And then there were 3 – hours, that is!

Part 3 is upon us, and I don’t think we necessarily got any clarity. What am I looking forward to? For the first weekend in 2 months we have time at home. Tomorrow night Simon and I are taking the kids to see the Brooklyn Cyclones play (minor league baseball) and can’t wait to spend Father’s Day as a family. No book signings! We’ll be back on the road again shortly, and if you are looking for a Father’s Day book – ours is half written by Simon and gives the Dad’s take on things. Shameless plug over; let’s recap the madness. Ahem, discussion. Actually, no, madness is a better description. Madness with hair extensions, designer shoes, makeup and a confused-looking Andy Cohen.

Great Camera Deals

Kelly thinks we are aggressive and dangerous. I respectfully disagree, but can tell you what I DO think we are – fed up with Kelly calling us that. I have always tried to enjoy spending time with her, to engage her and get her to relax a little. Doesn’t work. She called us unpredictable, and I have to say that with all the contradictions she herself is very unpredictable. It’s one thing to change your mind about something. Everyone gets to change their minds now and then. When you “change your mind” in the same sentence, that gives everyone else whiplash and makes us not trust her.

On to Jill. First, very quickly re the Bethenny situation – it was appropriate of Jill to apologize to Bethenny and nice of Bethenny to allow a hug.

Next, Jill says I hate her, and that she can’t film with me in the future. She’s attempting to play chess with me and with Bravo here, which is typical – she’s done it with Bethenny and with Kelly in the past. There have been a few people recently who have asked me why Jill gets me so upset, and tonight we saw an example. Because Jill was angry with me, when the subject of nude photos and hypocrisy came up, she started shouting that I had “spread eagle pictures in the hallway of my husband’s hotel.” Number 1, that is not true and she knows it. Number 2, she chose her words specifically to cause trouble for Simon, because perhaps someone out there would wonder whether it was true and ask his business associates about it. For the record, my photos were personal ones, not meant for publication, that got out. Jill doesn’t care about who is or isn’t nude – she even has her own vault, as mentioned to Mark Malkin here. In case you don’t want to take the link – here’s her sendoff quote – “She added, “A lot of people have hot videos of themselves that they don’t want published. People who say they don’t or wouldn’t, I don’t know if I believe them.”

This is an example of the way Jill plays. Jill is a mean girl, not a stupid girl, and she knows exactly what she is doing. Every time she goes on the attack against me or anyone else, she says something that she hopes will damage her target’s life or career. It’s really, truly dirty. She attacked our book. She has attacked my husband. She attacked our children. I have never once said a word about her husband, their businesses or her daughter. Not once. Ever. Have I ever been condescending to her? No. I have not. Over three years I have always been the one to be dragged back against my will to make up with someone who is underhanded and downright cruel. She has said we were never friends, but I have tried, on camera, off camera, I have invited her to events, etc. Jill is seeing red because I’m no longer willing to be under her foot like some of the other women, to be silent while she freely leaks stories to the press. On the same day a few weeks ago, Jill wished me well on Facebook while also calling a reporter and screaming at him because he interviewed me without her permission. When I called her out over Amazongate in Boston and posting under the pseudonym Susan Saunders; she denied something she wasn’t accused of (being J. Samples) in order to confuse people. In this same blog post, she went after Bethenny again and please note that her post was written after tonight’s episode, complete with teary hug, was filmed. This is hypocritical, and standard Jill Zarin.

Want some examples? Let’s review. January 2010 – Simon told a reporter who asked that he didn’t know why Jill was at Sundance. Less than a week later, even before season three was on the air, a blind item by the same reporter said Simon and I were off the show. Is her name on this one? No, but the reporter who wrote both is a friend of hers. Previously, an article in New York Magazine contained a comment by Simon that Jill felt was unkind. Shortly thereafter, she attempted to crucify him professionally by making up a story that sounded believable enough to cause him trouble. As she said on season 2 with a snarl, “If you hit me, I’ll hit you back.” If you throw a spitball at her, she aims an AK47 at your entire family and livelihood. I remember when we filmed the skating event with Johnny Weir in CT — Kate Gosselin’s bodyguard wouldn’t let Jill into the bathroom until Kate came out, making her wait. A seething Jill came back and whispered the story in my ear, finishing with “I’m gonna ruin her.” Because she had to hold it for a few minutes?? This is the same Jill that told me not to film with Kelly in season 2. Yes, Bethenny said it too, but it came from Jill first. This is the same Jill that told me not to film with Bethenny in season 3. This is the same Jill who successfully made Teresa from NJ think that Ramona was attacking her one day, when Jacqueline and I could both see Jill was stirring the pot. It’s unfair, it’s nasty and it’s typical.

In St. John, had Jill acknowledged my presence whatsoever, I would have tried to find a way to salvage the situation. She strode in and shouted “Surprise! Hey, Ramona! Surprise!” She walked over to my chair and stood with her back to me. She said I was “butting into her business” and I still don’t know how – by my existence that she didn’t acknowledge? At tonight’s reunion, she said leaving St. John was the worst thing that’s ever happened to her. Worse than cancer? Worse than losing a family member? Really? No. Not really. But typical.

I have no doubt whatsoever that Jill will try every trick in her playbook to get me fired – she would love nothing more than to crush me, Simon and the boys because that’s what she likes to do to people. She’s put down the gauntlet already. As I’ve shown this season, I won’t sit silently anymore, and I hope that her playing dirty doesn’t pay. Watch what happens. Follow me on Twitter and feel free to tweet Andy and Bravo your thoughts about all this. To keep up with what we’re doing in the off season, including appearances on Bethenny’s Getting Married, add us on Facebook. Have a great summer!


  1. happywllen /

    I posted to you on Bravo, but am sure it never made it to you. I just want to say that I really missed not seeing Simon and the boys this year. I like Simon, he’s unique and I appreciate his humor. I also have been one of your fans since you first came on hw and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching you as you found your voice. You have never veered from your fundamental “goodness” and I think that is what really drives Jill crazy. I do hope to see you on the show next year, but would also ask that you include “Brooklyn”, and your family in more of the new show. PS. Loved your book!

  2. ShannonL /

    I love your blog, so honest and straightforward. I also love you and Simon, you two are great together. I really believed you when you said that you do not hate Jill, which shows just how much class you have. If Jill is on next season, I for one, will not be watching. I think the show would be wonderful with you, Ramona, Bethenny and Sonja. Looking forward to seeing you next season.

  3. Alex – You were quite the lady on the reunion shows and with one exception all season. My hat is off to you. I tweeted Andy to do a “fact check” show (or three). Show clips of the reunion and the clips of the show to see who is telling the truth.

    • RHONYC Fan /

      Ladies do not take pictures like she has. That one with the mask is personally disturbing and questionable. Her weird South Florida shots. Yuck!

      I am sure her boys will like that when they get older. It is one thing is you have girls and you can spin the fact of giving them an idea of loving your body in a tasteful surrounding, like Kelly did. However, photos in the bathroom of your husband’s hotel are just plain weird. Those boys will be scarred for life. They will have to listen to other boys talking about their mother in such vile ways. It is too icky for words.

      • Naomi /

        Away, Troll! (Taking photos for Playboy – a publication with no intent besides men pawing over your nude shots? Yuck!)

        • RHONYC /

          Really…even Bethenny said being in Playboy was flattering. She didn’t say anything to Alex. The reason is it is creepy. A bathroom in a hotel. The Chandler does look like a $10/hr stop over.

          FYI, Naomi you are a troll and probably look like one as well!

          What will her boys think other than my mom was once a weirdo. Poor boys. Poor Chums!

          • Oh please…Bethenney said that to calm the psycho nutjob that is Kelly. I don’t think anyone really cares (or should care) about anyone’s personal photos. Why don’t you spend more time worrying about your own family then Alex’s boys? I think she and Simon have got it covered.

      • otaypanky /

        stfu rhonyc fan…write me.

        401 E 60th St, Apt 30C

        New York, NY 10022-1596

        (212) 223-0607

  4. MaryB /

    Alex, you and Simon are my absolute favorite on the show. Please, please don’t leave!

    Jill has shown her true colors this season. The woman needs to get a grip and be brought down a few pegs. Making unkind and untrue comments at the expense of your husband and children to your face is just vile, I know because I’ve had it done to me.

    Loved you both on Bethenny’s new show and look forward to seeing you again.

    • RHONYC Fan /

      Bethenny looked like she wanted weird Simon and Alex out of her apartment ASAP. It was just uncomfortable watching that scene.

      • scarlet begonias /

        B did invite them. how much do you get paid to do this? because if you are not getting paid then it is just sad that you would sit here and comment on every one else’s comments. must be nice to have so much free time.

        • rhonyc fan /

          Scarlet or Alex or Simon…B invited them for the SHOW ONLY. She even said she normally doesn’t hang around them. It was the show and she even said it was weird.

          Anyone can write from their office. And it takes two seconds to write to you. A no brainer to your diatribe.

          • scarlet begonias /

            she still invited invited them. I wouldn’t invite anybody into my home whom I did not want there. I agree, what you write is a no brainer. it’s all bullshit. I feel sorry for you that you this is all you have in your life. you obviously sit there all day doing this. I, for one, am not going to read any more of what you have to say. I only came here to read about what Alex had to say and could not help but notice YOUR stupid “diatribes” which are on every other persons comments. I only commented you back because it is funny to make fun of you sitting there commenting every chance you get. obviously your life sucks.
            my name is rachel and I live in Ca. if you would like to contact me personally my email address is
            alex, you are awesome for not deleting this morons comments. obviously this is jill or one of her people. and if it is not then she is just like jill and feels the need to defend the monster whom she emulates. sadly, she makes you look better with every post she makes. I will not be commenting her back anymore because my lovely family is hanging out BBQing and I am about to join them. I hope you are doing the same!

          • rhonyc fan /


            I know your Alex and now you are losing your cool. I read what you wrote to other commentators and constantly calling them Jill when you don’t agree. You start it and you cannot finish it. Don’t expect someone to back down when you start something.

            FYI, anyone can make get a hotmail address and say they are Rachel. It is a free email.

            Alex can delete anything I write, but I can tell you are definitely an idiot. If you want to know the level of intelligence idiot is the lowest and I am so sorry you fit into that level. You have no salient come backs. You simply say anyone you don’t agree with is Jill, so of course when you have it thrown back in your face you are defensive.

            Oh your lovely family is having a BBQ at five…right. How gets home at 5 anywhere. Right Rachel, Alex, Simon whatever. But, get used to me because if I disagree with you, then I will comment.

            Bethenny said it on her excerpt in HER show she felt uncomfortable. Alex and Simon were on because it is a show and nothing more. You understand they are paid and this is for entertainment purposes or are you so far gone you don’t know that.

