RHONY 415 – What We Wore

Our backyard looks so much different today than it did in November! And it’s not just the weather. With the help of Elaine Griffin, Harlem Flo and Home Goods, we gave it a big overhaul last week. More on that here from ShelterPop.

Great Camera Deals

But back to November! For hot dog puppet theatre, I wore a Walter nautical jacket, Plein Sud tank, Vintage Revolution jeans and United Nude boots.

Simon wore a denim patchwork jacket with no label that he picked up at a City Opera benefit, and DL 1961 jeans.

For those interspersed interviews, I first wore Lipsy London with Gilt Groupe earrings…

Then continued the telenovela faces wearing Cavalli and earrings by Ray Griffiths

In Simon’s interview, he wore Loris Diran with a Cavalli shirt.

At the New York Foundation for the Arts event, Simon wore a Diesel sweater and leather pants, and I wore a beaded dress by L.A.M.B.

At the dance lesson, I walked in wearing a coat by Tulle and bag by Linea Pelle.

Underneath, a t-shirt and cardigan by Mango, jeans by DL 1961 and necklace by Old Money. My moves may not have been fresh, but in this image who is right in time with the instructor???

Last but certainly not least, I wore Marc Bouwer for another interview. My hair was a bit limp as I had redone my keratin the day before and couldn’t put any product on it.


  1. Shelly /


    I think you’re fantastic! You’re the only “housewife” on the show that I find myself agreeing with. You hit the nail on the head when you detail your reflections on the other women from the show – namely when you discuss Kelly and LuAnn. I sympathize with you when those two blitz attack the way they do, but know – you always leave a reasonable & measured impression compared to the others. Cut above the rest for certain. I for one love your Brooklyn home. Coming from a MN gal who has never been to NYC :-) keep your chin up.

  2. Zadidoll /

    I have to say I’m impressed that you can really dance.

  3. Lola /

    Alex, you and Simon are nice folks! Forget what the others are saying–as harsh (ahem!) as a lot of those people are–and continue to concentrate on what makes you happy and centers all of you, as a family. In these “glaring” times, there is no better retreat…:>)

  4. I just watched the latest episode of Housewives and I was very sorry to see you wipe off any ties to kansas like it was a terd on your shoe. I travel a great deal and if people turn a nose up at me because I am from Kansas, I just ignore it because it proves their ignorance and insecurity. Your behavior was very “state-ist”. Please feel free to fly-over in the future.

    • Ruthanne /

      I was really glad of the conversation in the backyard. I have had the conversation with my daughter before that I suspected that you had a fairly blessed background, but never threw it around to impress anyone. I have often heard other housewives make snide remarks suggesting that you were from nowhere and a social climber. I certainly have always thought you practiced more of the c word than any other housewives. You certainly come off more educated than most of them. I always appreciate how you try to listen and mediate, but then no one gives you a chance to express yourself. It must be very frustrating. I find almost
      all of the housewives (from all the cities) to be lacking in basic civil manners except for you. I feel bad that Stephanie above thinks you were making snide remarks about Kansas. I sure didn’t take it that way. Alex – there is nothing wrong with the c word, but like you said – if you have to talk about it all the time, well you know. P.S. shouldn’t that snob Luanne drop the title Countess after divorcing the man who gave it to her?

    • Stephanie, my intent was the opposite. All my life I’ve been angry that people who don’t know Kansas make sweeping assumptions about it and the people who live there. As you have just done. I was sticking up for Kansas as I do for Brooklyn; I loved my time there and look forward to the next trip.

      • Many people that turn their noses up at Kansas, adore every culture in Europe. Ironically, some of those cultures from Europe are “Kansas” to many Europeans. It is what it is. Most people need to feel “better” about themselves. Unfortunately, it is necessary for some people to put their feet on other peoples heads to get there.

      • FanFare /

        Alex, Maybe it was editing. It didn’t seem as though you stuck up for Kansas. You seemed embarrassed about where you live(d) and your past.
        Your reactions are stilted and very carefully worded, not genuine (I can’t believe I just quoted Kelly).

