RHONY 413 – What We Wore

Here’s what we wore this week…

Great Camera Deals

When Ramona and I walked through Apella with the owner and Kelly, I wore a Walter wool dress, United Nude boots, Linea Pelle bag, Plein Sud elbow length gloves and a Tulle coat.

At the Kiss and Fly party, Simon wore head to toe Loris Diran. I wore a Robin Brouillette beaded tank top over tux pants and Gucci heels. Simon’s coat is D&G and I can’t tell whether that’s my Mango or Louis Vuitton coat (but thinking it’s Mango.)

At Ramona’s birthday party for herself and Sonja, Simon wore a silk coat by Blanc de Chine, and I wore a silver sequined dress by Walter.

Simon and I started, then stopped, making the bed while we talked about all this tweeting nonsense. I wore a Mango cardigan, Vintage Revolution jeans, crystal necklace from a charity auction and pink shirt by Karen Millen. Simon is in a shirt made by our friends Mike and Adele at Epaulet and the funky cats on the wall are by an Australian company called Schmooks.

Finally, I went to an alternate universe lunch with Kelly and wore a 3/4 Walter jacket and cargo pants, Ray Griffiths jewelry and a Plein Sud silk tank.


  1. kerry thompson /

    You guys are truly pathetic. thanks for providing us entertainment tonight. who gives a shit about what you wear…who are these no-name designers you are referring to. Social climbing 101. I see you. We are NYC OGs and you are a poser. If my husband ever wore a dress i would be scared!

    • Unitedearthe /

      Obviously not well versed in designers, established or upcoming(upcoming designers are some of our most important designers,nobody knew who Christian siriano was b4 project runway)… And any real fashion admirer knows that was not a dress, whether you liked it or not its a retro classic. Really you should make sure you know more about the subject before commenting, dont you think ; }

  2. Janet /

    Gee, how does one end up on a page that says “Here’s what we wore” if they don’t care what you wore.

    Alex – I just tried to click on some of those links and they don’t work…

    • Alicia /

      I agree with you. For someone who acts like he doesn’t care about something, he is spending a lot of time and energy telling everyone how much he doesn’t care. Not exactly a great way to make your point.

  3. kerry thompson /

    Because I think they are such odd balls and wanted to know who the hell are they!?!?!?

    and you start to google simon van… and “simon van kemp gay” comes up… then I deleted gay and typed alex and it said “simon van kemp and alex mccord divorce” SOOOOO that is how one ends up on their website, and then I was like what there is an entire blog to their horrible stlye..SHIT…anything else?!

    But of course janet, you should know how google works!

    • Alex, I love you and your hubby’s attire and style. And not justJPou are not afraid of being yourselves as a couple or individuals. I admire that your relationship comes first and foremost in everything. PLEASE DO NOT EVER LEAVE THE SHOW UNLESS YOU GET YOUR OWN SHOW!

    • Katie /

      Actually Kerry, if you were to Google “Simon Van Kemp” the first suggested result that would come up under “Simon Van Kempen” (his full name) would actually be “Simon Van Kempen Net Worth.” Unfortunately you cannot lie about Google suggested search terms because anyone else can go check them. The only reason that anything else would pop up for you is if *you* frequently searched it (no longer suggested search results but Google Web History which is specific to the person using the search and their account). Please let me know if this is too much for your small brain to handle and I’ll try to explain it a little better and in more detail. I understand how for some, Google and the basic workings of the internet can be very confusing.

      • tami /

        ACtually, I just tried it and after typing simon v, google dropped down a menu and his full name was first, net worth as you mentioned was second on the list, “simon vance” was fourth and fifth was “simon van kemp gay.”

        I have never searched for Simon before, so there is no history to it.

    • tami /

      I had to type out simon v to get the gay mention (fifth suggestion in the drop down), then i had to type “simon van kemp gay alex” and it dropped down the auto fill with breakup (not divorce) in the 5th suggestion.

      But when I clicked that, there are NO stories that match that search correctly.

  4. Must agree with Marjorie, would love for you to have your own show. You guys are wonderful on the show, your book and blogs always crack me up.

  5. Melissa /

    I think you guys are great. All the haters are just jealous because they are the real posers. You guys are very secure within your own skin and don’t have to act a certain way just to fit in. Don’t change and don’t stoop to their levels ever. Jill, LuAnn and Kelly are wackadoodles.

