RHONY 405 – What We Wore

Somehow this week all the screen grabs I could get are slightly out of focus, and don’t always show the entire outfit. I guess we all moved around too quickly this episode…

Great Camera Deals

On François’ birthday, we had just come from a big shopping spree (for both boys as their birthdays are two weeks apart) at American Eagle for JC Penney. They make great, cute, indestructible clothes for boys that you can mix and match with dressier options.

Simon wore John Bartlett with Vintage Revolution jeans, and I was in a cardigan and jeggings by MNG Mango, purple tank from Barneys co-op, boots by United Nude and wrist cuff by Old Money Jewelry. OM pieces are literally made from old coins from various countries and eras! The necklace Simon and I found in a tiny little jewelry store in Jerusalem.

During lunch with Jill, I wore an Old Money necklace, tiger eye earrings by our friend Ray Griffiths (seen in seasons 1, 2, 4 at Governor’s Island, etc.,) Mango cardigan, Sanctuary beaded tank and Walter silk pantaloons. The placemats and napkin rings are by Kim Seybert.

I also had a few interviews this week…in the first one I wore a Cavalli top, Ray Griffiths earrings and a fun costume necklace from the Housing Works shop.

Next, a dress by Walter.

Finally, a one shouldered number by Von Vonni.


  1. Emily /

    Alex, whatever you’ve done with your hair & makeup is GORGEOUS! The hair is soft, full & sexy & your makeup makes your blue eyes sparkle dramatically. I want to see the look completed to perfection! Have you thought about getting Invisalign or veneers for your teeth? And don’t forget; good posture takes years off a woman’s age & complements your outer appearance with an indication of inner confidence. I wanted to write & tell you because I’d want a girlfriend to tell me if there were little tweaks I could make to take my look from pretty to perfection. Can’t wait to watch your continued success on RHNYC!

  2. mia /

    Your hair looks so good this season. I like the lighter blonde, brings out your blue eyes..
    you have a very sweet family.
    you are the only one on the show worth watching! I love how you are down to earth,
    and are proud of being in Brooklyn. I am from Calif., and visited Brooklyn Heights a few
    years back, and adored it! Very charming…

  3. HiAlex /

    Just to let you know honey, we try all the time to comment on Bravo, tried for years, and our comments never get posted. Pleaser tell Alex not to be so upset with the scenes. You two should be proud parents that your kids are in to the things they are in. It don’t matter where you live, as you saw from Adrainne in Bevery Hills, don’t matter if you live in the nicest mansion in Beverly Hills , kids will be kids. My twitter buddy just said all she wanted for mothers day is for them to clean their own room lol. Be lucky you don’t have girls lol, with Mommy Alex’s esen$ive ta$te. Then again, I think you $imon are responsible for that. :)
    I really enjoy you two and your family. So glad after 4 years we got to see your cats in episode 1. Hey, Jill won the poll last night, wonder if she stll claims your robots are responsible?

  4. HiAlex /

    that comment I left on Simon’s Blog, but i didn’t realize that you have your own blog that takes comments. Wow, how refreshing, you allow comments with out moderation (cough Jillousy)

  5. shelley gallagher /

    ALEX!!! Your son was not trying 2 play with ur hair!! Stevie Wonder can c that! Luv your sensibility but really!!!

  6. Jennifer /

    It appears that Francois is autistic. Music is a great outlet for him to express himself.

  7. Lynne /

    Is your son Autistic, have you looked in to getting him tested because if not I truly believe you should.

  8. Just read Alex’s Bravo blog-I was one who commented about spectrum disorders, & I apologize. I’ve been the mom of & worked with autistic kids for many years-I thought I saw something in Francois, but I should have waited for Alex’s clarification before commenting. Apologies to you both and the chums.

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