            Oh don’t try to hit people back with their own quotes like diatribe. Did you look up the word from Merriam-Webster’s to understand the meaning? You are truly twisted.

            I will email you it might actually be fun. Let us see if you actually respond. I might even post it.

  5. Rachel /

    You are one brave girl! I really don’t know how you’ve been able to put up with Jill’s evil behavior. But, I think that the real reason is that good will always triumph over evil.

    I really have to say that Jill is one very evil person for doing all of those horrible things to you. Jill has also been very evil to Bethenny, and Ramona. I think that Jill is full of BS when she says that she has changed. We all see that she hasn’t.

    Alex I will definitely watch you in any future shows that bravo has.

    However, if Jill is in any future shows, I will not be able to watch it.

    Jill is way too toxic, controlling, and evil.

    By the way, I tried to leave this post for you on bravo, but they didn’t post it.

  6. Karen B /

    Alex. I loved your blog. and you’re right on about jill! I am sorry to admit but I heard your contract was not renewed because bravo said you were too “boring”. I was SAD and asked you if it were true! glad to hear its not! and that you all don’t even know if bravo is bring the SHOW back! take care and have a wonderful summer

  7. Karen B /

    Alex, I was looking at your recipes! Its so nice to see a “housewife” actually cook besides Bethenny! LOL! Anyway you had said something about absorbing the oil with newspaper. Was wondering if that was just a small amount? I always pour my excess used oil in a jar (like pickle or pasta sauce) and when its full I tighten the lid and then throw it away. My mom used to save it and reuse (how we all lived through that I will never know!). Just a thought! Hang in there! You guys are awesome!

  8. Jessica /

    i think you’re one of the most genuine lady on the show. i’m proud of you for finding your voice!! i wish i had gotten to see more of simon though! as for kelly, she’s a nut job and has made is pretty obvious. i also lost a lot of respect for jill this season. she was horrid.

  9. Kathy Collins /

    First, let me say that You are one of my favorite housewives. You have a beautiful family, and I love the way Simon interacts with the boys. How truly blessed you are. Alex, can you tell me where all these “Press” articles can be found? We hear about Jill leaking things to the press, but where can I read these articles? Understand that I am a 55 year old housewife in Tennessee and not exactly privy to where the “Stars” interview and write things about other people.So please tell me where I can get in on all the gossip!( I have way to much spare time)lol. I am so proud of you for standing up for yourself and your family this year. It’s about time girl…Hope to see you next Season, lots of love,
    Kathy Collins, Tn.

    • alexandsimon fan /

      they are in her post on
      highlighted in blue — just click on the links

  10. Caitlin /

    Dear Alex, You have every reason to be so proud of who you are and how you learned to speak up for yourself and your family. Moreover, it was heartwarming to see you and Bethenny and Ramona bond with one another this season. None of you, like the rest of us, is perfect, but all three of you display an integrity about your intentions that is so refreshing and downright “likeable.” I couldn’t believe that one of Jill’s departing “thoughts” was that she wasn’t sure she wanted to film with YOU again! And we are supposed to think she’s changed. right? Not in a million years will she ever be objective about her own motives and her capacity for cruelty. I loved that Andy quoted Simon’s interview with New York Magazine to Jill. I didn’t quite grasp what Simon meant at the time, but now that we know that Jill’s so-called “hurt” over Bethenny had nothing to do with Bobby…. well, she is unmasked for the world to see as a conniver/liar/back-stabber. Who would want to “make up” with such a person after all? But Simon spoke the truth, and Jill and her ilk can’t handle the truth, therefore, Simon, and you, by extension, must be punished. I know you are grateful not to be living in Jill’s head, right? Keep smiling and being your wonderful self and embrace your boys and Simon for the rest of us. Best of luck to you! Sincerely, Caitlin

  11. alexandsimon fan /

    you missed two very important points about Jill

    earlier this season when Jill was on with Andy on his show Watch What Happens– Andy had to tell Jill that Jill did not have the right to pursue casting for Patti Stanger’s Bravo Show

    he literally had to tell the audience that Jill was wrong for telliing folks to contact her for casting information about Patti’s show.


    Rumours about Luann’s marriage – affairs that B and Ramona talked about– they learned that info from JILL….

    not everyone follows the trail on this stuff so it is good that you included links in your blog post

    but you did overlook these two additional items that substantiate what you say.

    I wonder what sort of dirty work she had to do to land Bobby? hhhhmmm……

    • Sue M /

      I watched all the shows, but missed that item about Andy! And I did not know about Jill telling Ramona and B. about LuAnne’s philandering! Guess I just forgot about it?! Thanks for the fill-in! Yeah, I’ll bet Jill did some manipulating to land Bobby. Notice how Bethenny has made mention to Jill, “I don’t have a Bobby!”?? Maybe she is making reference to something she knows about!!!

      • Karen B /

        When Bethenny said “- didn’t have a Bobby”. What she meant was that she was not married at the time and Jill was trying to sabotage her income of which if jill did that – how was she to support herself? Jill has Bobby – a husband – thus she had income whether she worked or not! So for Jill to go and tell everyone that Bethenny got a show of her own and not to film with her then that would lessen or income and/or could possibly make her show not successful or her time on RHoNY not successful. Also I looked up on youtube and watched the episode where wendy williams talked about Jill and how Jill had called her up regarding issues with Bethenny being on the show and not her.

        • RHONYC Fan /

          Give me a break! I saw the Andy interview with Jill where he said casting decision should come to Bravo and not Jill, it was a joke. I have it if you want to see it. Patti and Jill are uber-friends and Patti will confirm that. Patti was in a tweet war with Bethenny a month ago, if you really want to know.

          As for the Countess sleeping around that WAS NOT mentioned anywhere that it was Jill. As a matter of fact, Ramona and Bethenny stated that they knew of it BEFORE. Do Not make statements which are patently untrue.

          Oh doesn’t anyone remember Simons ridiculous tweet war with Kevin Spacey. Now that is truly something funny. Simon thinks he is in the same league as a two time academy award winner. Please Simon get a life.

          FYI, you do not own the Chandler Hotel and it is a dump. I have actually been there and ran out from the bar that is attached. You merely run it. Those aren’t your business associates that own the hotel, they are your employers. Get the record straight.

          • Naomi /

            Susan Saunders? Is that you???

          • RHONYC /

            Naomi or Alex. Or Simon. We all know Simon likes to dress in women’s clothing at times. Opposing correct points of view about those weridos should be heard. If you don’t like it don’t post.

          • alexandsimon fan /

            Bethenny told Luann that she heard about the infidelity rumours directly from Jill

            Ramona backed her up on that–

            don’t know anything about the kevin spacey thing

            i love kevin spacey, but I know for a fact that he is as whacky as anybody sometimes- oscar or no oscar, an oscar isn’t an indication of anything other than winning votes in a given year in a certain group

          • alexandsimon fan /

            also, it does not matter if Jill and Patti are friends, lovers, or anything else

            Jill does not have the right to usurp Bravo’s authority in casting decisions

            you missed the point…

        • rhonyc fan /

          Bethenny didn’t say she heard it from Jill, she said that Jill was not LuAnn’s friend because they were talking about it last year. She didn’t say Jill was the source. Further, Bethenny regretted it because it was not the truth. She admitted it. She said it was uncool and she knew she was in the wrong. Would like the tape excerpt on that one? Happy to provide.

          • rhonyc fan /

            The Jill and Patti thing about Millionaire Match Maker…Jill just thought she was being helpful. I saw the episode and she stopped. She just thought she could be helpful. You don’t know many Jewish Mothers do you. Many of them always do this. Andy knows it because he is a member of the tribe. He just corrected it and moved on. It is a nothing.

          • You’re still missing the point but I guess that kind of makes another point.

  12. Sad state of affairs /

    Hi Alex, I am not sure what you mean to accomplish by posting this. This blog post in itself is insulting to the intelligence of the viewers of the real housewives of new york city. We watched the episodes and there are allot of unflattering points to hang on, on all sides. Jill did apologize to you early on, but you would not accept it. The video you posted doesn’t show you in a positive light either. The reality is you have grown, but your not without bad behavior either. This reads as though you will not stop until you destroy her. Honestly this show’s more instability than Kelly can ever be accused of. Simply putting this out there under your own name doesn’t make you more honest or brave it sets you in an unhealthy light. I did not see one tear from you through out the season, I can’t be the only one that notices that. Your not hurt, your angry, your fanning the fire, and frankly I wish you would be the big person and call Jill and say, let’s stop the madness and work through this.

    • Sad state of affairs /

      Really, it’s getting old and tiring, I think Bravo should lock you & Jill in a building you have to work your way out of together. Your two human beings I wish the best for and I think it would be comical and quite frankly I can visualize the two of you laughing harder than anyone!

      • Karen B /

        Alex did not shed any tears over Jill? Say WHAT??? Were you watching the same show as everyone else?? What about how Alex started crying when she said to Jill “sometimes you make me so angry with what you say! And this time you said it about my kids!!!”. EVERYONE saw that episode both as it aired and again during the reunion! Alex tried to apologize to Jill but she walked away. She ignored her at st johns and wouldn’t even acknowledge she was there! At the reunion she said “it doesn’t matter Alex! We are NOT friends!”. So Alex said she knew that but a little civility would be nice! Jill said she didn’t need to apologize to her as they were not friends and never would be! Well dang! You have to work with her! Grow up jill! Would you not apologize to a stranger if you bumped in to them accidentally because you aren’t “friends”?? Come on! Maybe either this is Jill Zarin in disguise who posted or someone who needs to sit down and rewatch the episodes!!
        Thanks again Alex for telling it like it is and being true to youself and family and those whom have embraced you. I was thrilled when B told you first that she was engaged BTW!

        • Sad state of affairs /

          No I am not Jill Zarin, that would be like me accusing you Karen B of being Alex McCord.
          Perhaps she did cry and I missed it, but if was there I missed it.
          All I am really saying at the core, is it’s over, Alex is looking bad, Jill is looking bad, Bethenny looks bad, they all look bad and there are no victors in this mess. I wish they would work on moving past it rather than re living the details over and over.
          There were some nice gestures too, at one time by my count they were more important and over road the bad & petty ones. It’s all completely out of balance on both sides.

