore

At Ramona’s dinner party, Simon wore a pink Thomas Pink shirt with a black Blanc de Chine blazer, and black Loris Diran trousers.

Great Camera Deals

I wore a gray Walter Baker dress with a black lace overlay, and United Nude boots.

On the way into the Block Magazine shoot, I wore a red Tulle coat.

Underneath, a Mango cashmere tank top with gray cardigan, Vintage Revolution jeans and black United Nude bandage boots.

Want to see the finished pics? The Block has some of them on their website here.

Simon arrived, and he wore a jacket from a City Opera benefit, a yellow Thomas Pink shirt and Vintage Revolution jeans.

Finally, on the Love Boat, I wore a hot pink satin suit (sorry, don’t know the designer!) with Plein Sud boots. Simon wore trousers and a blue shirt by Epaulet NY and a Paul Stuart bowtie.



  1. FanFare /

    I’m curious as to why Simon looked SO pissed off when LuAnn was singing with Natalie Cole.

    • Pinkie /

      Why do you flame and troll Alex and Simon’s blogs Fanfare?

      • FanFare /

        Uh, “Pinkie”, How is asking one neutral question being a troll? I was truly curious. How can that be considered to be a negative comment?

        • Pinkie /

          2 comments on Alex’s blog is reasonable but what about Simon’s blog? You must be very curious.

          Simon tried to quit smoking, scientists have found that nicotine is just as addictive as cocaine, heroin, or amphetamines. I’m sure he felt as sick as a dog from the nicotine withdrawal and being on a crowded boat wouldn’t have helped that. Any one that has tried to quit smoking before would have some empathy.

          • FanFare /

            I have not only tried to quit smoking, I succeeded on the first attempt: cold turkey and I never had an issue and never took another puff. My husband also did the same thing, the same way – cold turkey (for the same reason Simon proclaimed he did it: for the sake of our newborn). Coincidentally, all of our friends also quit around the same time. Not one of us had negative side effects that you describe. We did this 25 years ago: before excuses and faux symptoms were fabricated.

    • Mrs. Reed /

      Hey Alex,
      I really just want to say u r a beautiful lady…u and simon seem like u r very down to Earth…I don’t understand how u could be around people who have treated u and ur husband so bad…I have watched two episodes where u sat down with luann and kelly and was hammered I literally wanted to slap them…I think that Bravo needs to do a spin off show of just u and simon with ur sweet babies…I’d watch it!!!! Ps…if u talk to bethenny plz tell her she has a beautiful baby and she has a fan in Alabama!!!!

  2. Joan /

    fan fare.. if you read Bravo blog by Alex, you would see that he had quit smoking again.. so in a mood.. People really have to stop reading things into the way someone looks!

    • Really? /

      Millions quit smoking. Everyone has had bad days. But his staring and Simon/Alex’s discussion about Autotune was chock-full of bad vibes and jealousy, and very much of a piece with Simon saying with satisfaction, “good!” when Ramona confirmed that LuAnn would give up her title were she to marry Jacques. All together, an embarrassing series of moments to have filmed.

      • His staring had nothing to do with the conversation about auto-tune. The staring was 100% about him wanting a cigarette and being stranded on a boat with people he really didn’t feel like interacting with while going through nicotine detox.

  3. Joan /

    Hi Alex, I was kind of surprised to see you and Simon at Ramona and Mario’s home for dinner. After the rude way they entered your home for the art function. Not only was Mario rude in his comments and complaining about Brooklyn, but Sonja was just as rude with her wardrobe malfunction.. falling out of her dress.. I mean come on.. and what was with Ramona and the wire hangers comment like she was in the Mommy Dearest movie!! It really was disgusting.. I guess you like these people.. I find them all so rude just not very nice..

    • FanFare /

      You’ve completely missed the point of Silex. They go everywhere they are invited. Haters and Rudeness doesn’t bother them at all. Nor does it stop them from being where the elite meet. Hey, Simon bragged how Alex made the “worst dressed list”. Their motto is, “bad publicity is fine as long as the name is spelled right”.