  6. Katie /

    Watching the other housewives make asses of themselves this season is almost too hard to bear… the ONLY reason I am still watching is because I love you, Simon and your kids! It’s so refreshing to see a reality TV family like the McCord-van Kempens!

  7. Go Team Alex and Simon!

  8. angelifromgrace /

    You and your hubby are absolutely fantastic, and I hope that the not so transparent plan of Jill, the Countless Lu-Ann and Koo-Koo Kelly to try not to film with you to “ice” you out of the show turns back on them ten-fold. I can see how it would be very hard for them to have an actually honest, well-spoken and cultured person like yourself to have to be contrasted to. It truly makes them appear as ridiculous and phony as they really are.
    I think the brunette’s must have made some kind of pre-season pack trying to aim to get you and simon off the show, because you expose them too much. But sorry for them the show would be un-watchable if you were not on it. Thank you for your fantastic blogs every week. YOu are so spot on in your very fair and (in this viewer’s opinion) overly kind analysis of the behavior of some of your cast-mates.

    I think those other hateful women are attempting to make the adage if you say something enough it makes it true — with regards to the libel and slander claims. You know Jill and Kelly are lucky you are not the venomous vipers they are, because they deserve to be slapped with lawsuit from you and Simon for the libel and slander they put out there.
    NO good deed does go unpunished. Stop being nice to them, and don’t stoop to their level. Best wishes.

  9. kpt360 /

    THANK GOODNESS FOR YOU!! I wish I could smack some sense in to Kelly and get her to stop “bullying” YOU (excuse the word, great point in your blog about the inappropriate use of the word). I find it so nerveracking to watch Kelly call everybody and everything else, “wierd” and “odd” when she is the epidomy of both. And oh yes, her “breakthrough” last season..she is such a delusional one. I think the way you handle her is absolutely perfect Alex, because it provides the perfect impetus to highlight her insanity. You don’t react to it like Bethanny use to. I admire that. I sooo look forward to your blog after the each show…thanks for sharing yourself with this crazy women each week! Thank goodness you have Simon! And he has you. :)

    • Alex & Simon,
      I think you two are the most forward thinkers of the group, however the more Alex tries to be the fixer between two parties and really going out of your way to represent and relay information for another person that you precieve to have gotten the raw end of the deal the more confused I am about who you are. Especially when Kelly or anyone approaches you about Simon (your own husband)
      you take a hands off approach. This is completely at odds with what you have been doing your should be more of a mediator with your own husband and network of friends or enemies than you need to be with other peoples issues that really have nothing to do with you. It is crazy — you should be involved with Simon and his issuses with other people HE IS YOUR HUSBAND & You have more invested with him as you stated. I think you just want to take Simons side (on TV)
      to show your support but at some point you start looking confused – you are trying to make a point that you have a voice. OK we get it.

  10. hereswhat /

    Alex, you and Simon are the only two normal people on this show. Please, save yourselves and move on next season. You shouldn’t give these rude, self-centered, self-serving, unkind, jealous, controlling people one more minute of your time. You tried so hard to listen to Kelly in the lunch scene, yet she couldn’t stop talking long enough to hear a word of what you had to say. Kelly and Jill are victims of nothing! Mean tweeting?? Are they 12? If there is such a thing, they could just not read them. Problem solved. And so much uproar from Jill, the meanest person on any reality show….EVER.

  11. Maggie /

    Love, love, love that Walter wool dress ~ you look fantastic!

  12. Tori /

    Who cares who the designers are. The clothes look great and they look great on you. Thanks for sharing.

  13. @tweatcyn /

    I also thought the Walter wool dress was stunning. Wowzer! I also agree with everything Angelfromgrace says above. I still think you are the voice of reason and Ramona is the soothsayer. She and you see these “ladies” for what they are. It’s literally painful to see them harrass you, lie about you, and try to ruin your livelihoods. they can’t seem to differentiate you from your husband or both of you from the fans. they can’t understand that someone supporting people other than them means Simon is somehow directing their tweets. Just because someone @’s Simon doesn’t mean he is behind it. It means only that the tweeter wants Simon to read it. People are individuals and are responsible for their own tweets. simon doesn’t have some kind of power to run a hate campaign agains your costars. It’s such a rediculous allegation. I sit there with my mouth hanging open in disbelief just as you do. Stunningly outrageous for them to attribute our dislike of Kelly, Jill, and LuAnn to you or your husband or even Lynn. BTW, it’s awesome that you and Ramona take the time to really set the record straight regarding Lynn and her blog. You and Ramona have integrity and intelligence.