          • scarlet begonias /

            Sounds like you need to change the channel. That’s what makes the show interesting. I am not sure why you even posted a reply. As a fan of the show I totally appreciated the links that backed up what was being stated in this post. I wouldn’t accept repeated apologies from the same person, for doing the same thing, over and over again to me and my family either. At a certain point you just have to learn that certain people are just the way they are. They won’t change and they suck as a person. As for Alex what exactly did you consider her “bad behavior?” Her post reads as she is backing up everything she said and with printed evidence. Every one can see for them selves exactly what she is referring to when she makes a claim. As for calling Jill, oh yes, let’s invite that two faced, jealous bitch back into our lives. I think NOT! I would keep that media whoring psycho as far from my children as possible. Jill is the one out to ruin people. Jill was the one trying to have Bethanny cut from the show which would take away from her income and her ability to support herself. What kind of friend would do that?
            I can totally appreciate that you are finally standing up for yourself and can’t wait to see you next season. I also really hope to see more of your wonderful family. I love Simon. I think he has a great sense of humor and I love to see how much he absolutely is in love with you. I swear if the show comes back as the Jill and Kelli show I will have to vomit and boycott. Although watching Jill’s popularity plummet has been entertaining. I do think those two totally deserve each other as friends. I wish all the best for you and hope to see you next season.

        • RHONYC Fan /

          You mean the when she teared up at Saks? Give me a break it was for the cameras. It was LuAnn’s story and it was funny. Bethenny made jokes about her to her face in season 1 and 2 about her children and she didn’t say anything. Ramona in season 2 said that Alex’s children tried to “hump” her in the season 1 reunion. Ramona stated that on a question of child rearing in season 2 reunion. Everyone in season 2 was making fun of Alex and Simons’ book on parenting and the one that did it the most was Bethenny. So, come on those are all on tape. We can play that back. Please! The hypocrisy of Alex is patently obvious!

          • Sad state of affairs /

            The more I read the more that seems to be the case, but judging by the way discussions go on these pages there is no such thing as weighing both sides, the only folks are inclined to do is take a side.
            I think there are pros and cons, Alex backs a few, but leaves out her part. If she said I could have reacted differently, or could have read more into it, her post would have more credibility than the evidence she presents. She is standing firm and good for her, but when you’re inflexible and rigid, you eventually get knocked down.

        • Naomi /

          Not Jill Zarin, it is probably “Susan Saunders”.

          • RHONYC /

            Naomi you are totally Alex. What do your Chums think about mommy like that. Will DYFS come to take them away from weirdo, distrubring, and strange mommy.

          • It’s getting kind of boring that everyone on here that is not RHONYC or rhonyc fan is getting accused of being Alex and/or Simon. I’m thinking Alex said everything she wanted to in the blog itself. Move on.

          • Sad state of affairs /

            WTF is Susan Saunders? Now what did I miss?

          • “Susan Sanders” is the name Jill Z used on Amazon to post positive reviews of her book and negative reviews of Bethenny’s book. It is also the name she used to call out a top Amazon reviewer (who has nothing to do with the show) for giving her book a bad review.

            Jill was also accused of posting as “J. Samples” and has denied this but has not denied the Susan Sanders situation.

            This was done outside of the show and seems to be the cause of a lot of folks ire with Jill and since it has nothing to do with any editing it can’t be blamed on Bravo editors.

    • RHONYC Fan /

      This is a self-serving blog. Alex and Simon are in danger of being cut. She wants to be relevant. Simon was basically cute this season. It wasn’t about when they were filming as they said. There is an article NOT BY JILL about Simon’s negotiations for his salary from Bravo and how he was pissed he didn’t receive as much as the other housewives and that is why he was cut.

      Didn’t you find it strange the conversation at Jennifer’s apartment. Alex was screaming like a maniac and again it had nothing to do with her it was about Bethenny’s dad. But, she went on to say, “…she is trying to survive in this economy.” That is an odd statement. So, Bravo doesn’t like Alex. Who cares! I certainly don’t. But, one thing I do know you can’t have real housewives of NYC without a Jewish housewife, that would not be NYC and we all know it.

      • alexandsimon fan /

        did you see jill’s tweets of her “in bed” with her PR guy

        the guy looks like Danielle’s body guard on RHONJ– the one Dina calls Rick Springfield

        can’t believe Jill is trusting her PR to someone who looks like that

        just sayin’

        • rhonyc fan /

          Ha ha! You are a definitely different. I haven’t scene them, but I know the PR house she uses. In fact, I know the PR house each one of the NYC and NJ housewives use.

          The guy definitely is not from NJ. He might look like him, but he is not him. The “in bed” tweet, Jill does that all the time. It is not new. Everything they do is done relaxing. I think it demonstrates laziness, but that is Jill. So, what! So, what!

          At least Ally doesn’t have to see her mother in some creepy bathroom shots in a second rate, rat infested motel where people can rent by the hour. Talk about cheap and icky! The Chums will be definitely change their last names when they begin to understand.

          • scarlet begonias /

            somebody needs to get a life. seriously? you know which PR firm all of the housewives use? lol.

          • rhonyc fan /

            It is stated on the show, if you read the credits. I like to read the credits. Plus you know in NY there aren’t many PR firms that handle reality TV people

            Further, it is no different then reading Alex and Simons’ book. Who would sit through that. Just so you know I wouldn’t read Jill’s either. These are just silly brand extensions.

            However, I like Jill and I don’t like how she has been victimized by Alex.

          • scarlet begonias /

            you actually read the credits? lol!

          • rhonyc fan /

            I read the credits at movies as well. It demonstrates respect for the people that put in the work for the production and financing for the film or show. It is called proper manners.

          • Proper manners? Wow – had no idea that was a priority of yours. Apparently coming to Alex’s blog to start pro-Jill arguments and name calling is something your deem appropriate behavior.

            Sidenote: There is no correlation between reading through the end-credits on a movie or tv-show and purchasing and reading a book. With the sole exception that you are reading words. One could make the same observation between end-credits and a street sign and that makes about as much sense. It is certainly your choice to sit through and read end credits if you enjoy it, but there is no ettiquette, proper or inproper, associated with this. Apples and oranges.

          • tabusangel /

            Oh RHONYC fan… try to get your fact straights.. rat infested hotel, cheap bar? Second rate? I guess the pictures I saw are fake.. how dare they??? You know PR house, You know the hotel, you seem to know alot about nothing. Next time you post, post links, real links. Dont brag and say I have them. POST THEM. Put up or shut up.

      • Excellent observation and amazing ability to state the obvious. You’re right! Alex’s blog is about…wait for it….Alex. Good lord, get a clue.

  13. Sue M /

    Hi Alex and Simon!
    I’ve tried numerous times to post in Bravo, and can’t understand why they never show my posts! I don’t swear or get nasty or say anything questionable at all! I just want to tell you how much I like the both of you and respect you as people. The last year has shown me more of how you two really are. I think that Jill and Kelly should both be removed from the show. I used to honestly like Jill but this last season has shown her true colors. I never knew about all the sneaky underhanded things she has done through the press! She backbites and is controlling. She is truly a “mean girl”!! And between you and me: I do not think that Bethenny should let Jill into her life again. Jill is a big FAKE!! And God forbid Jill should ever get her hooks into Bethenny’s baby!!! OMG!! But I feel fairly confident that Bethenny and Jason can see through Jill’s phony front. It is just bugging Jill that she does not have firsthand info on everything going on in Bethenny’s life. She has lost her “control”, and THAT is driving her nuts!! I was not fooled by Jill’s “I’m sorry”s and her “I was wrong”s. She is just trying to save face in the public’s eye and the press! And I’ll bet her book is no best seller, and that is probably killing her!! Jill is crass. She can get all the expensive clothes, hair, make-up jobs she wants, but she is still small-minded and crass.
    Kelly is bonkers. Totally full blown bonkers. Or does she smoke crack, perhaps? I read somewhere that a room smells like cat pee where crack has been smoked. That woman is just gone. When she said that she supports Peta but likes to wear fur sometimes I wanted to swallow my tongue. I’m serious. It is truly scary to me that someone that stupid could make it as far as she has. If you call modeling at one time, walking around taking pictures and writing fashion bits…is making it far. She certainly isn’t going to help the world be a better place, that’s for sure.
    Alex, I truly hope you are in next season’s show and any shows in the future! You are beautiful, smart and full of class! True class.

    • RHONYC Fan /

      Sue get over yourself Kelly doesn’t smoke Crack and that is just a morbid insinuation. Are you Alex?

      Cat pee issue is obviously you have never been on a yacht the bedding gets a damp odor which does have a bizarre smell. You want a link because I can provide it.

      The crack issue is nuts. I have seen it a few times and I believe you MUST be Alex spreading this crack issue around. Save it because it is patently UNTRUE.

      Kelly is eccentric and immature, but she has NEVER used drugs. Unlike the lies that Alex said in season 1 to Bethenny when Bethenny asked point blank if there were any South Florida shots and Bethenny and Simon said NO. I guess the proof is in the pudding because I same them on the Internet and so will her boys in the future. Pot call that Kettle black!

      • Naomi /

        Wow! “Susan Suanders” you sure are taking a LOT of time to “fact check” these posts with very specific info here. Go back to your own blog, Jill or Jill Minion.

        • RHONYC /

          Wow Alex or Naomi you are getting ready for your child social service interview about those South Florida weirdo shots.

          • Naomi /

            Too funny! I am actually a small town gal from South Georgia (Valdosta to be exact)! But I am so flattered because who would not love to be livin’ that Brooklyn lifestyle! hahaha!

          • A Lady /

            RHONYC Fan… truly, get a life. Don’t troll blogs you don’t agree with just to post nasty comments to try to hard others. Grow up.

      • alexandsimon fan /

        i don’t think it is crack
        I think it is adderall

        • rhonyc fan /

          Adderall is for ADHD and used by a vast majority of people. Even Obama has taken Adderall, so if Kelly is on it which I seriously doubt she is in good company.

          You don’t even know what Adderall is, do you. Pathetic!

          • somebody’s got waay to much time on their hands…dayam a dog with a bone.

      • So not only are you an expert on European history, you are also personally acquainted with Kelly’s digestive tract and know the exact smell of damp yacht bedding. Amazing! You should probably call Andy and get your own TV show.

        • Rhonyc fan /


          Obviously, no one seems to know that the EU has more prevalent issues with antisemitic bias than the US, which is true. That is fact. Is it so overbearing, the answer is no. Do you know what the French, Spanish and Italian Constitutions state that she are a catholic states and no other religion will be will be suppressed, but just making the statement of Catholicism would be totally out of bounds in the US or acknowledging any religion. There exists a cultural bias towards jews.

          As for cat pee, when you have a boat with a cabin you get familiar with that smell. Bedding gets a damp smell not matter how many times you change it. It is a stale odor.

          Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean anything. Facts are facts.

          • Trying to follow your logic, please bear with me. Are you trying to say that anti-semetism is commonplace in some countries, therefore we should accept that it is no big deal for a European family to be “uncomfortable” with a Jewish beau? Seriously? You are kidding right?