      • FanFare, you’re just repeating what Kelly and others snark about us on the show. What cracks me up about your post is that Simon and I say no to 90% of our invitations — in real life it’s the other girls who show up at everything. Also, places “where the elite meet” generally do not allow filming.

    • The dinner party was before the art party, and we didn’t know about the wire hangers or what was said in interviews until the show aired. We don’t see everything in the same timeline the viewers do, so it always winds up looking skewed.

      • Are you saying nobody heard the wire comment… I’m a little confused and it’s a bit unbelivable… they didn’t wispered it and your husband noticed Sonja’s boob pop out right after they finished hanging up the coats. I like Sonja, but I think when she is around Ramona she forgets about her manners. Would she behave in that manner at any of her Royalty friends home?

        • Genuinely didn’t hear the wire hangers bit. I know it’s impossible to see this if you’re not physically in our living room, but where I was standing is several feet from the door and they were in the hallway.

  4. gabrielle uritsky /

    Well go ahead reply to me. Crazy.

  5. Lisa /

    You and Simon look great. Love your style!

  6. RHONYfan /

    hi Alex,
    I just want to let you know that I, along with many other fans, feel that you and Simon are beacons of light in the midst of all the petty drama. I feel the way Luann handled your meeting (even insulting your shoes) was just down right mean. I wish you and Simon happiness. can’t wait for the reunion!

  7. Tinka /

    Love your fashion info! Would Simon ever consider the cigarette that is just steam? I am not sure what the name is, but it looks real and you do inhale it… Just no chemicals. It helps some get through physical addiction.

    • Just steam? Is that the same as the electronic cigarette? I’d recommend anything to him, but ultimately he has to quit again when he is ready, and if I force the issue it does nothing to help the situation.

      • Lorry /

        Alex my husband was a very heaver smoker for years. He quit 2 years ago and is now using http://www.route66vapor.com. He has tried ecigarette which is different but it didn’t work for him it wasn’t strong enough. I know how hard it is he’s struggled for so long too. Personally I wish he could go cold turkey like I have. BTW smoke free for 1 1/2 years and counting!! Good luck!!!

  8. FedUp /

    I would like to know why Simon’s very crude remark about LuAnn was not addressed.He said take the o out of countess and you would have what she is.This was rude and uncalled for and you said nothing.If you feel this way towards these people why even associate with them?This was my first and last season to watch,not at all what I was expecting.Know you don’t like the word class and none has been shown on this show.More like watching a group of teenage girls trying to out do the other.

    • We discuss the remark at the reunion. I don’t disagree with you about the teenaged behavior; and it can get worse. I’m continually shocked at what goes on, which is why I’m not always fast on my feet talking with the women, because my mouth is hanging open.

      • FedUp /

        Alex,thank you for your reply.I am wondering about one more thing.Mario’s eyes and hands have been seen places they should not be(on Sonja) on several episodes.She seems intent on showing all and looks as if Mario is taking notice and advantage.Will this be brought up at the reunion?Will have to be sure to watch!

  9. deb bucy /

    I enjoyed watching you and simon on rhony. I don’t think I will be watching the show anymore because the show seems edited to show only the fights, but I will continue to follow you and simon on your blogs and twitter. I love your philosophy that clothing is art. Thanks for sharing your designers names.

    • You’re welcome. I know; they always tend to show the fighting. LuAnn’s son took François skateboarding but no one fought.

  10. Stephen /

    Alex, I just want to say that I think you are the “realest” housewife of the bunch. I don’t think RHONY would be the same, or worth watching without your presence :) Were you actually friends any of the others before the show? You just seem nicer than all of them

    • We were mostly one degree of separation from each other – Ramona & I had been at the same parties but didn’t know each other personally. Bethenny and I shared a mutual close friend. I made a movie with the Count’s best friend and Sonja and I had met at the Hamptons Film Festival and a family friend of 25 years had bought fabric from Bobby. Oh, and Jen Gilbert (who was on briefly last season) and I knew each other although we had lost touch, and it was a total surprise to me when we ran into each other on camera.

