RHONY 410- What We Wore

OK here we go!

Great Camera Deals

First up, I wore this when I really wanted to remove all stress from the situation:

Red Jacket by Malan Breton, bustier and tux pants by Loris Diran and jewelry by Ramona Singer. and shoes by Gucci.

Up next, I had an interview where I wore a dress by Walter Baker, a wrap by Butter from Brooklyn and a necklace from the lovely people at Style Week Providence.

At the Bahia Palace, I wore Sanctuary leggings and beaded tank top, Louis Vuitton boots, a white cashmere coat by Loris Diran, bag by Linea Pelle, earrings by Ray Griffiths and a red Kx camera by Pentax that I got at Willoughbys Camera.

On the roof with Ramona, I wore another pair of Ray Griffiths earrings (had a great time with him this week at the American Australian event!) Scarf by Kikoy4Kenya, jeggings by American Eagle and takn top by Plein Sud.

At the “is it a buffet or a dinner party,” I swapped the scarf for a cardigan by MNG Mango.

Ramona and I woke Sonja up, and I wore Loris Diran with Ramona’s jewelry.

Simon played pool with Mario and some of our friends, and wore Versace.

While we had fab Moroccan eyeliner applied, I wore Donna Ricco.

And last, but not least, here I am in one of Albert Okinine’s caftan gowns.


  1. You have such a good taste in shoes!

  2. Nicole Taylor /

    Hi Alex,

    I love reading your fashion blog. With your height and to die for hair, you can practically wear any outfit. Nothing looks bad on you (except for scenes when you’re getting dramatic like delivering a message to Jill or the much talked about buffalo entrance). I particularly love the red Malan Breton jacket and Loris Diran dress you wore (on Sonja’s bed).

    BTW, who does your hair?


    • Emma /

      How can you remember the provenance every piece of clothing you are wearing, right down to the jeggings? Props to you for that!

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