            Uh…whatever. I was just pointing out that there is no such thing as being a “bit” anti-semetic. It would be a real shame if you are trying to say that there are different degrees of anti-semetism and certain degrees are okay and should be shrugged off as just the way things are. If you take out ‘Jewish’ and insert a nationality or race, I think you will see why this is a ridiculous argument. You may continue to believe what you wish, but the facts are what they are.

            I can’t believe I’m going to bother with the next paragraph, but I’m bored so I’ll indulge you. The smell of cat urine is very identifiable because it is acidic and really smells nothing like damp or moldy air/bedding. If you watched the episode you can hear Sonja very clearly say it smells like cat pee. I am willing to bet that Sonja has been on many a yacht in her time so she can probably differentiate a damp cabin smell from cat urine – but since I’m not living in Sonja’s brain (or her nasal passages) I can’t speak for her.

            At the end of the day you have an oddly overzealous angry interest in Alex Mccord’s blog. To each her own I guess.

          • Squirrels /

            Actually, I have been sailing since I was 7 yrs old, including owning my own blue water cruiser. I’ve also been a guest on numerous 75+foot yachts. The musty smell from salt air conditions is a distinct odor and it does not include a cat smell. It is much more prevalent in small spaces, say a 35′ vs 100′ vessel.

            No idea where you came up with that one but I have never in 45 years experienced it.

  14. alexandsimon fan /

    i forgot to ask my question:

    Luann said she had an open marriage and was trying to work through problems quietly for the sake of her children

    yet, during the reunion show she said her ex husband and father of those same kids had a dislike for Jewish people…

    how can she think saying that about the father of her children helps anything?

    and why doesn’t she ever address Jill’s gossip about her? is luann afraid of jill?- that is where the philandering conversation got started.

    • RHONYC Fan /

      Jill didn’t gossip about her. They all gossip about each other. Please!

      As for the Jewish issue and LuAnn’s Count, well you don’t know European nobles do you, they are very anti-sementic. It is what it is even the Rothschild’s are discrete about being jews and they are French nobles. It is what it is.

      • alexandsimon fan /

        you still haven’t explained why Luann would do that to the reputation of her children’s father

        why do that to the KIDS?!

        • rhonyc fan /

          LuAnn didn’t say Alex the Count was anti-jews. She said he didn’t care for them. It is not the same thing. The vast majority of European are a bit anti-semetic. The EU is the largest supporter of the Palestians outside of the Arab states. It just is.

          As for what LuAnn said, it was nothing. She said Alex the Count would not be so happy and in fact he would be surprised because it is not really the Euro way and he defines her as such. Just because people don’t want to date someone from a particular group be it ethnic, race or religion doesn’t mean they are racist. This is a slight bias. Talking about it is not offensive. I don’t see why you would think it is. In NYC it really wouldn’t be considered offensive and in Europe most people would not even know what you are talking about.

          She just wanted to mention that Jacque was very different from Alex in more ways than just age.

          • Uh…no such thing as being a “bit anti-semetic”. Kinda like being a “bit” pregnant. You want to paint these comments with your opinion, cool, free country, but this particular comment is just stupid.

            Apparently not only are you an expert on silly American reality TV shows but you are a scholar of both European royalty and EU/semetic relations. Impressive. Just what this blog needs.

            BTW – Anti-semetism is not the same as rascism, the terms are not interchangeable.

          • Rhonyc fan /


            Being a bit anti-semetic is the same and it is interchangeable. I happen to be a Jew. It is common to have two different classes in the EU. It is not bad it just is. You need to refresh yourself on European history. The Rothschild’s do not come out as being overly jewish due to that and do marry extensively outside of the jewish community. I lived and went to University in Europe, so that is what I saw and experienced. Additionally, I go there many times per year for work and play, so socially this is what I see.

          • Rhonyc fan /

            FYI, the antisemitism in WWII europe was based on defining the semitic race as inferior to aryan, so it is defined by many as race and not just culture and religion. If you go into the holocaust museum you would see the books on how you distinguish a person who is a jew or of jewish decent.

          • scarlet begonias /

            being a “bit anti-semetic” sounds like being a “bit gay.” it doesn’t work that way. you are or you aren’t.

        • Being a Jew and you not only believe but accept that you are a 2nd class citizen in Europe?

          History is to be studied so we can learn from it – not live in it. The US was founded on many values that we no longer find tolerable. I do not find anti-semetism, in any form, tolerable. .

          I honestly don’t give a crap if DeLusepps hates everyone, but to have anyone defend it, especially on a blog that has nothing to do with it, is just silly.

          I’m moving on.

          • btw – Judiasm is a religion not a race period. Those ‘books’ you speak of were Nazi propoganda. I will not give one more second to this. You are on the wrong blog.

  15. caddykitty /

    we started to see what mean jill is like but not to the extent as you have and can share! B knows & wants out and distant herself from her. Stay strong and you will have to play her game a bit to defend your family. I hope you have other housew. on your side.

  16. I just read an article from when season 2 finished and Simon said we never Ramona except filming and Bethenny has a “big head,” but we like Jill and Bobby and see them all the time. So obviously this Jill problem hasn’t simmered within you for years and years. You did it to be part of the drama, be honest!

    • alexandsimon fan /

      or they were trying to tow the jill line — then.

      for some reason, they are all scared of Jill

      even B said “if she loses then we all lose– she has to win”

      something is going on behind the scenes

      maybe Jill is a producer of the show?…

      • I didn’t think the show was supposed to be anyone’s “livelihood.” I thought I was just watching people live their lives. Simon and Alex, is this show your livelihood?

        • Sad state of affairs /

          Acting is their livelihood.

          • scarlet begonias /

            there’s Jill again.

          • RHONYC /

            Well Alex did admit that Bravo supports their life style, which DOES MEAN ACTING IS ALEX AND SIMONS’ LIVELIHOOD! Ha ha!

            I would love to see Alex’s modeling portfolio from when she said she was in Milan. I bet it was a modeling portfolio for call girl services.

        • RHONYC Fan /

          That was interesting. I didn’t think that they needed the show, but I guess it is the opposite. I want to know about the “South Florida” shots. Alex said in season 1 there were no South Florida shots, but here are. I have seen them. They even have one on their FB site from a fan I believe or them. I want to know why they contracted themselves. Plus, why take them in the bathroom of the Chandler Hotel…that is fact. Weird!

        • alexandsimon fan /

          kelly said it is her livelihood
          b said it is was her livelihood prior to Jason and Skinny girl taking off

          • rhonyc fan /

            It is not Kelly’s livelihood. She said it would effect her livelihood, but she was making plenty of money without it to support her life-style. Her modeling, books, editorials and vast settlement from Gil Bensimone keeps her pretty happy. Bravo doesn’t pay them that much, but the exposure allows them to do more; such as, branding which Bethenny excelled in creating a line for herself.

            Kelly talk about the livelihood in reference to Bethenny telling people not to film with her in season 2. She wanted to make an analogy between Kelly and Bethenny and not Kelly and Alex. 120K more per year isn’t bad, that is about what they get from Bravo for this season on the top line, but that wouldn’t put a dent in Kelly’s life-style her taxes on both Hamptons and her NY Condo are 120K/yr. Kelly does fine without, but why not get more than less. I that should be everyone’s moto.

            However, this is Alex and Simons’ livelihood. Alex stated it twice on the show. In the episode in Jennifer’s apartment and on the reunion. Further she stated it here. Alex has two accounts which likely do not make her hardly anything. Simon only manages the Chandler and they have the royalty on their book, that is it. It is hard to maintain their life-style with what they make and she said so.

            Why would it crush Alex and Simon if she were not on the show? They would have a significant changed circumstance.

        • Sad state of affairs /

          It’s not rocket science, and I don’t believe it’s top secret. They are actors, and have a portfolio for their talent. You can go to and look up their list of credits.

          And Scarlet Begonia’s… I am not Jill, so find a new angle to view the world through.

      • RHONYC Fan /

        Please! Alex vilified Jill to make herself relevant, that is the ONLY reason. Now, that there is so much bad blood they actually both hate each other.

        Who could forgive a woman for delivering such a message as the one that Alex delivered at Ramona’s event. It was self-serving, mean and vindictive. How can you forgive it. I wouldn’t! Alex is an enemy and not a friend. Yuck!

        • alexandsimon fan /

          alex delivered that message in an awkward and lame way
          jill had crocodile tears with luann over it
          it was hardly swatting a fly

          • rhonyc fan /

            Bethenny did not believe for one minute Alex would deliver that message. That is why she refernce over and over, ” Like a wind-up doll. Like a wind-up doll.” She was making fun of it. She thought it was a joke!

            You don’t deliver a message for someone else. You are not the messenger of the Gods. When Alex becomes Hermes, then fine, but she isn’t so she shouldn’t have.

            Everyone said so. Ramona said so. LuAnn said so. Bethenny pretty much said so. Even Simon was just drink his Pinot Grigio because he didn’t want to support his wife’s decision.

            As Jill stated, if Bethenny wanted to end things with her, she didn’t need Alex to relay the message. Alex delivered the message because she wanted air time and that is that. She wanted to create a theme for herself. She is irrelevant and that patently demonstrates it.

          • scarlet begonias /

            Alex was supposed to assume she was not serious? why? when alex stated that she would happily deliver that message you didn’t hear B say that she was kidding and not to do so. you assume way too much.

          • rhonyc fan /

            Anyone would have assumed Bethenny was not serious. Anyone with even partial brain function and didn’t have a separate agenda would assume that.

            Bethenny was laughing hysterically when she said, “Like a wind-up doll. Like a wind-up doll.” Even Simon commented on it. He tried to call B out and then stopped it is in his Blog on BravoTV and all in black and white.

            You do not relate a message from someone else, especially if it is a hurtful one. You are not a messenger of the Gods…thanks LuAnn for that one! It is silly to even think it.

            She knew it. She said she knew it would forever change her relationship with Jill and she went for it anyway. Strange…then she tries to forgive. Who in their right mind would accept it? No One! You have to be committable to do. Maybe you Kelly would? Not even Kelly!

            Come on, it was to make her relevant. She knew her position on the show was in question. Simon receive barely any screen time this season. That was due to his fued with Bravo. Oh and he shouldn’t try too hard if they remain for next season Comcast the new parent company of NBC is not as generous.

            The bottom-line is Alex knew it was wrong. It wasn’t her fight. She wanted to make it her fight to become relevant. She wanted a story line. She didn’t care how she came across. She continued it even at Jennifer’s apartment it was so contrived and scripted by Alex. It was bad acting at that. Come on and wake up!

        • That message was disgusting, not worthy of a ten year old.