  11. Margie /

    I have never missed an episode. I’ve seen 3 of the women change in the most unflattering ways. However, you and Simon are the same two people I’ve seen since Day 1. Ramona is the same fun person she’s been all along, too. It has been so terrific to see you, Simon, Ramona and Mario work past your issues and opinions to become good friends. That’s how things really work in the real world and it’s so nice to watch.
    I am virtually stunned each week as I watch what you, Ramona and Sonja have to contend with from the other women. It’s amazing. I literally want to yell at the TV when I see how they act and what they say. THEN, somehow, when I read the Bravo blogs or see them on WWHL and the reunions, it’s like they have been watching a completely different show!! It infuriates me. They try to rewrite history and must think none of us are smart enough to remember what’s happened.
    Kadooos to you for your patience and kindness. I know three people that should watch and take notes to improve themselves!

    • I am always AMAZED at how people’s versions of reality differ. Both cast and fans. Cast members can all be present for the same argument and everyone has a different idea of what happened, and two fans can watch the same scene and disagree over what happened. Just goes to show you how subjective it all is!

      • Lisa /

        An adage I’ve heard –and believed– for years : “There are three sides to every story, yours, mine and the truth.”
        Love Alex and Simon!!!

      • Margie /

        Thanks for your comments Alex. I just watched a reunion clip of Luann saying “name one time” in response to someone saying she’s been ugly to another castmate. I heard her say the same thing on WWHL in response to a callers question. I’d love to see a montage on WWHL of the MANY times she’s been rude to others. Have you heard her say that? Is it frustrating to you, too? I hope your family is having a wonderful summer :)

  12. Bad review /

    I just watched the finall episode and i gotta tell you, this season reminded me of the Hills. It appeared the whole season consisted of a bunch of over acting, bad acting at that, and it never felt like that before. Can you be honest and tell us if most of the situations were pre-planned? I mean really, what 55 year old women first talks about having another child and then low and behold, takes a pregnancy test at a party on television? Too stupid. Show used to seem more real in the past. Not liking it now.

    • Have never seen The Hills. Producers have to get permission to film everywhere outside our homes, so locations are set in advance. No one tells us what to say, though. Or rather, no one tells ME what to say — I won’t speak for the others.

  13. LoveTheGlam /

    Saw a preview for the reunion and you looked GOOD honey! I think you really looked the best this season. Not that you looked bad before, but you seemed just more glam (or Bravo finally decided to show it, I’m thinking it’s the later). Anyway, I love it.

    I’m hoping there’s a season 5, with a trimmed down cast that includes all of the blondes. Can’t wait for the reunion.

    p.s. your boys nickname, the “chums”, is so funny. How did that come about?

    • Thanks!! Simon started calling them “the chums.” It’s an Aussie thing and comes from his school days; it means “my friends.”

      • LoveTheGlam /

        Aw, thats adorable. You guys were certainly my favorite through the years. Also interesting and genuine, catching heat for it and handling it with grace.

        Best to you, Simon and the chums!


  14. Cheryl /

    Alex, you & Simon I do adore! I really do think LuAnn is probably the most boring of all the housewives on TV..yes boring! Don’t expect you to respond! Kelly must be on medicine this year! Still weird though!

  15. Molly /

    Hi Alex
    I am also married to a Brisbane Aussie who keeps my life exciting! What are your plans for the off season? Are you pursuing the modeling gig full time? How is Simons Social Media pursuits going? What was the purpose of the trip to Egypt??? Summer is flying buy and you will be doing “back to school” shopping soon! My Hubs is a Uni professor and is like a little kid looking forward to the first day of school! Wishing you all the best!

    • Thanks, Molly! The off season gets shorter and shorter as each season gets longer and longer! Am balancing modeling with other work and have a new project for fall fashion week. Egypt was phenomenal and we’ll go public with that soon. Time is flying by at about Mach 2 – I’ll bet your hubby can’t wait! Best to you.

  16. OMG Alex & Simon, really. The 2 of u seem to live for attention. Quit. “putting on the dogs” as we say in da south and just get along with the rest of da girls. And Simon really does need to back up & quit being the 8th housewife. You seem like smart folks, ya gotta know how this is looking to most of the viewers that cant’t make ends meet.

