RHONY 412 – What We Wore

Here’s where pictures of our looks from tonight’s episode will go, and let’s start with Simon wearing a dress at Jill’s birthday party.

Great Camera Deals

I’ll have to lead you to the fashion recap to show a photo of what Simon wore to Jill’s birthday party. There is so much back-story here that was left out. I did my best to turn over a new leaf with Jill, which continued during Morocco, but started to sour as I continued to see evidence that Jill hadn’t changed. In particular, Simon wanted to speak to Jill to burn the past as she and I had – most of her attacks had been aimed at him, and he was justified, but she refused. He wanted the discussion to begin from a place of warmth, and something had happened that we all thought was funny. When Jill launched her bedding line, one of the fabric styles was called the Simona – which a few gossip columns joked must have been inspired by either Simon/Alex or Simon/Ramona. Simon and I decided to use the same fabric to make him an outfit, and Jill a gift, for her birthday – sort of a pre-discussion peace offering. Simon brought Bobby into the plan, who loved it and helped us source the fabric. We enlisted Jeffrey Williams, who (although none of us knew it at the time) won The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection. Jeffrey created an amazing caftan for Simon, and a handbag for Jill. I was sorry that it wasn’t explained better on the show.

On Simon, the Simona caftan, Loris Diran trousers, Dolce & Gabbana brown velvet coat. On Alex, Robin Brouillette vest, Loris Diran tux pants, Louis Vuitton coat, Ray Griffiths jewelry.

Next, Simon had a very big day at home. Of course we had to wear something, so here’s what it was. On me — Mango t-shirt, DL 1961 jeans, Cavalli belt and Tod’s boots.

On Simon, Hans Ubbink t-shirt, Cavalli jeans, and Louis Vuitton boots. He didn’t do any Herman Munstering.

Working out, I wore a tank by Travertine Yoga.

Finally, at Avery’s Sweet 16, I wore a Loris Diran dress and Simon wore a Blanc de Chine jacket, Cavalli shirt and Versace black trousers.


  1. Sonni /

    I think you 2 are the only non – phony people on the entire show..Who the hell does LuAnn think she is …She is no longer a COUNTESS…..I cant stand her fake manner ewww Ramona is half in the bag most of the time I think (drunk) Kelly I see is finally on the proper meds…Jill still 2 faced and trying hard to hide it…I like Cindy…Sonja is something havent figured out what that is yet she acts like she is worth more than she is I think…I like you stay true to what you are…Sonni

  2. Vicki Haynes /

    Alex, that was a very nice gesture on Simon’s part to soften the conversation and the gathering of friends. I’m glad you included Bobby before-hand and he complied. Love your clothes in EVERY photo, but could you show us a close-up photo of your boots and the jewelry? Thanks guys, and have a peaceful and relaxing evening. By the way, you did your best to try and work on the relationship with Jill. It seems she has a problem holding ANY female friendship together. She is just to combative and obviously loathes sharing the spotlight with anyone and becomes increasingly jealous when you or the others have more camera time. THAT is when Jill starts arguments and disagreements, because it gives her extra air time. Xoxo

  3. I love you guy’s, you should never have to explain yourselves, you two are the only reason I still watch the rhony :)

  4. alana /

    thanks for the explanation about the Simona caftan, that is hysterical and I loved it.

    It really shows the differences between people like you and simon and the other non-fun cast members, you guys are about having fun and mirth and levity and they are so miserable they want everyone else to be. it’s too bad.

    and the last photo in this sequence, is stunning, Alex, it just goes to show why you are a model, and this is a candid shot no less. I hope you continue to get modeling gigs and I hope to see you on WWHL soon (where you should have been on any of the nights you won the polls)

  5. Pebbles /

    I absolutely love you and Simon. You both always seem to make the best out of bad situations. I am so glad to see you stand up for yourself this season…those other “ladies” will eat anyone alive. Kudos to you both for always maintaining the utmost integrity and class while dealing with others that are, obviously, ill-mannered.

  6. matilda /

    Hi Alex & Simon you guy keep it up don’t let the phony’s try and put you down Alex you need to tell Jill to shut up and mind her own business she acting like Jill trying to get the camera shot being a hog she is the number 1 fake and camera hog don’t let her get to you just tell her she got know brain like Ramona told her i like Ramona two but you guys are my number one fan be strong don’t let these girls gang on you just leave and than get one at a time. Sonia is a fake she came on like she has it all you can tell that she isn’t what she is so now she is broke she wants the people to feel sorry for her but i’m sorry they need to take her off the show. Alex and Simon me and my family and girls friend love you guys number one fans matilda

  7. Tempest /

    As long as your sons are happy and well tended to there is no cause for alarm; no cause for being upset over the actions of others. You are the only ones who can truly put a wedge in your family and lives. Keep true to yourselves … you are the only ones who have the fortitude and self-awareness for greatness at the cost of no one else. Jill is always going to be self-adoring and never admit to her faults or that she was wronged anyone (including herself). Luann is a woman who thinks she rules because she was once married to a Count (wonder why he dumped her????) and is now just like everyone else who can’t carry a tune or care how demeaning they are to other people. Ramona is a little girl lost who is headed for a cliff … somehow she has to find a way not to fall into an abyss. She is a good person who is losing control. Sonia is an accident waiting to happen. How did Cindy get into this mix? There is a woman who had a great life and then Housewives happened to her. Notoriety doesn’t appear to agree with her. I would love to see Kelly happily married, having another baby and living the life in which she would excel instead of being mixed up in everyone else’s business … run, Kelly, run … and enjoy your life. I miss Bethany, but she came out on top and now can watch her on her own show. Maybe you will get a show of your own! Keep being yourselves, enjoy your sons while they still enjoy having you around and don’t let Housewives destroy you. Your fans are more loyal than those of the other Housewives and won’t turn as long as you remain the beautiful human beings that you are today.

  8. Andy /

    Thx so much for marching in the Pride parade. The next step is national marriage equality so my partner of 5 years can become a US citizen more easily !!!!!!!

  9. Teresa /

    I love you and your family! Who the hell is Luann and Jill to start drama?

  10. Good morning, Alex
    I watch your program and really like it. I don’t understand why some of the women on your program argue so much, but that’s okay. It makes for good televison. How is your house coming? Have you got it all decorated?

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  11. byrdieb /

    Bravo needs to give you and Simon a show of your own– finding up and coming fashion designers across the United States. I just can’t stand the bullying and lack of maturity shown by the, “Triple Punch” on the R.H.of NY anymore. I hope the network knows that the viewers want to see more of you and less of the fakey drama queens.

    P.S. Idea for a name of your new show, “Style Up with Alex”

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