  17. Mona /

    I think you are a beautiful woman inside and out. You have a wonderful husband and boys. You can see that you and Simon love each other and you enjoy being together.
    It seem to me that you are each others best friends,too.
    My husband has said for the first time he watched the show that you to were the best people on the RHONC beceause you show what a happy couple can be in real life. When you and Simon look at each other you can see the love on your faces.
    By the way my husband has always said how pretty he thinks you are, he has a thing for long legs, but he also says that you always act like a classy lady. And he likes your pictures better than K’s. I know they were privite pictures and I am sorry for you that they were release that way. I can see nothing wrong with them, you look great.
    J is just jealous because she could never look like that no matter how much you airbrushed and retouched nude photos of her.
    I hope you will be back on RHONC next season, I think it is great when you, Bethenny, Ramona and Sonja are together. I know Bethenny might not be back but maybe she can show up now and then with you.
    Enjoy your summer! Love Love Love You!

    • RHONYC Fan /

      Alex looked like Skeletor. Oh yeah those were the words of Kevin Spacey about Alex! Ha ha ha! I guess it must be a trend!

      • alexandsimon fan /

        oh that’s kevin keeping it classy and just like a lady…

        • rhonyc fan /

          You don’t know Kevin. The was hosting an event and was picking fun at everyone there. Everyone there. Alex and Simon took to twittering about it. Ramona didn’t and he poked fun at her.

          Listen Alex and Simon cannot come to the Friar’s Club due to what they instigated. This was a roasting, but not at the club or part of the Friar’s, but they cannot take the heat.

          Kevin Spacey is not only one of the highest paid actor in the world, but one the most respected. If you don’t understand it was joking, then your relpies are definitely Alex or Simon. Wow! You are Alex is really Alexandsimon fan!!! I knew it!

          • julia /

            kevin spacey one of the highest paid actors in the world…i think not since he hasn’t been in a movie for years and hasn’t made a successful movie even longer.

          • rhonyc fan /


            He is paid over 8M a picture on average. He isn’t chump change. You may not like it but he is a two time academy award winner. He was with Clooney last year and he is in 3 pictures for 2010.

            He might not get Clooney money or Cruise, but he is in the top 50, that makes him one the highest paid actors in the world. It is what it is.

            Julia you are so funny!

  18. RHONYC Fan /

    I hope you and Simon do not return. Your blog is devoted to Jill. You seem to have too much interest in her life, so maybe you and Simon should get lives.

    Simon makes most everyone’s skin crawl. Please do not come back. You are not welcome on the isle of Manhattan.

    Why don’t you make the Real Housewives of Brooklyn. I know Brooklyn is a borough, but come on we all know it is all about Manhattan otherwise bring in Staten Island, Bronx and Queens ladies… ha ha!

    • alexandsimon fan /

      are you the gate keeper for the isle of manhattan
      do you run like a berlin wall or something?
      do you conduct tests before people can pass into the city?

      you sound like….

      • rhonyc fan /

        Actually yes, Bloomberg sold me the Brooklyn bridge this past weekend. We are working out an LBO and looking for Goldman to do a bond syndication for further financing to restructure it. So, yes I now control that ingress and egress.

        You need to chill, Simon or Alex or whoever you are!

        It is TV! Wake-up!

        • exactly. maybe you should take a break rhonyc fan…no need to give yourself hpb.

          • Rhonyc fan /

            It takes 10 seconds to respond and I find it fun that people do not want to admit anything is off Alex and Simon. It is totally weird.

          • Come are looking to stir the pot. This isn’t about a ‘fair and balanced discussion’ which is totally stupid considering this is all about a silly reality show.

            I just think it is interesting that you came to Alex’s blog to do this. Alex’s blog is obviously going to draw a pro-Alex crowd and is going to be written from her perspective. If you visit Jill Z’s fb page or her webpage you will see the same thing. That is OK. There is nothing wrong with that. If you want a middle of the road conversation about rhny don’t come to the personal website of the castmember you don’t like and start ranting at every comment.

    • Squirrels /

      At least she said,”Please don’t come back”.
      It’s a start.

  19. Mona /

    RHONYC fan is that you Jill? Give it up no one cares, stop spinning your lies. We love Alex and you are a true mean girl. Instead of RHONYC FAN you should change it to I LOVE J K & L. or just MEAN GIRL.

    • RHONYC /


      I know you are Alex. I can tell from the IP that it is coming from it Brooklyn and in around the POP of where Alex and Simon live.

      This blog is totally against Jill and attacks her, so Alex is patently the mean girl. You are such a laughable freak Alex. Oh and wear a bra next time because that dress certaintly could use one from the reunion show.

      I hope you were wearing underwear and not trying to get us to see another spread eagle. Is that why you thanked Kelly?

      • alexandsimon fan /

        i saw the photo
        it was not spead eagle

        Luann did Playgirl cover hahaha
        kelly did playboy
        B did Peta

        so what?

        btw– Jill did a basic instinct spread eagle when she got up from the couch the second time on the reunion show– i wanted to scream “cross your legs” like bride of chuckie did to alex

        • rhonyc fan /

          LuAnn did playgirl cover fully cothed. Playgirl has men in you need to read something.

          Bethenny did not have ANY South Florida shots. I know the ad. I live in mid-town so I have scene that poster. There is absolutely NO South Florida. She is wearing a thong as well. Did you not see the episode? Obviously not!

          Kelly did Playboy, but there were no SOUTH FLORIDA SHOTS. Only her top off and not in some slimmy bathroom in a second rate motel, The Chandler.

          Alex did her thing with a full South Florida Shot. I love you B for that quote! And there are others, one on a bench with her spread eagle. If you were an Ob/GYN you can do a vulva exam. Sick! Her boys will truly be scarred. Nasty!

          Oh, Jill did not do anyting of the sort. In Basic Instinct, obviously you don’t know the movie Sharon Stone did not have underwear on, but Jill did. You are really reaching. Sorry Alex, but your colors shine through only you are the poster here.

      • Mona /

        You are wrong again. I live in NC. If you are such a computer expert you would know that.
        I think Alex is a CLASSY LADY, unlike Jill she works, takes care of her home and children. She is with her husband because she loves him, not his money, and you can tell he is very proud of her and that they are good together.
        The pictures were for him. They were taken for the right reasons not for profit. Jill is just jealous because even if there were nude pics of her no one would care, who in the world would even want to see them.

        • rhonyc fan /

          Right Mona! You are full of it. You are Alex or Simon and you just don’t want to admit it.

          Sure, Classy Ladies do South Florida shots all the time. So Not! No one would say that.

          Jill loves Bobby and that is obvious. She adores him and even Bethenny will tell you that any time you ask her.

          The pictures were not for him. She tried for a playboy try. That is what the photographer said.

          It is truly icky to take them in the bathroom of the motel that your husband manages. Frankly it is likely against his employment contract as well. These sort of perks are frowned upon.

          Jill isn’t jealous. Frankly no one is jealous. I thought she looked terrible and like Skeletor, reference to what Kevin Spacey, said about Alex. But, even if she looked beautiful no one is jealous. This is a middle aged woman taking dirty pictures of herself and leaking them to the press. Yes, Ramona even said that and doesn’t refute it.

          It is perverted! Skanky!

          Now, let me tell you one thing that I actually witnessed. I was at Aoki, which is a restaurant in the Bryant Park Hotel. Alex and Simon were coming out. Simon was piss drunk. Fact! The photographers were out and they are always there. He kept on lifting Alex’s skirt not once or twice for the cameras, but 5 times. He was stumbling all over the place. This is not hearsay and I think it was caught on film as well. He was so drunk and vulgar the staff asked them to leave ASAP. They are disgusting, social climbers and that is all they are.

          Icky, just talking about them! Yuck!

          • Not fun to have your dirty laundry aired, is it Silex?

          • that’s old news…the pics were published ages ago.

          • Not the drunk and Kevin Spacey stuff

        • The drunk stuff absolutely was. Simon was pulling up Alex’s skirt as she was laughing and pulling it down. TMZ had it ages ago – nothing new. Who cares?

          As far as Kevin Spacey…so? If it was that big a deal it would be splashed over a far bigger internet space than this. I like Kevin Spacey, but I wouldn’t decide what I like and don’t like based on what he likes and doesn’t like so agian, who cares?

          • Rhonyc fan /

            No one said it was new. It is just more basis to say that Simon and Alex do not have clean hands when they talk about themselves or Jill.

            Oh and I was there BJ. I can tell you Alex as not laughing. She was laughing for the cameras because Simon was falling down drunk while he was doing it and she had a thong on and everyone got to see it. The Bryant Park Hotel Staff said he needed to leave. I was right there and so were 5 of my friends. We can all confirm it and how drop down drunk he was.

          • I was responding to Bee who did indeed say this was new.

            Again why would Alex go into this on her own blog? Is Jill going into Amazongate on her blog? ‘Course not, why would she?

            Point is, this is an old story and it’s out there. Who cares?


    Alex is right – Jill is a mean girl but not a stupid girl. Personally, I think Jill is very deceitful and jealous and I think it is just killing her that Bethenny got a show & she didn’t. If what I read earlier about Alex not being contracted for next seasons show is true I’m very disappointed. Jill & Kelly are enough to make me stop watching. Bethenny is very forthright & open & seems to remember the truth; although Jill doesn’t care for it. Jill was put on the spot several times for not remembering things she had done/said during some of the arguing & it made her look worse each time. Ramona makes me laugh with all her blonde moments, she too also seems to be able to remember the truth. Alex tells the truth as does Luann. Jill seems to lie every step of the way to try to cover her self and Kelly’s behavior shows all the signs of a meth-user – paranoid and erratic, extremely thin yet admittedly eats candy a lot, rapid speech, confidence alternating with paranoia, a mental state that resembles schizophrenia at times, aggressiveness and dependence, irritability, confusion and panic, switching to delusions and paranoia are all signs of chronic meth use. Kelly’s behavior on the island could indicate she ran out of crank and was going thru withdrawal and that’s why she was eating candy by the handfuls and acting as she was. So far Sonja has sidestepped all the disagreements & her plate has seemed to stay clean for now.

    • RHONYC /


      How is Kelly a meth user. Just because you Vivian as Alex or Simon are a meth user and probably supplement your live style by selling meth out of your house, which up until last year looked like a crack den is your problem. You should shut your mouth on that one.

      As for Jill being mean to you, when was it? When she called Cindy Adams about that trite remark that Simon made about being from LI and it shows. WE all know it was malicious. You simply got a taste of your own medicine.

      The Ungaro comment about your children was just plain funny and not meant to be mean, but you knew that beyond any reasonable doubt. You just need to be relevant because you have such a lackluster and weird personality. Your husband is pretty interesting in his questionable sexual identity sort of way.