  5. Simon is disgusting. You talk about “class”? How about Simon the stupid talking about removing the o from countess? He and Romona would make a great pair…..of idiots. I have contacted your advertisers advising them that when men use certain words, women take over. My posts will insure that they silence the ugly little man in too-tight clothes who was most likely a looser in high school and college, and remains one today. And you, Alex are a total fool who “would go to the opening of an envelope”. Protecting your sons? You, who walked around in a hanky, with your pole-like body You’re a hypocrite. And by the way, Simon, you can’t sing a note and made another fool of yourself on Andy’s show.

    • Joan /

      WOW.. Simon was annoyed and you could see that when he said to remove the O that comes after the C. I found that LouAnn treated Alex like crap on the trip to Morocco and other times as well. He had enough of her nonsensical behaviour. Okay it wasn’t in the best of taste for him to say what he said.. but come on now fth, why would you silence a man/husband for supporting his wife? He did not actually say the word! get in contact with the advitisers? Isn’t that a bit drastic? REally.. this is a show..a reality show and some of it is scripted and some is not. Your critisism is very angry towards Simon and Alex. Maybe take a chill pill and if you don’t understand what is going on, then ask instead of ranting and making personal attacks on people you don’t even know.. Hell I don’t even know them! But Simon proved when he did make the statement that he has nothing to hide..which in fact could clean the slate from what slanderous remarks Jill has been accusing him of doing as well. Seems to me if Simon has something to say he says it.. good bad ugly whatever.. So be a bit tolerent. mmm You read on here like you are full of hate resentment and are jealous! Women are no better than men in the language department.. check into the real world!

  6. jody /

    haha, C U Next Tuesay! That was awesome!

  7. Susan /

    Ummmmmm, “fth,” just an FYI. Spell loser correctly. It isn’t “looser.” As for Simon saying “take out the o,” I was surprised, but it sure as heck doesn’t make me think he’s horrible. Nice to threaten them with contacting their “advertisers.” I think that kind of makes you “cl*ssless!” BTW, I also feel that Alex was not denigrating Kansas in the least. I think she’s proud of wherever she’s lived and experiences she’s had. I think Alex and Simon are the most genuine, and you, “fth,” are the loser for feeling the need to threaten. I mean, where does that get you in the greater scheme of things?

  8. Ruth /

    Alex, I think you and Simon are the most loving of all the couples on any of these shows. I’ve long suspected you have that “C” word in abundance! Too bad LuLu has no clue of what she speaks!

    I did not think you were slamming Kansas, not at all. I was reared in the far N.E. part of Oklahoma, and used to go to S.E. Kansas quite alot. Its really quite beautiful, in the foothills of the Ozark Mnts. I understand your desire to move on to bigger and better things. And you have! GOOD ON YOU!

    I believe you and Simon and your beautiful “chums” are the happiest of all the folks. I do hope you will achieve everything to hope for.

    I’m so glad you did not participate in that silly video. You stand your ground and have self respect, as well as quite a lot of respect from your fan base, of which I am a part.

    Peace and Love to you and your adorable family!

  9. Mary /

    RHONY is a great show and you two are my absolute favorites – so down to earth and genuinely nice. Your boys are adorable and it is always nice to see them on the show. Francois picked a great color for the playhouse!

    Alex, I admire you so much for standing up to those mean girls and feel for you when they gang up on your and won’t even let you speak. You have more class in your little finger than the countess has ever had or will have. I don’t blame you one bit for not participating in that farce of a video!

  10. Mary from Jersey /

    The drinking age is 21! Not 17 or 18! Don’t you know how many people are killed each year by drunk drivers? Your remarked to your son “no more” means he had already taken a sip! This is unacceptable behavior for a child! Simon seems to think 17 is ok…shame on you both, lost all respect

    • Joan /

      Mary from Jersey… ah, Simon is from Australia?? and there they drink at an earlier age as they do in many countries? He was referring to his son acting up with his little comments not that the child had a sip of any drink! OMG Simon also told his son, that he could have A BEER in THEIR HOME at age 17. Something that fathers do with their sons.. or some do as some tradtional bonding thing or something.. maybe not at 17.. could be at 16 or 18 or whenever. The point is Mary, Simon was not being irresponsible at all. He is the child’s father what they do in their own home is their business. The child is not going to go out and drive drunk! I think you are way off base here lady!! too judgemental! Simon is not an idiot and will not get his son drunk on one beer in their home.. get real!

