RHONY 414- What We Wore

This is a light week, as we only wore one outfit this episode! When Simon and I started thinking about our outfits for the burlesque party, we decided to do a riff on Moulin Rouge, and rented these creations from Creative Costume:

Great Camera Deals

Since I have a little room, I’d also like to give a shout out to my amazing colorist, Brad Johns, who just became the color director at the Salon at Saks Fifth Avenue . Other people who make me camera ready are Teresa at Pangea Salon, Patricia Longo and Maya Shapiro.

Also, here’s the fashion recap for the main title credits, which I’ve been meaning to do all season:

In the “turn around” shot, I’m in a purple Jane Oh dress with jewelry by Ray Griffiths. Simon’s in Blanc de Chine, and the boys are in American Eagle sweaters and Levis.

In the main title “apple shot” I’m in a black Hunter Dixon dress, with jewelry by House of Waris.


  1. Maggie /

    I love Fashion Recap, thanks Alex! You guys look fantastic!

  2. Alex, do you wear Ramona Singer jewelry? It’s growing on me each time I see her wearing it, especially the earrings. Thanks!

  3. marcie catanese strelka /

    QUESTION: Alex and Simon, will Bravo ever do a show based on youre lives? I have enjoyed watching New York Housewives and you are one of my favorites because you are REAL! Beauty and brains! Thanks for sharing your life with us. I am looking forward to watching the Reuinion show. Hopefully you give some of the other housewives. . .aka Jill. . .a reality check. Maybe she should take notes as to how to be a true friend from you and Ramona. I am Team Alex! God Bless

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