      But, what possessed you to send the “Message.” Even Bethenny in the excerpts was laughing about it. Were you a wind-up doll? Were you a wind-up doll? That is what she said repeatedly. She was laughing at you. How pathetic!

      Oh FYI, gummy bears and lollipops are what models do eat not to eat bread and other carbs. They are basically pure sugar and have no fat. Additionally, they could have been sugar free. You don’t know models do you. Obviously not if you didn’t know this trick. It is in all the shoots.

      • alexandsimon fan /

        thou dost protest too much

        • rhonyc fan /

          And that is exactly what was said to Alex on the BravoTV blog. Why dedicate a whole blog to Jill Zarin. Pot Call that Kettle.

          I have no worries I know who I am. I am only a Jill fan. You can check my IP if you like. It is what it is.

      • Squirrels /

        The kids crawling up the leg deal. Let’s touch on this. According to Simon, who witnessed said crime, one of the boys, (don’t recall which one) was facing a “producer”, not some stranger, held hands and walked up his legs to perform a back flip.

        We’ve all seen it, we’ve all done it with kids or as kids ourselves. It was a game, plain and simple. Luann and by extension, Jill took an innocent rite of passage for exploring children and turned it into something lewd. Heaven forbid that little pervert climbed up a woman’s leg. It would have been anarchy!

  21. Jeff /

    Just wanted to say another fan here. I am sure many of us linger here and read, wanted to let you know we are here enjoying you two!

  22. rhonyc fan /

    At the end of the day, everyone will believe what they want to believe. It is just funny that none of the posters understand this is a TV reality show. It is edited, which means there are countless scenes and events that are left on the cutting room floor or now digitally erased.

    Sure Jill did some bad things. She told people not to film with B. She was wrong and now she is sorry. It is a little contrived, but you can tell they do love each other. Likely they will get back together on Season 2 of Bethenny’s show because this is TV.

    As for Alex, she didn’t have to do anything that she did. There was no reason. She didn’t like the crawl-up the leg comment then have a private meeting with Jill on it. But, the fact is she did. Jill came over to her house after the Saks event where Alex could vent all of her dirty laundry on her own turf, but she didn’t. Now that is telling because there must not have been any, that is why it is so bizarre the “Message” at Ramona’s event. It was self-serving and only for her to have a relevant story line and nothing more.

    In real life not one would ever apologize or should accept an apology from Alex. Well I take it back if you are in the Mafia maybe you want to keep your enemies closer than your friends, thank you Mario Puzo for that one! But, you never know with TV because it is all for entertainment.

    I like Jill because she is so like many of the women of NYC that I know. She is a bit of pain. She is a bit of a know it all. She is a bit of a smotherer. She is overly sensitive. But all and all she has a heart. You see it with Ally. You see it with Bobby. You see it with Bethenny.

    While, Alex to me is not endearing. She seems like she has no heart or soul. I know she does, but it comes across as a social climbing and very parasitic. Talking about the Met. Talking about St. Bart’s. Talking about buying clothing. I have never scene Simon and Alex at the Met ever. They might come for opening night, but they are not part of the Guild. I question everything about them. To me they are just freaky, as is this constant taunting to Jill.

    Oh well, Whatever!

    • Mona /

      You must be kissing Jill’s ass so she will ask Bravo to let you be the next housewife? Do you need money that bad?
      Or are you just another social climber wannabe?
      Or are you Kelly? No brain I can’t talk to you!

      • rhonyc fan /


        You are truly twisted. Just because I want to defend Jill because I think she was truly wronged is not a news flash. But, you cannot take the heat of anyone with a different opinion.

        As for Secret Begionas she isn’t a secret, Rachel Wase.

        I have no need for social climbing for money because I have plenty of it.

        Why are you defending Alex? You defend her because you like her character. Why should it be any different for me?

        • otaypanky /

          401 E 60th St, Apt 30C

          New York, NY 10022-1596

          (212) 223-0607

          • cccharley /

            Stop this already – this is rude- what is your problem. No reason to do this to anyone – I hope you get arrested for inciting harassment

      • rhonyc fan /


        No need to kiss Jill’s ass, I am just a fan like you are fan of Alex. I have no need to be a real housewife of NY. I have plenty of money no need for only 120K more. I like Jill. She is very really, while Alex isn’t.

        So, funny on the wannabe social climbing issue. Because South Florida shots will not let her boys get into any decent school in NYC. She won’t be able to be part of the NY Yacht Club or Friar’s or Metropolitan Club or anything. She killed her ability to climb.

        Mona get real you are a 500 pound shut in aren’t you. As for your friend Rachel Wase, secret begonias.

        • rhonyc fan /

          FYI, one incorrect fact Rachel last name is not Wase. I just made it up, so my bad. Everyone can lose their cool and say an untrue. Definitely my bad.

          • beth /

            Who is Rachel Wase? Let’s get into this…

          • rhonyc fan /

            I thought it was a pseudonym for someone, but I was mistaken.

          • beth /

            This whole Rachel Wase thing could be very interesting

          • rhonyc fan /

            And you found out right now that she wasn’t even tied to show. Very not interesting as I told you from the on-set.

        • Squirrels /

          Hmmm. So, you have enough money, don’t need an extra 120K? Fine, all good. But, doesn’t that come full circle to the likes of Jill? She looks down at Alex as she sees her as a social climber, wannabe, whatever. Jill never has seen Alex as an equal, because in Jill’s world, your worth as a human being is directly related to your wallet, not the good you do for others.

          Alex and Simon are well known as being fully engaged when they donate their time to a charity. This couple will sit and chat with you at a minor league ball game without a glimmer of pretense. This couple, if and when they are able to be even more philanthropic, will not forget the road travelled.

          Now, I understand your sentiments. I for one do not believe you are Jill, but you may live in the same co-op. Don’t know, no longer care.

      • beth /

        I thought you made her up. But I do like your inside dirt, so keep going-just wondering what got you so freaked out?

        • rhonyc fan /

          It freaked me out because I got the wrong name and then we could be pouncing on someone who shouldn’t be pounced on, that is why.

          • beth /

            curiouser and curiouser….

          • otaypanky /

            STFU RHONYC FAN:

            If you don’t like it…Write me or call…Love to hear from you.

            401 E 60th St, Apt 30C

            New York, NY 10022-1596

            (212) 223-0607

    • rhony fan:

      “At the end of the day, everyone will believe what they want to believe. It is
      just funny that none of the posters understand this is a TV reality show. It is
      edited, which means there are countless scenes and events that are left on the
      cutting room floor or now digitally erased.”

      Um…agreed. Sooo, whats got you so worked up? It’s just some contrived show created by a bunch of editors. Why do you care what Alex blogs? Why do you care what people post about her blog?

      I get wanting to post your opinion, but posting a rebuttal to virtually every comment here is what…? I think each and every person who has read through this gets that you are pro-Jill and that you think Alex has done something wrong. Message received. We cool now?

      • Rhonyc fan /


        YOu don’t have to read the comments. Who cares about them if you are only here to read the blog. What Alex said is patently untrue and she knows it. She does. She needs this show and she will only be on it is through controversy.

        • That is true, I had to make the conscious decision to read the comments. Just curious why you feel the need to smack folks who say things like “love you Alex, you’re great!”. It’s like you’re looking for an argument.

          If your goal is to show where Alex stated untruths, by all means, go for it, I’m sure she can take it but slamming individuals who are commenting directly to Alex doesn’t make a whole lot of sense toward that end. In fact you are creating the controversy you claim Alex is looking for so…good job?

      • scarlet begonias /

        I am Rachel Wase. I am just a fan. this crazy bitch RHONYC has so much time on her hands she had to go figure out who I am because she thought I was some PR group or something? if this isn’t someone being paid to leave these comments then this person needs serious help. which is why I stated that I would not interact with her here any more. I stated my first name and some how she now knows my last name and decided to post it here. well I have nothing to hide so that is fine but still I think it is “twisted” as RHONYC repeatedly likes to call every body here. she also called me a 500 pound shut in. that’s fine too. look me up on face book bitch. I am sure you don’t have the guts to post your personal information here so we can all see who you really are, RHONYC. I would imagine that you are the 500 pound shut in here. you are just sad and sick. take a pill and take a nap. I figure, A) RHONYC is someone being paid and so it is pointless to engage or B) this loony bin really is a person and I hope she lives far far away from me. if I am so uninteresting then why are you looking me up? how do you know my last name? you are a psycho! you cannot fathom the immensity of the fuck I do not give about you. get a real life, troll.
        P.S. come check out the 500 pound shut in:

        • ches /

          Well said Rachel, And you don’t look anything like a 500 pound shut-in to me.

          • scarlet begonias /

            thank you very much!! now I am out of here. work is done and this has been entertaining but I do have a life, as I am sure MOST of you do as well.

        • Wow, that’s creepy….it did shut that person up quickly when called out on it

          • Good for you SB!! Notice how RHONY hasn’t been back? Maybe Jill’s check bounced.

        • Sad state of affairs /

          Very, very nice photography Rachel, and you have a lovely family.
          Now if you could just align your artistic perspective to open conversation and stop the name calling and profanity your kids, might have someone to look up to.

    • Sad state of affairs /

      I can relate to some of those observations. The delivering the publicly delivering “message” thing, did it for me. Why not pull her aside. That was simply put… middle school.

      • That was weird and creepy and very socially backwards….

        • Sad state of affairs /

          That may have been for the “show”, none the less, you only deliver “good” news this way.

  23. beth /

    I’m going to google her

    • rhonyc fan /

      I thought she was one of PR team for Alex and Simon, but I was mistaken. That is all.

      • rhonyc fan /

        I actually thought it was a Rachel from Edelman (PR agency) in NY who might work for Silex, but I received the wrong name from someone. That is why I said it was wrong.

        • Sad state of affairs /

          Google the acting credits, at… look up Alex Mccord and Bethenny Frankel. I just want someone to acknowledge my raised eyebrow.. please.

          • Rhonyc fan /

            Both Bethenny and Alex were actresses before, but they freely admit that. I don’t think that is new.

          • otaypanky /

            rhonyc fan is a bunch of college kids jizm hired to defend her in the comments sections of all the many, many articles written about her vile little fat self.

            You are all responding to a cohesive, hired group effort of jizm’s to try to turn all the negative press around.


            Responding to them just let’s the hired team keep writing whatever they will.

            They are paid to keep jizm’s lies going.

            She even has her clan threatening middle aged women such as the writer of and Lynn of wordpress fame.

            Her little turd of a nephew was tweeting threats to these two women.

            His mommy had to shut down his twitter page.

            He opened another twitter account and is currently threatening and harassing Simon.

            The entire clan is like some inbred, disgusting ship of fools.