    • The only thing I’ll say to that is that I am from the south too, and I have never heard the phrase “putting on the dogs.” Saying that, the South is a big place.

  17. Alex V. /

    Since you seem to post these things in order to get clothes for free (and your renovation — two years later you still advertise your vendors?), wouldn’t it be more effective if you and Simon wore ads on your clothes, sort of the way NASCAR drivers do?

    PS — that maniac who did the so-called “re do” in your backyard has the taste of a Home Depot salesman and the behavioral characteristics of a teenager on ritalin. Aren’t you embarrassed?

    • LOL, if the renovation had been free or discounted, we’d be dancing in the streets. Putting them on TV helped us finish on time; no more, no less. Most of the designers we credit are friends of ours and we like to help them out. And the person you call a “maniac” also works for Oprah. Should she be embarrassed?

      • Alex V. /

        Of course she should be embarrassed. A fool is a fool, whether friends with “Oprah” or not. And to the 285,000,000 who don’t see Oprah as a role model, that credential carries little weight.

        Thanks for clarifying the NASCAR aspect of the blog, but I assume Thomas Pink is not a family pal (he did a century ago I believe), so why do you mention all that stuff?

        But to be nice for a fleeting moment, I felt that LuAnn Nadeau’s confrontation with you was crude and meanspirited, and Kelly’s was downright primitive (Kelly fashions herself as not liking confrontation, but her insulting session with you and her appalling insults to Bethenenny two seasons ago were stunningly vile). I recognize that RHONY has been a serious financial boon to you, but at some point doesn’t the degradation and humiliation counter it?

        With the exception of Bethenny, departed, the women all have derivative wealth — ie they married it (Ramona never could have pursued her so-called businesses if her husband weren’t carrying the load with his inherited business) – and even though they didn’t earn their money, they are very condescending towards you and Simon, of clearly modest means. Why subject yourself to that?

        • Wow, you seem both haughty and insecure. It’s not necessary to consider Oprah a role model to appreciate that she is a high profile client, which was my point. Of course Thomas Pink is not part of the “most” that are friends; that’s why I didn’t say “all.” With respect, all you know about my finances, or anyone’s on the show for that matter, is what has been said. Plenty of people speculate; few know. Now smile and go enjoy your day.

  18. RHONY Fan /

    Hi Alex. To your point that if you use the word “class” it shows it doesn’t apply to you, I couldn’t agree more. I would add that those who feel the need to overtly flaunt their “wealth” are not the truly wealthy. This statement has been borne out across the various Housewives shows. The truly wealthy downplay and conceal their wealth. You have no need to explain your open mouthed shock at the words and actions to which you have been privy. It demonstrates that such behavior is foreign to you, not second nature as it is to others who purport to have class. Don’t allow the company you keep to cause you to lower your standards!

    • Sometimes when we are shooting I have to remind myself that I’m a participant, not a viewer. That’s one of the reasons I started to speak up more.

  19. Love how you, Ramona, and Sonja seem to have developed a deeper understanding and relationship over the season. Perfect way to end the season at Ramona’s

  20. Liz Wyant /

    i understand your frustration not being able to repond to posts at bravo , i can’t get them to post a single comment i try to post whether it be good , bad or indifferant on any of the ladies. though i do lean toward you , sonja and ramona as the others are just to pretentious or loopy . loved you this season and hope if there is a 5th season you’ll be back !

  21. MaryBeth /


    What’s with Ramona and her daughter? She claims to be such a good mother, and I gasped during the scene with the girl when Ramona has her little file folder on her “Avery” business, and talks about it being for her PSAT when she takes it…and then learns her daughter has not only already taken the PSAT, but got her scores? The gap between the PSAT and the score is about 6 weeks, and kids prepare for it months ahead, which means that Ramona can go literally for months without knowing the most important event in her daughter’s life?

    We know she has a screw loose, but that is stunning to any responsible parent.

