RHONY 411 – What We Wore

I loved the scene at home with Simon! He surprised me with a bunch of lingerie from Hanky Panky, which I happily tried on. Prior to changing, I had on jeggings and a cream t-shirt from American Eagle. Simon sported a blue & white shirt by English Laundry, jeans by Vintage Revolution and deck shoes from Epaulet.

Great Camera Deals

For both the shapewear focus group and lunch with Ramona, I wore a top and leggings by Sanctuary, chain tie by Currency and Tod’s boots, with a brown bag by Cavalli. I bought the black pearl earrings at the Help for Orphans event that happened in season 2.

Several interviews this week — in the first, I wore a Cavalli top, costume necklace from Housing Works and my round Ray Griffiths crystal and diamond drop earrings that I first wore in the Season 1 promo shoots.

In the next interview, I had on a coral dress by Lipsy London, and earrings from Gilt Groupe.

Next, I wore a Walter dress with a very vintage necklace that was my grandmother’s.

Which brings us to coffee with LuAnn. Actually, I invited her to leave before the coffee even arrived. Here’s a wide shot where I think you can see everything. Cape by Keith Lissner, turtleneck by Plein Sud, square crystal and diamond drops by Ray Griffiths that Simon bought for me in Season 2, along with the pink tourmaline ring also by Ray. Jeans by Louis Vuitton, boots by United Nude.


  1. All gorgeous pieces! BTW, love that you got lingerie from Hanky Panky, that’s one of my mom’s clients! :)

    • cstreet /

      I agree! Alex, you are the only classy one in the bunch! The way Kelly and LuAnn treated you in Morocco was appalling… Completely classless and tacky. Please don’t ever let anyone talk down to you like Kelly did when she “thought” she was calming you after you had something to say about Ramona. It was inhumane, the way she spoke to you. Completely vile. Always take up for yourself, and don’t every give in! Best wishes!

  2. maro /

    Quit being Ramona’s servant! It’s embarrassing…..

    • Allison /

      Alex..You are a good friend and you are very sincere. It was quite clear that Kelly was trying to make you look “crazy” to get the focus off of her break down last year. You are a very inspirational woman with a lot of pride! Kelly is not only crazy but very rude and the Lu Ann is worse. Keep being you!

  3. love you and simon. and keep being true to you . tell every one else to piss off

  4. Chris /

    I don’t know how you’ve managed to keep calm with all Luann’s folderol. She behaves atrociously for someone who supposed to have class. I find myself wondering if she honestly believes that all her ‘rules for behavior’ apply only to everyone else, not to her.
    Enough of that! Since Season 1 I’ve enjoyed you, Simon & the chums. Keep on keepin’ on! Congrats on the Metro columns!

  5. Alex, you and Simon have really grown on me…I have been a viewer since episode 1 of the RHOC, and watched every episode of every RH Franchise since…(thanks to DVR’s)… I find you to be one of the few AUTHENTIC subjects, and perhaps, that is why it has taken a bit of time for you to find your ground on the show and with the viewers…nonetheless, I appreciate the fact that you and Simon appear to stay true to yourselves, yet still manage to entertain us…on the contrary, I find LuAnne to be a petulant twit, who reeks of self-righteous indignation…it is very unbecoming, and to be quite frank, she comes off as a very hypocritical and insecure woman…as a well educated woman myself, who has earned great success both personally, socially and in the business world, and lives a lifestyle that equals or eclipses ANY of the “housewives”, I shudder to think that women like LuAnne (and a few others) consider themselves to be the “standard” as to what defines an “upper class” American woman… I too found myself annoyed when watching the Morocco episodes, with the way that she: a) insinuated that she was the founding mother of “world travel”, specifically, Morocco; b) gave veiled statements over and over and over that she was the hostess of this trip, leading unsuspecting viewers to perceive that she funded this trip, when we all know that Bravo did; c) if she were truly a gracious hostess, who was well travelled, she would know that travelling internationally is exhausting, and albeit wonderful can be very challenging for many, and group travel is even tougher. Furthermore, a gracious hostess puts her guests FIRST. Period. Thank you for sharing a snip-et of your life with us, and best wishes to you and yours.

  6. Jeanne /

    Hi Alex! At first you were sort of made out to be the social climbers (season one). Over time, you have proven to be one of the more grounded and sane ones of the group. I can’t believe they are STILL giving you a hard time for running down the stairs. You were upset. Whether or not Kelly or Luanne think your reason for being upset was expressed in an “apparopriate way” it remains that you were upset. That’s why you ran into the room. If Luanne gave a shit, she would have excused herself, and walked outside to find out why you were so upset.
    She is so condescending. She thinks she is better than you, and is extremely condescending. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing that makes me more angry than when someone acts that way.
    I thought you handled the “getting together” perfectly. She wasn’t used to someone coming right back at her verbally, and so she left. Again, thinking she is better than you.
    If I were you, I would just avoid her as much as possible. It is not worth your angst to be around someone like that. When you are in the same room or at the same event, you can just be a distant aquaintance. Leave it at that. She is not worth your time.
    Stay grounded, true to who you are, and never stop caring ab out your friends and their feelings.

  7. Aimee thenell /

    Where did you get the chain tie – love it!

  8. Fan in Atlanta /

    Alex your eye makeup in the interview when you wore the coral dres was amazing! Would you share the details? If it was done by a make-up artist or yourself I would love to see a video of the technique. Your looked even more gorgeous! Thanks.

  9. Carin C /

    Luv… Luv… Luv… you and Simon.
    Best of love and success with the show.
    I am so glad you finally started speaking out for yourself.

  10. Hello, Alex! I love you on RHONY. I really respect that you stay true to who you are despite being surrounded by a bunch of limelight hungry divas.

    I really hope that when you get to recap the season with the other housewives that you actually get a word in. Those ladies surely don’t know when to shut it. They have no idea of what a conversation entails. Stand your ground firmly. Don’t hesitate to say what you need to say. If someone talks over you, tell them politely that it is your turn to talk and that they need to behave like an adult.

    Go you!

  11. I love that you shop with Gilt!

  12. Andra /

    Thank you, Alex, for continuing to be the One gal on the show with actual (not self-appointed) class. Luann embarrassed herself more than ever during the coffee scene. I’m glad you have not let the shallow pursuits of any of the ladies change you. You possess grace and style, true, but you are a mother your boys will always be able to admire.

    Oh! I also wanted to tell you I thought it was so funny when you went with Ramona and Sonja to get facials. You with the Best skin by Far saying you do nothing to it. Irony.

    Yes, I know I capitalized wrongfully. It is an aamilne-like attempt for emphasis.

  13. katie /

    u suck

  14. caroline /

    i fast forward you on the show

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