            Ignore the paid trolls and post your own opinions.

            Do not feed this paid group of FLYING MONKEYS.

            Oh, and Rusty sucks as does Cleo’s mom…Remember, I have captured your IP addresses…so back the fuck off.

          • Sad state of affairs /

            FWIW : You are always an actress once you are an actress. The fact that you pursue the limelight, is quite different than pursuing a legitimate (acting as art) career.
            So there motives on friendship, perspective on performance and ability to relate to others as “real” human beings in this scenario are in question for me.
            Alex did say she enjoyed toying with people and pushing buttons in so many words on the video that asks if Simon is Gay.
            That was an uncomfortable telling moment.

          • Sad state of affairs /
          • One would think that anyone willing to have their life filmed would have to have a certain type of personality. Each one of the HWs have a bigger than life personality and like to push buttons.

            Personally, I find it refreshing when someone actually says it and owns it. Bethenny, Ramona and Alex say what they think without worrying about their Q rating. That is what makes them good TV and ultimately gets them that good PR and funny enough, that all important Q rating – interesting no? It’s those that try too hard to manipulate the public perception that run the risk of taking the hardest fall.

          • Sad state of affairs /

            Refreshing like an unpleasant expected unwanted glass of water in the face lol.
            Not refreshing like a dip in the pond.

            Though, you do make some good points BRJ.

          • :) Thx!

    • scarlet begonias /

      please do!

  24. ches /

    Rhonyc fan,

    Do you live in Miami?

    Because you really seem to have an unnatural obsession with Southern Florida.

  25. otaypanky /


    Looks like the college kids she hired to post comments all over the internet are out in true form. Kids, you have futures ahead of you. We know the economy is tough. But don’t sell your souls for the minimum wage the short, dumpy, ugly woman is paying you to lie and try to save her image.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that CHRISTOPHER LONDON, PREMIERE BLOGGER OF NYC AND HAMPTONS SOCIAL SCENE has dumped on jizm the BITCH and has publicly called her A PIG!!!

    Go Chris!!!

  26. otaypanky /


  27. otaypanky /



    401 E 60th St, Apt 30C

    New York, NY 10022-1596

    (212) 223-0607

    • You are one very disturbed person….Kelly doesn’t hold a candle to you

      • otaypanky /

        please, write your feelings to me. love to hear from you.

  28. Keep It Real /

    Alex, I loved your blog. I don’t understand why Jill is so angry with you. I guess she is not happy unless she is fighting with someone, last year it was Bethenny, this year it is you. Jill has guaranteed your return for a fourth season of RHONYC. You are Jill’s nemesis and the producers love to pit people against each other for the show. The producers are going to milk Alex vs. Jill for the ratings.

    I wonder if Jill is jealous because you have become so close to Bethenny, you even got to see baby Bryn in the hospital right after she was born. You have probably held Bryn a few times. Jill hasn’t changed one bit, she is still the same angry, bitter, vindictive person that she has always been. Alex, you will come out on top because you are the better person.

  29. A Lady /

    If what some of the posters have said is true about Jill hiring college kids is true… shame on you.

    And kids…. make it right. Post the proof. I’m sure any magazine, newspaper or Perez Hilton would gladly pay you a lot more than Jill is.

    Furthermore, that anyone would threaten someone else, insult their children, try to harm their income or say half the things posted there…. what type of homes were you brought up in? You are disgracing yourselves, your parents, your children and your whole families with this behavior. Especially…. ESPECIALLY…. if you are one of the women posting under an alias. How cowardly to do so.

    The are no secrets in this world. No matter how much money you make, no matter who you bully… it all comes out. It’s a rule of life. No one escapes God or karma. So think about what you’re saying and doing here.

    • betty /

      I think Jill Zarin is also responsible for the JFK assassination and the disappearance of Amelia Earhardt. Let’s look into it!

      • haha! Anything’s possible right??? :)

        Seriously though, if you read through the RHONY/RHONY FAN posts the writing styles do seem to change a bit. Sounds like more than one person trying to appear as one. Who knows if Jill Z is behind this or not? Maybe it’s just some pro Jill group…who cares really right?

        It’s just that when a person (or possible persons) comes in 48 hours after the last post and blankets the comments it seems somewhat suspect. In light of Jill spending the rhny reunions tweeting that she was watching with her PR guy from her bed…well…it does make one think.

        • A Lady /

          To me it doesn’t look like 2 people trying to be one, but rather 1 person trying not to give too much of herself in her posts and weakly trying to change it to appear to be someone she’s not.

          Either way, it’s just plain sad.

          • It’s a possibility. Just seems some of the posts were written by someone who isn’t totally comfortable with English. I don’t mean that in a rude way, I’m making a serious observation. The syntax is odd in some posts while in others it seems quite normal. Just doesn’t feel like one person. It would take a lot of work to try to do that on purpose – kind of like writing a letter with your weak hand – but you’re right, it may be the case.
            I agree, it’s sad either way.

            The fact that he/she/they haven’t been back speaks volumes. The goal was to litter with negative comments. Just obnoxious.

          • scarlet begonias /

            I noticed the same thing brj. sometimes it does seem like words are missing or miss placed.

  30. PaganChick /

    Hey Alex,

    I just wanted to say that I think you are great! I love the fact that you own your behavior and that you are willing to leave up the negative comments along with the positive. It’s really refreshing especially since BRAVO is so selective about what comments are allowed on their blogs. And people like Jill delete any and ALL negative comments from hers. If you went by just the comments on Jill’s personal blog, you would believe that the whole world loves her and she is the bestest person in the world who farts rainbows and lollipops.

    I think its about time that you started defending yourself against that evil harpy and am glad to see that unlike Jill and Kelly you can provide proof of the things you say. Again, totally refreshing and I love it. Keep it up!

    Also, I check with my local library and they will be ordering your book! I can’t wait to read it.

    • A Lady /

      I 100% agree!

      It shows how honest Alex is and that she truly is on the side of full disclosure and truth to keep all of the post still here.

      Ego is the only reason for anyone to delete posts and comments and try to rewrite history and opinions to be solely flattering to themselves.

      • Sad state of affairs /

        I think it’s Kelly who farts lollipops and Andy who farts Rainbows.

  31. Keep It Real /

    Sad state of affairs, you are homophobic! You are using the term “gay” as an insult and it needs to stop. Team Jill is a bunch of bigots. This is why Jill’s image will remain in the toilet. She has a bunch of bigots defending her and they are making her image worse.

    By the way, for the record, I don’t think Simon is gay but some of Jill’s supporters are using the word “gay” as a derogatory term. Team Jill is a bunch of hateful bigots and it needs to stop. You are making Jill’s problems worse.

    • Sad state of affairs /

      Homophobic, who the hell do you think I watch this crap with LMAO.

      The video is titled by Bravo.
      Gay is a “family” term, there is nothing derogatory about it. It’s only derogatory if you let it have that power.

      • scarlet begonias /

        would you say that it is okay to use the term nigger or nigga because you are not using it in a derogatory way? or maybe because you are black? maybe you feel like you are owning it. does it not have power if you say it as a joke? among the black race nigger or nigga has and continues to be derogatory. sounds cool but it’s not. it’s used to dehumanize another. just like the term gay.

        • Sad state of affairs /

          Scarlet, Gay people use the word gay, don’t mind the use of the word and overall, are not offended by it. Its straight b-‘s like you who get confused.
          Fag-got is a derogatory term.

          The term Nigger is derogatory, harking back to the days of slavery.

          Neither words I claimed were a joke to those who want to categorize themselves by race or sexual orientation.

          Anyway you are WRONG.

          We allow words to offend us, they are JUST WORDS…you can call me a bitch/A hole in several tones and situations, and I know the difference between, a joke and a threat. But in either situation it is my choice to give the words the power and react or be impacted at all.

          • scarlet begonias /

            you totally missed my point but that is not surprising. the term gay is used in a derogatory way all the time weather YOU meant it affectionately or not. even if 90% of homosexuals are okay with it there are still the 10% who would like the term to be used in the strictest sense of the word. it is wrong to use the word as a joke just like it is wrong to use the word nigga as a joke. gay people have had their own struggles and while they may not compare to those of the african american people they still have fought for everything they have. using this word as a joke only lessons that. weather you use it as a joke, as an affectionate term or in a derogatory sense, it is still dehumanizing, weather you think so or not. you are on a public forum, not the privacy of your own home with your friends. also, you are not the only one with gay friends. you are not the person who decides what is and isn’t okay for the gay population. no one here is your friend, believe me. we all wish trash like you would just go away. but you are in your own little world. you think your opinion is the only one that is right? you feel the need to confront fans of Alex on Alex’s blog? who really cares what you think any way? go troll someone else’s blog.

        • Sad state of affairs /

          Scarlet, it’s whether not weather (rain snow or sleet).
          I didn’t miss your point, you didn’t make it.
          You’re hung up on definitions, put downs and categorizing.

          • scarlet begonias /

            you just totally described yourself and what you are doing here. you can ignore my point all you want but we can all see how ignorant you really are. seriously, the only thing you can think of is to correct my spelling? lol. you are a joke. I am ignoring the troll now.

  32. LOVE your blog, Alex! Hope you are on the show next season.
    I didn’t watch until this season and hadn’t evenheard of RHONY until I picked up Bethenny’s book at the library on a whim. Have loved watching you (and Simon) and Bethenny — and especially Sonia. LOVE her! What a great addition to the show!!

    I’m a 47 year old woman who works part-time, and lives in Portland, OR, with my husband and 6 year old son. I can relate to you and Simon, and Bethenny — her wit cracks me up! SO much like myself! Can’t wait to read your book!

    What I don’t understand is why people here like “rhonyc fan” feel the need to spend so much time and energy filling up your blog with such hate and negativity…? Seriously, people — do you not have a life? What is your vested interest? It’s bizarre.

    Forget the haters, Alex. Many people love you. We want you back next season — I will be watching! (And the boys are ADORABLE, BTW!)

  33. Mona /

    All I have to say is I like Alex, Simon & Bethenny, alway have since the beginning of the show. Ramona is doing much better, I think she is really trying. Like Sonja she seems to be lots of fun.
    I used to like Jill but she is not the same as she was the first two seasons.
    I am not a fan of LuAnn, never have been, she seems fake to me.
    Never liked Kelly, there is something wrong with her.
    I am not going to play this insult game any more.

  34. Wow Alex, You have a rhonyfan troll all over your blog comment. LOL. I love Silex and would not watch the show if you were’nt on it. BRAS!