    And the way she humiliated and degraded those girls who came in to interview for her ragtrade business, that was downright abusive.

    What’s with her?

    • Really? /

      I’m not sure – it could’ve been a memory slip or something on Ramona’s part. It is weird because while I’ve read people claiming it’s not a big deal and the SAT is where it’s at, it’s not exactly true: the PSATs matter a great deal in the context of where Avery is at, academically and even, brutally, socially – very high scores set kids up for National Merit Scholar or National Merit Scholar Semi-Finalist status, which is pretty de rigeur for any Ivy or most competitive college-bound kid. I’m just glad they either didn’t discuss Avery’s scores on-air or edited that out – kids deserve that kind of protection.

      In that vein and since you’re responding (or were responding) directly to viewer questions, Alex, I wanted to post my biggest problem with the season – it seems, from the preview, that an off-screen issue with Ramona retweeting something related to another Housewife’s child comes up. I will not type out additional reported details about this incident since it involves a minor. Ramona has claimed that it was ‘an accident,’ which seems even on it’s face to be a lie, as she has followers, understands social media, virtually all Twitter apps have several confirm screens asking for affirmative acts like clicking etc. prior to retweeting anything, and Blackberries do not tweet unassisted. Ramona’s excuse is simply not credible to any thinking person.

      So my question to you is, given your obvious pride in being a mother, your having co-authored a memoir/guide/parenting book, and your consistent ‘calling out’ of bad behavior this season, how can you abide Ramona, water-carry for Ramona in her juvenile conflicts, and support her as you do? I’d put this to Sonja as well, honestly. You have claimed that her season 1-2 cruelty to you and your husband was not repeated and that her vicious criticisms of your young children and your parenting have not been repeated, but here, in this season, Ramona attacked another HW’s kid via social media – social media, something you and your husband are tremendously invested in!

      Does it not matter when something vicious and aggressive is done to someone else’s minor child? It seems so. And that is a black mark against your character.

      • You asked a long question, so here’s a long response:

        Ramona has gone on the record saying she didn’t intend to retweet the post you reference above, both on her facebook page and to the media. Around the same time she had issues with the trackball on her blackberry which caused her many headaches; she had it repaired but eventually replaced it. It could have been an accident — I wasn’t with her when it happened so ultimately I don’t know. She and I spoke privately about it, and I do know that talking about it any further only gives it oxygen, which I’m not interested in doing.

        To be accurate, Ramona’s early rudeness was directed at Simon and me, with the exception of the season one dinner party where our then 1 and 3 year olds ran around the table at ten o’clock in the evening. Why were we still shooting at 10pm? Because she herself was 90 minutes late. She and Simon and I have been through all that up and down and over again and it’s done; remember season two when the four of us were together and Simon called her a hypocrite. When I don’t like her behavior, I call it out (logs on fire in Morocco, our art party) as well as non-filmed real life.

        Re the PSATs, could be 21st century memory loss – without my PDA I wouldn’t know most people’s phone number or email, and without facebook I’d forget everyone’s birthday but Simon, the chums and my mother.

        • MaryBeth /

          Avery is in a private school. She is an only child. the PSAT is a BIG deal – they study for months (kids with money also often take prep courses for it, as with the SAT). She is in a small school where EVERYBODY and their parents get reports, consult with guidance counselors etc.

          To not know that you kid is about to take the PSAT — and then to not know the score, showls a level of astonishing disengagement from the child’s life.

          When your kids are at that age you won’t need a PDA to tell you they took it, nor will they fail to tell you what their score was. Nor will their guidance counselors fail to tell you at regular parent visits.

          So the only way not to be aware of something for 6-8 weeks is (1) to never be home and (b) to not attend guidance and other parent meetings at the school.

          To those of us not on the show, this confirms the narcissism and selfishness of Ramona, who boasts of not caring what others think. Classic definition of a narcissist.

          She is a reckless parent and who knows what Avery’s motive was in writing that essay praising her. She seems like a nice kid but no kid at 16 is immune to the “glamor” of being in front of a TV camera. If she lived in Washington Heights I suspect Childrens’ Services would be all over her.

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