  14. LaLa /

    Sweet Alex, why do you put up with those crazy women? I would have reached across the table and slapped Kelly. She calls you weird, one should check herself into a clinic. You should just get up and walk away. Those women are beneath you. Love, love, love you. =)

    • Unitedearthe /

      Yes Alex, plzzzz listen to this. It was exactly what i was thinking when i watched it(not the slapping part, though out of your nature would have been kinda funny). I know your heart (as corny as it sounds) just wants everyone to get along and have fun, but plzzzz when it is appropriate to do so just get up and leave, just like Luann(I refuse to call her countess, it disgraces the title) did to you when she realized she was ill prepared to have a battle of the wits with you. next time say “I would love to have a battle of wits with you, but i refuse to battle an unarmed person” and then get up and leave. Peace and Love to your Family

      • Shannon /

        Unitedearthe…you had me laughing so hard! “I would love to have a battle wits with you, but I refuse to battle an unarmed person.” That is priceless and she could say it to all the brunettes on that show, especially Kelly! Kelly makes stupid people appear smart!
        Love you Alex and Simon and the chums!

  15. Emma /

    Alex, just press command/shift/4 to take a screen shot with crosshairs! You don’t have to capture the whole frame!

  16. Sarah /

    Alex, you & Simon are so CREEPY & WEIRD!!!!!!!

    • Laurel /

      And yet, Sarah, you seem to be fascinated with them both to the degree that you had to communicate with them. Apparently, you enjoy what you call “creepy and weird.” I’ll bet you don’t stop watching them. So in your own words, what does that make you?

  17. Laurel /

    Alex — I think you are awesome. Please stay true to yourself and do not let those nut jobs on RHONYC get you down or stop you from being you. I love that you get a little red when you are dealing with something intense. The same happens to me and to some other very worthwhile women I know, and we just need to keep going and not let the stupid comments of others shame us into silence. We have seen time and time again how Jill and LuAnn insult little details about people to try and silence them, and you are right — it is really rude and completely low-class to do that. I love that you call LuAnn (the Countess of manners herself) rude to her face. I am guessing she stomps off to another room so her head can explode with rage that you called her on her bull.

    As far as Kelly — I am always amused that Kelly constantly tries to control everything about everyone around her. She can’t stand it if someone speaks reasonably and intelligently and has to therefore tell them they are being weird and to shut up. I swear she will split into a million little pieces pf crazy some day if more people refuse to put up with her shenanigans as you have.

    I fully believe that the day will come when LuAnn, Jill, and Koo-Koo Kelly will turn on each other and start feeding off each other like snakes in a pit. It will happen.

    Keep yourself real and you will always be lovely and far and away beyond the likes of them.

  18. Nancy /

    Hi Alex- I would get red too if I had to sit through more than 5 minutes of Kelly’s talking at me. (I can’t figure out if she’s really that crazy or do they edit it so that she looks like she’s just that crazy!) It appears that she is incapable of having a conversation. Hm, perhaps Kelly is unaware that it is supposed to be a two way street. I sincerely hope that she is in therapy. I’m not sure why she thinks that it’s okay to counsel you or your husband on behavior when it’s so obvious that she’s the one who is totally off base. I literally cringe when she speaks! And LuAnn is nothing but pretentious. She makes me gag. You are so much better than them. Not that it would ever happen, but from where I’m sitting, you are owed an apology!

  19. maro /

    Tell your creepy “husband” to get a job and get off of twitter for five seconds…..tick tick tick on your fifteen minutes

  20. Trish /

    First let me start by saying that I think Kelly believing Simon is a cyber bully is another chapter in Kelly is Kuukuupuffs! I must also say, that I would never be allowed to meet another woman’s husband for a talk, any talk because that is not appropriate. Simon respectfully asked and Jill respectfully agreed. Kelly got in the middle and messed up the whole raproachment. When Jill changed her mind, Simon should have just been gracious and let it go. He wants what he wants, he gets very aggressive and sometime beligerant. So does my husband. So do most men. Impartiality is key here. I know you see red when someone says anything about Simon. Take a deep breath and empathize. Put yourself in that person’s position. It is inappropriate for a man to push the issue on a meeting. He will just need to let it go.
    JIll and you are on a TV show together-it is best for you all to work things out. Simon is not on the show, even though he really, really wants to be a housewife rather badly. All the other men are on the show occassionally when it is appropriate.
    Anyway, I sure hope you take this in the spirit is in intended. To be simply an impartial voice of a wife who knows.