  35. Firinne11 /

    Ah yes, the reunion could be qualified as a tale of two couches…to the viewers left, Team Morgan, McCord, Singer, and Frankel, four strong, assertive women who do not define themselves through their marriages and to the right couch…..well….All I can say is that part of the Bensimon/DeLesseps struggle this season is rooted in a much needed rediscovery of self, post divorce (Although I am not sure that depth would be something that either of these ladies would find). When women define themselves through their spouses, little is left of them if the union is dissolved. Our favorite red-head? who and where would she be without the Poppins like wallet of kind businessman, Bobby Zarin. Sure, you could argue that Sonja married into money, but remember she was successful pre and post marriage and though very close, Simon and Alex are an example of a couple who demonstrates mutual respect and do not tote each other around like financial trophies…

    • Sad state of affairs /

      By your logic the following statements would be true:
      All people with a wealthy spouse marry for money.
      All people with a wealthy spouse were not wealthy prior to marrying.
      Wealthy people are not worthy of love alone.
      Marrying wealthy makes you unworthy and incapable of your accomplishments.
      Give me a break.

      Give us something less caustic and more concrete to sink our teeth into.

      • Firinne11 /

        Hmmm, either you misread my post, or are projecting your own baggage … I chose to focus on individuals who obviously place importance on wealth and tie it to personal worth, I made no sweeping statements and was rather specific to the individuals on the show who do define themselves by the status that their marriages provide them with….

        • Sad state of affairs /

          Perhaps I am projecting my frustration in reading at the time I replied with the lack of objectiveness period on these blogs. So I will give you that.
          Still..I am empathetic toward their humanity vs. their celebrity.

          However this{ Quote= Firinne 11 -“Simon and Alex are an example of a couple who demonstrates mutual respect and do not tote each other around like financial trophies…”}, the fact that neither are financially successful and then you imply that equates mutual respect, and that they don’t tote each other around like financial trophies, when they couldn’t if they wanted to, is oxymoron-ic.

          • Firinne11 /

            So, by what standards are they not successful? your words not mine, although thank you for the quote, even though you continue to misconstrue meaning….

          • Firinne11 /

            Funny, who would be ditzy enough to think that two people making approximately six figures a piece, with a beautiful home in Cobble Hill, a published book, who can afford to give to charity and buy expensive designer wear and most of all have a loving, unpretentious family life would claim “that neither are financially successful.” Either this person is a resident of Snobbsville (because they would have to be making more money than Yahweh to think that is not successful) or has hit up the purple kool-aid one too many times…

          • Sad state of affairs /

            To answer your question, success does not necessarily or solely equate to financial gain. That’s a narrow perspective in my opinion. Success is when you’re personally happy, fulfilled and reach your goals. Not your Mother’s goals for you, the neighbors goals etc.
            If you equate the debt of a beautiful home in Cobble Hill, a published book that’s mediocre and designer wear with success, then you need to look a little deeper. As for the kool-aid… your tongue is purple.

    • Firinne 11 – Been reading through the exchange on your post and I have to say I’m a little confused as to how it went where it went.

      I don’t think you made any sweeping judgements about everyone who has married someone with money or who/who is not worthy of love. Your comment seemed to focused on the these specific 7 women.

      I think your point is (and pls correct me if I’m wrong) that ladies on the left sofa are more self-sufficient both emotionally and professionally than those on the right sofa. I think we can all agree that Jill, Luanne and Kelly do define themselves more in terms of their marriages/relationships than Bethenny, Ramona, Alex and Sonja.

      I agree, I’m not sure where Jill would be with out Bobby Warbucks. She does not appear to have a career of her own. As for Luanne, she continues to use the courtesy title Countess because it is her identity. And Kelly continues to use the name Bensimone. Maybe it’s for the kids, maybe it’s because Giles is an important man in the art community she strives to continue to be a part of. Who knows?

      I think your observation was sound and I’m not sure why you were jumped. Just sayin’.

      • Firinne11 /

        Thank you! and yes, you did understand me correctly on all points…

        • Sad state of affairs /

          Someone is enjoying stirring the pot?

          • Nope, just trying to figure out how it went where it went. Thought maybe I missed something. Looks like I didn’t.

    • Firinne11 /

      I responded to your comment, YOU called Alex and Simon financially unsuccessful, and, if you read more carefully instead of spewing your opinion you would have noticed that I wrote that, above all, family is most important. It seems you flit back and forth in your opinions, are you suffering from Bensimonitis, because I am getting whip lash… I have read through these blog comments and can clearly see YOU are a person who likes to stir the pot, well I guess folks like yourself make the world more interesting in a sort of Springer-esque fashion….

      • Firinne11 /

        Scarlet, I love the troll link, I seem to be dealing with one at the moment (I hear they can be vanquished by sunlight). Why oh why is it that people who are obviously NOT McCord/van Kempen fans on this page?

        • scarlet begonias /

          I found it highly entertaining myself. I have never encountered this blog troll thing before since it’s my first time posting to these blogs and found myself and others being attacked. I actually had to look it up. I thought the definition was so fitting I decided to post it here along. when I read the part about disrupting normal conversation I realized the true intent of these people. the link to the picture was just the little devil in me and I couldn’t help but share it even though I am trying to rise above it all…lol.

          • Sad state of affairs /

            The fact I do agree with some not all of your statements, does not mean my posts are simply put there to provoke or are trolling for the sake of it.
            That said, Scarletbegonias, before you take offense to words that categorize like “gay”, perhaps you could take a look at the way you use the word “troll”. In your own words ” it’s used to dehumanize another”.
            It’s pretty hypocritical don’t you think.

            No I suppose you don’t.

        • Firinne11 /

          The funny thing is no names were mentioned…..but if the shoe fits of frodo like troll feet…

          • Firinne11 /


          • Firinne11 /

            Lets start a new subject! perhaps people can weigh in without sniping or have an original thought that I COULD respond to for once….Have you ever noticed perpetual naysayers will shoot down every statement/idea a person could produce, yet do not really ever initiate a debate. I am reminded of circling vultures that would rather be removed from a conversation until they spy something to swoop down and pick upon….Not really part of the dialogue and tend to flee soon after they had their vittles…

          • scarlet begonias /

            I don’t think the trolls of america are going to rise up against me. thanks for he warning though, lol. it’s just words remember?

          • Firinne11 /

            can trolls unionize?

  36. Pierre /


  37. scarlet begonias /

    TROLLMANIA: A blog troll is a person who posts with the intent to insult and provoke others. The goal is to disrupt the normal traffic of a discussion group beyond repair. Many trolls are characterized by having an excess of free time and are probably lonely and seeking attention. They often see their own self-worth in relation to how much reaction they can provoke.

  38. Rick /


    What Bethanny, Ramona and you did to Kelly is imitative/verbal adult bullying. Sure you personally did not engage in these actions, but watch closely with every interaction Bethanny has with Kelly: She will always summarize or correct her then looks for a group reaction to a “joke” attack. If the group reacts positively to the joke, she attacks. If there isn’t much reaction then it is dismissed as a joke.

    Being more aware of situations where groups turn on an individual ( especially on a person who has classic signs of some type of disorder) should be your first priority when rewatching these episodes. Jill is the classic Alpha, but Bethanny is the classic narcissist. The signs are all there, and her attacks on the other cast members this season were forgiven because of “hormones” due to pregnancy. It is my experience that people like Bethanny thrive in groups. Becareful in your future dealings I suspect you will be very disappointed.

    • Rick – I agree with you about Jill. IMO anyone who chooses to have their life filmed most likely has some traits of a classic narcissist and/or an Alpha dog.

      I have to respectfully disagree that Kelly was the victim of imitative/verbal adult bullying. Having watched the interactions between the 5 ladies on the island (at least what Bravo chose to show us), Kelly instigated with everyone (You’re a cook! No one care’s what you have to say! I’m not a ho-bag like Bethenny! I want you to zip it! You told me all about it Ramona, you made Bethenny cry! You looked like a Kabuki Vampire! Are you two going to make out with tongue?!?). To label the responses to said comments as “bullying” is simply both unfair and not true.

      Kelly’s actions were not that of someone who was targeted by mean girls (or by one mean girl and her posse). Kelly is not afraid of these women, but did she realize she has been mouthing off to several people and was outnumbered? Yes I think she did. Did those same people realize they were not dealing with a rational person and stop trying to do so? Yes, it appears they did.

      Bethenny is smarter than Kelly, which is why Kelly can’t keep up and tends to wind up rambling silly non sequiturs (Al Sharpton! Satchels of Gold!). But the fact that Bethenny can outwit Kelly doesn’t mean Kelly is being bullied nor does it give Kelly license to start crap whenever she feels like it.

      Quite frankly, Kelly did a bang up job of being very aggressive and bullying four women into submission. She yelled them down, she wouldn’t let them have conversations amongst themselves and she took every opportunity to knock Bethenny to her face – even scolding a crying Bethenny for feeling hurt at the way her recently passed father treated her. What victim is in a position to scold their tormentor?

      Lets call a spade a spade – Kelly was not a victim of bullying on that island, but she did manage to scare the piss out of four grown women.

      As far as Bethenny – I agree with you, she has a sharp tongue and has made some downright mean comments/observations. She makes a lot of these in her talking head interviews so not sure how much of her snark is based on the immediate response of the company she is in vs. the topic at hand.

      • Rick /

        Good reply! I wasn’t trying to make Kelly the classic victim of bullying ( she clearly has bigger issues), but her reaction on the island was the “fight or flight” response once any individual threshold has been reached. Watch again the scene where Bethenny drops off those gifts to everyone’s doors.

        We (the audience) perceive that Kelly is nuts ( very true). But now look at it from the view point that she is being bullied and you see that the gift can be perceived as a threat. The “bully” doesn’t always need to say something, they merely need to “let you know” they are there. Its a control issue. They control the conditions of conversations and make you say things that you do not want to say or make you agree to statements you do not want to agree with.

        I think I may have errored by suggesting this was singular case of bullying. Throughout the season it felt like Ramona OR Bethenny was jabbing at Kelly. Ramona’s quick ” are those fake boobs” question in a public venue was a minor incident, but the accumulative effect was equivalent to a snowball rolling down hill. Alex was an unwilling participant on the island. Usually she is the level headed one, but this season Bethenny managed to control her. Its a shame because I think Alex and “The Countess” are the only 2 cool people on NYC! The rest are spoiled brats in need of a “timeout”! Jill was the obvious scapegoat and I felt that the 3 hour reunion was her “confessional”.

        In watching this season, I was MORE appalled by Bethenny’s behavior than Jill’s. I watched the first episode of Bethenny’s new show, and I confirmed my opinion by watching her deal with her new man. She treats him like a commodity. Her interactions are classic control freak/narcissist who gets told NO for the first few times.

        Good debate! This is why I love these shows. And as the Countess sings … “Money can’t buy you class”.

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