      • Mary from Jersey /

        You get real, read the papers, watch the news, underage drinking is out of control, not 16, 17 or 18! The drinking age is 21, WHERE EVER YOU ARE. I guess you never had anything bad happen because of a drunk driver, well, I did and he was UNDERAGE! No excuses! 21!

  11. Alex, out of all the women in the “Housewives” franchise, you are the only one I’d want to sit down and have a cocktail with. Am intrigued by your thoughts in your Bravo blog on the “cl-ss” word. When I think of “class,” I think of someone like Audrey Hepburn, whom I certainly do aspire to emulate (with little luck so far). And perhaps aspiring to someone like Hepburn isn’t really a bad thing? Perhaps we need a new definition of the “C-word” — we’re certainly not going to find a suitable definition for “class” in the countess’ quarters. Keep it up, you’re doing fine.

  12. kristi /

    Hey “to the manor born”-

    I think your husband just called a woman the “c” word on national tv…..disgusting

    • FanFare /

      You heard correctly. I agree with you 100%. The editors must have been asleep at the switch.

      • Joan /

        Simon was justified in removing the O from the word countess! Good for him! If I watched how some nasty woman treated my wife week after week and was sooooooooo rude to her in Morocco as well.. I would say a lot more than he did. Simon is a man who loves his wife and if it takes the removal of a letter from some stupid title of a woman who doesn’t deserve it.. well so be it.. Glad he did it and it was all out in the open!! Cheers to Love!

    • Joan /

      I am glad Simon said what he said.. Just too bad he didn’t say it to Louann’s face!! Who knows mabye that will come to pass.. Love it.. Good for you Simon for working that word countess LOLOL She doesn’t even deserve that much attention. Look how she spoke and treated Alex in Morocco and on other occasions?

      • FanFare /

        You unwittingly make an interesting point. Simon saves his searing & insulting bon mots for the camera or his blog. To Jill’s & LuAnn’s face, he gives kiss – kiss. Maybe, he’s a gutless wonder with no balls.

  13. Haley /


    I’m just now watching this episode via iTunes and I’m a little unsure as to why you felt the need to defend why you were living in Kansas by stating that the only reason you lived there is because your father owned oil fields in the state. I was born and raised in Kansas, have spent time traveling the world, speak fluent French, and am currently working on my master’s degree. I always find it a combination of amusing and disappointing when people talk about Kansas like it’s something straight out of a Western. It’s one thing for people who live in major cities like NYC and have never been to the midwest to have their assumptions about what it’s like here. However, as someone who has lived here, I would hope that you would take an opportunity to be proud of that instead of to downplay it and make excuses as to why you lived here.

    I happen to live in eastern Kansas, in a county called Johnson County which is one of the wealthiest counties in the country. While I myself grew up in a relatively middle class environment, my high school catered to some of the wealthiest students in the area, who go on to attend expensive schools all over the country. Here we are well educated and cultured, and to boot we have a kindness of heart that is unique to midwesterners.

    While I understand that there are always going to be prejudices and prejudgments being made about people from Kansas, or any other region of the world for that matter, it would be nice to at least once see the place where I live accurately portrayed on TV.

  14. FanFare /


    You have 3 expressions: 1. eyes wide & and jaw agape = surprise 2. eyes narrow & lips pursed = sneer /or/ 3. blank stare (and interspersed with a creaky door snark.)

    This episodereally surprised me about your so-called righteous indignation regarding LuAnn’s “message” in her video and your abhorrence to it. It’s not clear what message you are seeing that is so vulgar. If, it’s the term “class” or enjoying life’s indulgences; then that makes little sense, coming from YOU. In the first 2 seasons of this guilty pleasure program, both you and Simon pontificated how great it was to be seen as socialites and wanting to improve YOUR station in life. Obviously, you wanted exactly what LuAnn has been describing: “the good life”. Therefore, your new found disgust for that very thing is disingenuous. I don’t buy your present stance on the “class” issue because it doesn’t ring true. Also, throughout the show’s seasons, I have yet to see any disrespect from Luann toward you or Simon (except in this one when she found your allegations unfounded and then retaliated.) It has not been seen what your real beef is with her.
    The other strange item was your comment that “when I was in High School, the dance moves were the same as today”. Uh, you are over 20 years older than Avery. I find it difficult to believe that you danced ghetto chic in Kansas 20 years ago.

