Cooking with Divya on Behind the Burner

I shared the “Wok Chicken” recipe that I had shared with everyone on Facebook months ago. It’s so fast and easy. A must-have for working moms and dads.

Great Camera Deals

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Speaking of work, we’re juggling the book schedule with our family and work schedules! Tonight we’re at Park Slope Barnes & Noble. Come out to Brooklyn and pick up a signed book! We are loving the questions you guys have for us – man, oh, man.

If you can’t make it to Brooklyn, come out to Clifton, New Jersey on Monday or check us out at the NetWork Expo in Cherry Hill on Sunday!!


  1. Courtney Contos /

    Alex- Just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much I loved the book! My husband and I have a seven year-old, Aidan, and I agree with you on pretty much every parenting decision you write about. We live in Indiana, obviously quite a world away from New York, however we are very similar. Aidan travels exstensively with us, has never met a five star restaurant he didn’t like, and has always been spoken to with the thought that just because he is a little kid – it doesn’t mean he has a little brain!
    I can’t imagine that anyone who reads your book will ever put you into the same category as the other RHONY Mom’s! As I always suspected; you are “the real deal.”
    Again, I loved the book. Recieved it from Amazon this morning and am already, sadly, done! Take care and keep being exactly who you are! You are great!
    Thanks – Courtney Contos

  2. Thanks, Courtney!

  3. Mitra /

    I just want to say that I love you and Simon as a married couple and you are by far the best to watch on the show. You have class, intelligence, you are cool and kind and fun. I cant say how much I think you have the most wonderful husband. He is caring, engaged with you, pays attention, thinks and responds, is supportive, romantic, honest, loyal and has the best taste in fashion EVER. He is the perfect husband and I want a husband like Simon. The others are so jealous of you and Simon. Jill’s husband is checked-out and could care less and Luanns husband is a loser. Romana’s husband seems cool and like a nice guy. You two are the only ones with marriages so I cant believe the 4 of you dont get together more. But I really want to say that I love Simon and think he is a wonderful husband and father. He puts you first and that is what a marriage is, partner first, children second. You are one smart woman that is all I can say.

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