RHONY 404 – What We Wore

This week will be a short post as Simon and I spent most of that Hamptons weekend with our children, which doesn’t typically make dramatic television unless someone falls off an ATV or a horse. Thank goodness they didn’t – no ER visits that weekend!

Great Camera Deals

At LuAnn’s cocktail party for the ladies, I wore a Walter faux fur & knit vest over a Plein Sud tank top, Vintage Revolution jeans, a Linea Pelle black tote, jewelry by Lauren Kara and boots that must not be named….yet….

Next, we visited a stable in Quogue for Cindy — Simon and I were in head to toe John Bartlett, and the boys both in Ralph Lauren for kids. I wore sunglasses by Coach.

Here are a few pictures from my phone of the boys that day…bottle feeding young donkeys and François riding a horse while the wives bickered in the background.


  1. I am so glad that both you and Simon have spirit, sanity, grace and friendship. Truly gives me hope that having good manners and not behaving badly is the norm. If I’m in NY next year I would love to march with you both. I have a staff member who luckily enough had the chance to marry his partner. But, during tax season I have never seen somone so anxious over having to file state taxes jointly and federal taxes separately-not to mention they have been audited every year for the past 3 years. This has to change.
    Be well,

  2. Hi Alex and Simon,
    Just wanted to tell you that the web page on this lawyer’s website (listed below) looks like it has Alex’s picture on the top. Are you affiliated with that or is that just a look a like? Just wanted to let you know in case you want it removed or anything.

  3. George /

    I just had to get this off my chest. Alex you go around biting everyone’s head off on this season of the show and the funny thing is everything you are saying about everyone else is something about yourself. You are one of the most arrogant people I know. You have the nerve to say Sojna is making the Gay marriage equality day about herself, when you are the one who made the big scene. Then you go to her party and act worse than Kelly did on lunatic island. You are the most hypocritical woman on the show. And if you are so for Gay marriage, why did you let a gay man marry you for a visa? I mean, come on, we all know Simon is gay! The show is just so damn irritating because of your phoniness! YOU ARE SO FAKE! You are the worst actress, and the outfits you’ve been wearing….HIRE A STYLIST! You may be tall and thin, but that doesn’t mean you should dress like a hooker and that it looks good. You write a book on parenting and yet you leave your kids home alone every night and go out partying. It’s just too much! Why don’t you try being yourself. You go everywhere with Simon, it is so not normal, and then when you don’t, you overcompensate now by opening your big gob and spewing a bunch of bull shit.

    Just face it, you are jealous of the other women, but you really shouldn’t be, because you used to be the most likeable, and now because of your outlandish behavior you are the least likeable. The lot of you are all fucked up, let’s face the reality, but now you are the worst of the lot.

    • Suzy /

      Wow! Do you feel better after spewing all that spiteful judgment? Why in the world would you post such a hateful message to people you don’t know personally? Alex and Simon are on a reality show; they aren’t your friends. Maybe you need to spend more time on your own issues.

  4. George /

    P.S. I guess you could say I found my voice! And I know you will take offense to my comments, like everyone has taken offense to some of the things you’ve been running around saying. And I know it is just a stupid mind numbing reality program, but you are just so damn irritating Alex. Be true to yourself!

  5. Madaline /

    I think its wonderful how you speak up now, their all just picking on you since Bethanny is gone your the new chosen lamb to grip on. It made me laugh when crazy kell put you down for modeling now. Maybe she is perplexed that you have brains and beauty ;). Funny no one dares tells Jill to zip it and she is cruder then anyone.
    Own it and live it and don’t let anyone stop you from being you.

  6. George /

    Don’t get me wrong Madaline, they are all messed up women, which is why Shed and Bravo specifically chose them to be on the show! But most people want to wind down from their hectic day (you know the ones who actually have to go out and work an 8 to 12 hour day) by watching mind numbing reality programs such as this one. We don’t want to hear bitching and moaning, we want peace. Alex for me has just gone too far, but the other women all have serious issues. Bethenny had a toilet for a mouth and Jill pretends to have a job, but Alex you need to know when to open your mouth and when to keep it shut. Pick your battles, don’t show up at an event and act like a crazy cow in a hooker’s costume. I mean, really???

    • Madaline /

      Get me wrong and I dont give a flip bu , I live in the real world George. Most men specaily don’t like it when women speak their inteligent mind and stand their ground. If you get in my face I will tell it like it is. Bethanny did and I guess she is laughing at peeps like you all the way to the bank who sit on their high holy roller judgment seat while wack a dooing off. Since the show began Alex was sweet and quiet and they would throw her against the walls and beat up her children, Now she puts them in her place. Maybe they all need and you too some Countess lessons in If you don’t got nothing nice to say Shut the front door. Its funny men call it bitching but when they get into it, its a disagreement or punch out. Get over it and be true to yourself. If you don’t like them Don’t watch it. I Love stand up in your faces real women who don’t let self serving loud mouth bimbos to put them down, as for the showing up in a hooker outfit, maybe you should date different hookers that dress like little mouse on the Prairie squeeling for the cough “man” to kill the spiders. That out fit was worth more then you make a year probably.

    • MadgePadge /


      If you come home after 8 to 10 hours of hard work, no one made you turn on the RHONYC. Did they? So you spend time watching the show, and make nasty comments on Alex’s blog, because it’s not censored like a few of the other women and Bravo. Why do you care what Alex wears? It’s none of your business. I think your the crazy cow.

  7. Mike /

    This is too funny. You are all idiots for watching stupid shows in the first place, but I do too ahahahahah. Simon does seem really gay, if you are for gays then come out of the closet yourself eh? Alex can’t be a model, because she is nearly 40 and doesn’t have the look everyone expects. She isn’t ugly, but yeah maybe should dress your age eh? The arrogance does show in blogs like this, websites like this, ya know? Why are you posting random blogs about nothing? I don’t get it.

    • Madaline /

      why be here type your age and don’t judge people who are richer then you? Are you that old school that men should be cave manish and not happy and do what they want or else they are gay? 40 is old because most men like “little girls” creep eh? most real men love real women. But then we know real women don’t give creeps a second look.
      The arrogance does show in blogs like this, websites like this, ya know? Why are you posting random blogs about nothing? Don’t like it why be here but to show your immaturity about real life. lol O brother how old are you 5? good luck put some big boy panties on eh

  8. rainy /

    I think you have been portrayed from beginning as want-to-be’s – and you played into that with some of your comments. You have the opportunity now to choose the good road, not necessarily the gold road – and the good road allows you to sleep at night with who you are – not tossing about what you lack and have failed to accomplish. You have chosen to “express” yourself, however, it is almost an over-correction to the extreme of the other side now. Find the balance. To attack Jill the minute she walks into a room – and to say that her lack of announcing the past issues immediately was “aggressive” is not reasonable. Truly, was she supposed to walk in and in front of everyone make a grand statement about what you were holding against her for “a year”. It’s not sensible. I hope the season plays out where you are able to balance your verbal opinions with common sense and courtesy. And to rest peacefully in the knowledge of your truth – although others may have their own truths as well.

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