    • Unitedearthe /

      Knows what, sounds to me you are pushing your social and relationship beliefs(which are hardly the norm) as if they are the only correct way, at the same time gender stereotyping, its ridiculous to think men/husbands are aggressive and beligerant and thats normal. If anyone needs to have a talk with their husband it is you… I would never, I mean that is crazy to live with that. Maybe Alex needs to have a talk with Simon but only because she feels so not because someone else tells her to do so.
      If ever a situation when it should be handled by Simon this is it, anytime Alex has tried to have an adult conversation with these woman, they take advantage of her calm demeanor and shoot her down and walk away or just shut her out completely. Not to mention Jill and Simon were friends first, if i remember correctly. It makes no sense why in this situation a man and woman could not meet to straighten things out. Thats so 1900’s way of thinking. Wich is almost what your marriage sounds like, please take that in consideration when giving advice in todays world, glad it works for you but im suffocating just hearing you. SCARY
      As far as Simon “not being” on the show, all the husbands are part of the show some even more so in earlier seasons. Your comment on that really did not make any sense nor did it hold any validity. Besides i kinda think that might have been Alex’s way of blowing off Kelly’s ridiculous comments. Who would want to sit and listen to an unstable person badmouth their family.
      I do agree sometimes he gets innapropriate when things are not going how he wants it, but honestly no more than Jill, Luann or Kelly.

  21. Alex,

    You commented in your blog that just because you and Jill burned the past does mean that Simon automatically forgives Jill for trying to ruin his career twice. What did Jill do to to try to ruin Simon’s career??? Please explain. Thanks!

  22. *does not mean*

    • Unitedearthe /

      Yes please respond, i would like to know as well. I have only heard rumblings of her trying to cause problems, but never any info as to what. Though it does not surprise me it is so like her to not care that he is supporting a family, just to get back at someone who doesnt kiss the ground she walks on or believe everything she says. Peace

  23. As a designer that has had the honour of dressing some of the most celebrated muses in the world. (ref: http://www.malanbreton.com) It is such a pleasure to work with Mademoiselle McCord. She is so gracious to post this blog with details on each designer she wears. As one of the best dressed cast members of housewives, it is always a joy to see her in my creations.
    Warm regards,
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    • Unitedearthe /

      OMG, your designs are so beautiful, i have loved your designs and style. And Alex carries your look so beautifully. eeeeks i feel like a giggling little school girl just replying to a comment you have made. Peace, Love and may we never be without your brilliant and creative mind.

  24. Donna /

    Alex: My grandson had a baseball game Thursday, so I taped the show. Friday afternoon I read the Bravo blogs and then watched the show later on. (I again watched it on Sunday morning to see if I had a diffferant perspective.) What a disconnect. Being a victim of bullying in the 7th grade, and emotional, verbal, & physical abuse from 1st hubby, I was completely mortified that Jill would hijack this very controversal subject and she and Bravo made it about her lies! I went on f/b and twitter and the I hate Jill page and searched other blogs for the truth. I was physically ill and wasn’t able to enjoy a visit from my grandchildren and their children on Sunday. I find Jill so twisted that I am taping all future housewive shows and fast-forwarding the scenes with the 3 brazen brats (among others) that twist things around and make snarky untrue remarks just for publicity. This subject could have so easily taken on a positive step and how to help/get help. This was a wonderful missed opportunity for Bravo, shame on them for allowing Jill to spew another one of her lies, ie: you in Simon’s lobby & Mario cheating on Romana. I am disgusted to say the least. (Jill always has this fake snarky smile shen she is lying).

  25. sobo /

    So which is it? You told Simon that without Simon there is no you and Jill. But when Kelly asks you to put your husband in check with the tweeting you say that she needs to talk to Simon. So are you separate individual sor morphed together as you indicated in the former conversation about Jill and Simon?

    • I agree w/ sobo. I also thought that was very contradictory of you Alex. Can you clarify?

  26. Donna /

    My take on the matter is: given a choice between Jill and Simon, Simon comes first, she is not going to divorce Simon for Jill. Also if you have a problem with Simon go directly to him and not use her as a middle man. When one has a problem with someone, go directly to the source so there can be no misunderstandings lost in the translation.

  27. Rose /

    I am surprised that you guys are not more popular. I really appreciate how honest you are and how genuine you both are represented. I love seeing Alex on the show and she is the only reason I still watch this reality tv show.

  28. LINDAG /


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