RHONY 408 – What We Wore

Here’s a quick rundown of the fashions in Morocco, Part One!

Great Camera Deals

For the flight, I wore Vintage Revolution jeans, a Roberto Cavalli white shirt, Louis Vuitton boots, a Ferragamo pink & brown bag and a lovely paisley coat by Malan Breton. My luggage is Samsonite, which the fab Robert Verdi helped me pick out.

At our riyad, Jnane Tamsna, each of us was graciously provided with a djellabah and traditional pointed shoes for wear around the house. Mine was green!

The black shirt dress I wore at the riyad was by Light by Fusion — I’d give you a link but I can’t find one other than this.

Finally, we attended a party for Brad Boles at a private guest house. I wore a Malan Breton blouse and evening shorts with Cavalli sandals and a royal blue pashmina wrap. And a snake around my neck.


  1. Ginger /

    Ahh Morocco part 1, I can’t wait for part 2. I have been following Jill on Facebook and trying to get clues as to what happens!!!! Anyone have the inside scoop?

  2. MadgePadge /

    I loved the evening shorts ~ I thought it was a skirt. You didn’t list the designer?

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