    This season, you came out of the gate declaring a war on inconsistencies. Yet, YOU spew the most inconsistent lines of any cast member. While you whine about LuAnn or Jill telling others how to behave. Isn’t that exactly what you do when your noisily clomp into your scenes and breathlessly pant then shriek what YOU think about their behavior? In addition, you foght the battles of the strongest battle axes on the show (last season Bethenny & this one, Ramona). Neither one of them needs your assistance because they each have big enough mouths and nerve themselves. Obviously, without your interference, your presence would serve no purpose (except as a background, bit player). Maybe, you need their assistance to fight YOUR battles. Your scream fests cause friction and are superfluous. You really need to lighten up and R-E-L-A-X.

    • Joan /

      Why are you picking on every word or action that Alex does? She said the dance moves were called something else.. but the actual moves were basically the same.. rewatch the show and maybe try listening!!!! In Morocco Louann was so awful to Alex. We did not see all that went on behind the scenes.. so maybe Alex was so worked up for a reason. Having nurse phsyco Kelly on the scene didn’t help at all. She was insulting and rude to Alex as well. Sticking her nose into something that was NONE OF HER BEESWAX!!!
      Why are you being so judgemental and mean spirited? Get a grip!

  15. B-Girl57 /

    Whoa – Simon needs a muzzle.

    First he trashed LuAnn with the real “C” word. That’s not very gentlemanly nor even acceptable in polite society. For you to get your shorts in a bunch over “class” yet condone the other word (which I find vulgar) says a lot about your values.

    Then he assured Francois that drinking will be allowed asap (at 17years old). Simon alerted all of Francois’ potential friends and their parents that he will host underage drinking – which is against the law here. Being from Europe, we’ve had the exact discussion in our home in the U.S. When we traveled to European countries and our sons were 16 or 17 years old, they were allowed to drink, if they wanted to. Back in the States, they had to wait until they reached 21. (“When in Rome” doesn’t apply only to wearing Speedos, Simon.) FYI: In Massachusetts, parents who have hosted drinking parties where teens subsequently got into car accidents have been sued for all their worth! What sort of lesson is Simon teaching? Is it that alcohol is more important that your son’s health and well being? Is it that U.S. laws are made to be broken by him? Maybe, Simon wants a loaded gun around too…

    • Joan /

      WOW I find your comments here insulting and rude. Simon in no way ever stated he would allow a drink fest for all of their son’s friends. He simply told him he could have ONE DRINK at age 17 IN THEIR HOME!! He is not sending some strange messege out to all the child’s friends.. Simon never said he was going to host a drinking party.. where do you get off making crap up! Also Alex never condoned anything.. she just looked at Simon and I feel she will discuss the matter in priviate?? That is what normal people do?? Not have a big discussion on tv reality show LOL omg.. omg you have the child a raving alcoholic already.. lighten up! Alex grew up with the class thing.. and doesn’t like to discuss it.. so what.. it is her right not to like or like something that is either offensive or not offensive to her.. what is it to you? Do you know her personally?? or Simon? Back off! You need a muzzle and to get real!

      • Mary from Jersey /

        You seem to have an answer for everything! None of which makes any sense!

    • Joan /

      So you allowed your own sons to drink in Europe at ages 16 and 17? but not in the States? Kind of hypocritical don’t you think?? you think it is okay for you but Simon can’t give his son one drink in their own home?? wow you really are messed up!!!!!

      • B-Girl57 /

        To Joan:
        I am not at all being hypocritical, honey. “When in Rome”… Here in the States, rules and laws are different from Europe. Perhaps you’ve never left the comfort of your living room to explore other lands. BTW: I wasn’t insulting as I was informing Simon that he admitted on camera his plan to break the law. Then I gave the example of the Massachusetts law. That’s it. Perhaps YOU could read more carefully instead of drawing wrong conclusions. If you are insulted by the facts, you have a very thin skin.

    • Mary from Jersey /

      B-Girl57, Right on! I agree!!! 21!

  16. Alex your very cool enough! I’m really sick of the nice couple getting snubbed! You guys are great and take a look at these pups on my website! Alex I feel there is good in all and you seem to approach things like that, keep being true to you

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